Monday 14 October Cranleigh Society Pub meet up

Monday 14 October Cranleigh Society Pub meet up

Hello Cranleigh Society members and friends, please do make your voices heard here – write a message below with any of your observations or worries.

Join us too at the Three Horseshoes pub on Monday 14th October at any time from 6:30 pm. 

Our agenda includes catching up with all that is happening locally from Anne Milton MP’s Flood forum to our Clinical Commissioning Group’s plans to comply with NHS England’s latest plans for Urgent care & minor injuries units.  There are Planning Applications to watch too. And have you heard of “Slow shopping” ?  It is a lovely initiative that SMART Cranleigh has found out about and brought to Cranleigh – it helps everyone in shops and other businesses – to help those who need a bit of extra help and calm when shopping.  really good.  Training courses for shop staff have started and the shops are signing up to it.

We will post more information soon.

Also – please let us know if you would love to come to our informal pub meetings if only we changed the day?  We will be changing it soon so chip in please.

best regards and we look forward to seeing you on Monday

Help needed!

Help needed!

LOTS OF HELP NEEDED – Do you know anyone willing and able

  1. HELP NEEDED “Hello we are the local non profit sanctuary for vulnerable adults and children and we are currently struggling to save our care farm animal shelters we have loving built by hand from recycled pallets which are under water as a result of the recent weather.. We have been digging trenches by hand.. Can you help in any way man power or with either free cheap or recycled perforated drainage pipe etc or anything else we can use to help our cause many thanks and much love x The Secret Garden Sanctuary.” click here – to respond and see their FACEBOOK page
  2. HELP NEEDED – SMART CRANLEIGH -click here –  providing all sorts of ways to Connect Cranleigh People to services, clubs and events – they need help to share the information – please get in touch.  Latest news – SMART Cranleigh is working with our shops to put “SLOW Shopping” in place – this means the shops and staff will be open at special times of the week and will help those with any kind of particular needs such as slower pace, quieter, more helpful and chairs for rests, and so on.
  3. HELP NEEDED – Cranleigh Civic Society – please help us with information that is up to date and true that needs to be shared -our web pages articles go to our mail lists, on our Facebook page and on twitter.  We will soon deliver a newsletter too.   ALSO –  JOIN US at the Three Horseshoes Pub on the Second Monday each month – anytime from 6:30 – for friendly conversations about what worries us all and what we can actually do about it – from taking up planning issues with our planners to getting help with floods to information. CCS is here to help.  We also meet at other times of the month so please get in touch to join in…..  comment below
Monday 14 October Cranleigh Society Pub meet up

8th July, Three Horseshoes Pub, Cranleigh Society Social

Come Along!  from 6.30 Monday 8th July at our friendly Local Three Horseshoes pub.

Tell us what you are worried about or happy with in Cranleigh at the moment.

We get to the pub around 6.30 and some of us have a meal there but people don’t have to!

We know that there are plenty of issues to get involved in but there are only a few of us so please help us to do the work and share the stories.

We are trying to keep up with Surrey County Council, Waverley Borough Council, Cranleigh Parish Council and all the actions that the developers are taking.

hope to see you there,


We hope you didn’t catch our virus but if so – Sorry!

We hope you didn’t catch our virus but if so – Sorry!

Hi all,  We hope you didn’t catch our virus – So sorry!  We seem to have had a virus sending empty emails to all.  I am really upset but think it should now stop.

I hope you didn’t open the empty messages from the Society.


thank you as ever for your support



Monday 14 October Cranleigh Society Pub meet up

17th June Pub Social (not 10th June)

Cranleigh Society Pub Social date change – 17th not 10th June – because we are all away!

Topics we need your opinion about – have you written to Surrey about the Community Recycling Centre?

Have you seen the police and the Police Community Support Officers about – is it helping you feel more safe?

Are you watching over the developments and have questions or information?

Do come and join us from 6.30 pm at the Three Horseshoes Pub on Monday 17th June

we look forward to see you