Meet the team!

You are needed by Cranleigh Heritage Trust –

Saturday 13th April at Cranleigh Hospital – the old Grade II listed cottage – 10 am till 2 pm.

2024 April 13 Questionnaire Cottage Hospital project SD – so that you can help the team apply for a National Lottery Heritage Fund Grant to save the building and bring it into uses for Cranleigh’s community.

Cranleigh Heritage Trust has received a grant from the Heritage Fund to continue developing the case to restore the old Cranleigh Cottage Hospital and create a community hub with a focus on education, heritage and health and well-being.  We would appreciate your feedback regarding ideas for this project which will help us apply for funding to fully restore and repurpose this building.

This Cottage dates back to 1446 and was the first Cottage Hospital in England, from 1859 -2010. It is Grade II listed. It was last used by the NHS in 2010 and requires considerable renovation to allow public access and use.  Cranleigh Heritage Trust was set up to save the building and transform it into a sustainable initiative for the benefit of the community. As well as opening it to the public for heritage education it will be necessary to generate income to maintain the building and we believe that hiring out the rooms will enable this to happen.

  • The main room is 4.4m x 7m and could be a Meeting Room for up to 24 people.
  • A small room downstairs for one or two people.
  • There are two linked rooms (upstairs) one of which leads to the next – suitable for up to six people at a time. 5.1m x 3.6m and 5.1m x 3.2m
  • One small room upstairs that could be used for 1 to 1 counselling, and a reading room 2.2m x 3m
1.  We believe that the building could become a community hub available for all residents.   How would you like the building to be used? (Please tick all that apply and leave your comments)
a. Room hire for Health and Wellbeing

Health and wellbeing sessions for medical practitioners to use to be a priority. (At present people often travel to Guildford to access these services.)


b. Room hire for other local organisations and community groups

E.g. History Society, Civic Society, u3a etc.


c. Educational visits to include the history of medicine and of Cranleigh.

e.g. Schools, etc



d. Cranleigh information hub promoting local facilities, events and organisations.


Other (please specify)



2.  There will be information about the heritage of the Cottage Hospital and the history of Cranleigh. How would you like the interpretation to work? (Please tick all that apply and comment)
Audience participation tour with a guide. Simple museum style display with low tech interactives. Using a soundscape tour activated by loudspeakers or a mobile phone app.
Other (please specify)



  1. Do you believe that the Heritage Trust on behalf of the community should take the Cottage over, and save it in this way?


  1. 4. Is this your first visit to this part of Cranleigh High Street?


  1. Please could you give us your postcode? (We would like to plot where people are from to see the geographical spread of those visiting today).


  1. We will need volunteers. There will be opportunities for volunteers to be involved and to learn new skills with a range of opportunities from historical research, writing and presenting historical material to engaging with the public.

Would you be interested in volunteering to support this project? 

If so please give your contact details to the volunteers or email

Thank you very much for your feedback. Please return the questionnaire to the volunteers or send or drop in to: Howard Barratt, The Copse, New Park Road, Cranleigh  GU6 7HN

Cranleigh Heritage Trust