Cranleigh remembered – but not this week – and Old Cottage Hospital updates

Cranleigh remembered – but not this week – and Old Cottage Hospital updates

Hello -no Cranleigh Voices meeting this week – sorry. 

As you may know Cranleigh Society has been hosting Vintage Tea Parties at Cranleigh Band Room every three months or so, and recording special memories of Cranleigh long ago, but we can’t provide the one this Wednesday after all – so sorry. They have been fun and the hall was all booked but we cannot man it.  Hopefully the next one will be in July then August.

The main reasons are that several of the people who set them up are also working on applying for a very large National Lottery Heritage Fund Grant this August, and the work has taken over – what we really need is more people to join in and help with Cranleigh Society.

Cranleigh Old Cottage Hospital project update

The working title is Napper Cottage, but we in Cranleigh still call it the Cottage Hospital.  We mean just the 15th cottage that is unused nowadays, not the working day hospital and maternity suite.

National Lottery Heritage Fund

You might remember that the Heritage Fund are very keen for this project to succeed and have already forwarded a good sum of money which is being spent carefully on researchers  and advisors.  Every time people buy a lottery ticket they help with good causes – so thank you to those who buy.

Conserving, Updating and Opening Cranleigh Old Cottage Hospital

The team are also finding out about how the building can be updated without harming it, and  have looked at a possible front garden design too.

Who will benefit from Heritage Education? 

The search is on for groups and individuals who would find the cottage just right for their work and interests, different to the other places in Cranleigh.  They have discussed all this with the Arts Centre, Rowleys, the Methodist church and the Leisure centre, to name a few.  It’s all very exciting.

Once opened the heritage stories and items from the 19th century will be inspiring and the hope is to have new exhibitions often.  Schools and colleges will be encouraged to visit, taking advantage of the library at the same time where groups are quite large.  Did you know that schools and nurseries struggle to find enough volunteers for outings?  Please see if you can offer your help.

Raising enough money 

The Trustees hope that the method of raising the money to repair, conserve and open the building meets everyones needs – no coins in buckets- all named donations and appropriate grants. There will be a new exciting ‘1000 Club’ – so that people can play to win a share of any money raised, and benefit the charity that works on the building of St NIcolas Church, plus the cottage.  The Heritage fund will only provide 90% of the estimated costs.  Cranleigh and villagers must show their support too and raise the other 10%. There have been a few donations, all carefully recorded, and the team are extremely grateful.

When will the Heritage Fund let the team know if they have succeeded? 

The Trustees and team must send in the application in August, then the Heritage Fund teams will examine the plans very carefully.  There are four main outcomes that they insist upon:

Saving heritage

Protecting the environment

Inclusion, access and participation

Organisational sustainability.

 = Heritage should be valued, cared for and sustained for everyone’s future.

YOu can view the web site and follow links to Facebook, Instagram and X.  click here

thank you for reading this far – please comment below so we know you care


Wednesday 28th February Band Room 3pm and 4.30pm

Wednesday 28th February Band Room 3pm and 4.30pm

Come to the Band room and Join in! afternoon teas at 3 till 4.30pm,

and Cranleigh Society meeting, Wednesday 28th February  4.30-6pm

Afternoon tea is to encourage older people to come along and tell us their memories of living in Cranleigh and especially about the hospital and schools.

We are very keen to meet people who have been staff at the hospital and GP practice – nurses, health visitors and physios too.

After tea we will hold our usual monthly team meeting – 4.30 ish –  and our members are welcome to join in.

Please let us know if you can come, and please ask your friends and neighbours to join in too – it’s very interesting to hear the old stories !

We look forwards to seeing you and listening too.

We are happy to collect anyone who can’t get to the Band Room.

best regards

Cranleigh Civic Society team

Invite to Vintage tea time – Cranleigh Voices -Wednesday 28th Feb Band Room 3pm

Invite to Vintage tea time – Cranleigh Voices -Wednesday 28th Feb Band Room 3pm

 Wednesday 28th February 2024 3pm Please join us for Vintage Tea and Cakes – Cranleigh Voices – Saving History.

Please help us to find people who might not know about these special events.  It is so wonderful to listen to older people remembering how things were.

We invite those who have been born and grown up in and near Cranleigh to share their memories with us, allow us to record some memories and save them for people to watch and listen to.

We will chat and share memories, then record a few moments for posterity. We especially ask for memories about medical care, schools and shops.

Please do reply to   so that we know numbers.  or phone Sue 07946 590347

We are very happy to provide transport and assistance – please just ask.

ALSO 5pm on Wednesday 28th February, Band room, we will have our monthly Cranleigh society meeting and welcome members to join in – 5pm – finish at 6.30.


Very best wishes,

The Team

Happy New Year!

Hello lovely Cranleigh people – we wish you Happy New Year and commit to chasing up problems and issues of importance to you.

Perhaps you would like to add your brain power to the causes?  If so please get in touch –

Roads, sewage, drinking water pipes, leisure centre, High street project, Cranleigh in bloom, walking and cycling paths, and so on.

Please email

We will let you know soon about our meetings that you are welcome to attend.


7pm, Band Room, 29th November, Cranleigh Society Meeting and AGM, including Cottage Project presentations

Cranleigh Society Meeting and AGM, including Cottage Project presentations

Wednesday 29th November, 7pm, Cranleigh Band Room

refreshments will be served

Please do join in – the agenda will include updates on all projects – High Street, Leisure Centre, planning permissions, flooding, Thames Water and more.

There will be a presentation about Cranleigh Cottage Hospital Heritage Cottage project – Napper Cottage.

RSVP – below – or email

Wednesday 28th February Band Room 3pm and 4.30pm

Cranleigh Society Meet ups invites you Wednesday 25 October 3pm

Hello, do you know people who would like to join us for Vintage Tea and cakes on Wednesday 25 October 3 – 4.30 at Cranleigh Band room.

If so please bring them along.  We especially hope to meet up with people who have lived in Cranleigh a very long time and have memories to share.

We will hold our usual Cranleigh Society meeting from 5pm on the same day, and members are welcome to stay and join in.  Finishing by 6.30 at the latest.

please let me know – Sue –

many thanks

best regards

Sue and the team