General Election and another candidate comes to Cranleigh

FOR INFORMATION – Guildford’s MP for many years is now standing as an Independent candidate – Anne Milton is popping in to the Cranleigh Arts Centre tomorrow (28 Nov) for a strong cup of tea. She will be there 11-12:30 – Anne would love to stop and talk to anybody and everybody who can make it!


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Waverley Planning Committee news

Waverley’s Joint Planning Committee will meet on 27th November to discuss 3 major plans – 

WA/2018/1966 CRANLEIGH NURSING HOME – applied for by CVHT with HC-One – the Officers recommend refusal on planning grounds. 

WA/2017/1389 resite and build new PRIMARY SCHOOL – the Officers recommend this is Granted!  They believe all their planning issues have been addressed. 

WA/2019/1168  & WA/2016/2207 Knowle Country Park details – the Officers recommend this is Granted. 

If you want to go to the meeting you can, you can also ask to speak – see the web site for details.

for the AGENDA PACK – 150 pages – click here

Who is in the Village today?

Cranleigh society does not endorse any particular party.
We will share useful information –
Anne Milton will be in Cranleigh Market from about 10:30 today –
Anne is standing as an INDEPENDENT MP- believing in getting Brexit done but not with a “no deal” scenario – here’s what she says –
“How does an Independent MP get things done? I have 14 years experience in Parliament – I have cross party relationships to get more done. I will have more influence than any of the other candidates standing in Guildford. Now is the time to have a strong, independent, loud voice in Westminster. I have integrity, I am honest, and I have influence in Parliament. signed by The Right Honorable Anne Milton MP”

Dunsfold Park Public Exhibition

Dunsfold Park Public Exhibition

A message to Cranleigh society – DUNSFOLD INVITATION:  Dunsfold Park Public Exhibition

As you will be aware, plans and vision for the redevelopment of Dunsfold Park are now taking shape and they are at the stage where they can present the evolved Masterplan for the site.As part of a planned programme of community and stakeholder consultation, they are holding a Public Exhibition from 13-19 November at the following locations and times:

Wednesday 13 November Unit 217, Dunsfold Park 08:00 – 20:00
Thursday 14 November Unit 217, Dunsfold Park 08:00 – 20:00
Friday 15 November Cranleigh Arts Centre 10:00 – 16:30
Saturday 16 November Godalming Borough Hall 12:00 – 20:00
Monday 18 November Unit 217, Dunsfold Park 08:00 – 20:00
Tuesday 19 November Unit 217, Dunsfold Park 08:00 – 20:00




Monday 14 October Cranleigh Society Pub meet up

Monday 14 October Cranleigh Society Pub meet up

Hello Cranleigh Society members and friends, please do make your voices heard here – write a message below with any of your observations or worries.

Join us too at the Three Horseshoes pub on Monday 14th October at any time from 6:30 pm. 

Our agenda includes catching up with all that is happening locally from Anne Milton MP’s Flood forum to our Clinical Commissioning Group’s plans to comply with NHS England’s latest plans for Urgent care & minor injuries units.  There are Planning Applications to watch too. And have you heard of “Slow shopping” ?  It is a lovely initiative that SMART Cranleigh has found out about and brought to Cranleigh – it helps everyone in shops and other businesses – to help those who need a bit of extra help and calm when shopping.  really good.  Training courses for shop staff have started and the shops are signing up to it.

We will post more information soon.

Also – please let us know if you would love to come to our informal pub meetings if only we changed the day?  We will be changing it soon so chip in please.

best regards and we look forward to seeing you on Monday