Pub Social Wednesday 13th November Cranleigh Society

Pub Social Wednesday 13th November Cranleigh Society

Wednesday 13th November 2019

Hello!  We invite you to come along to The Three Horseshoes pub on the second Wednesdays – no longer Mondays – to share your views and hear what we think we know!

Any time from 6:30 is great and remember they sell tasty food as well.

We hope to see you there

There are plenty of updates but also we need to know what you know and think…..

Cranleigh Society team


Cranleigh Civic Society News

Cranleigh Civic Society News

Pub meeting this week decided the following – publish without delay  that Waverley has received planning application for 10 more houses in Amlets Lane! and ask people to look into it and write in their feelings about it. Planning Application WA/2019/1552 – Valid From 18/09/2019.  Outline application for erection of 10 dwellings with access.The developers are proposing an infill between the Carla Homes site and the existing properties facing Amlets Lane near the entrance to St Josephs School. Although not a large scheme it sets several precedents if approved.

  1. They are making a case for additional housing outside the settlement boundary indicated on the Neighbourhood Plan which still has to be given final approval.
  2. They suggest that the new Primary School may not be built on the Glebelands site – fields, therefore this will inhibit the building of housing on the existing Upper School site and free up housing allocation within the village on other sites.
  3. They also state that as Waverley has not yet taken up its full allocation of housing other sites around Cranleigh should be considered such as this one in Amlets Lane. If this principle is accepted it opens the gate for yet more applications in our area beyond those already approved.
  4. The proposed scheme further urbanizes an existing rural lane which is carrying more traffic than is appropriate for its width.                                                                                           Over to you


Pub Social Wednesday 13th November Cranleigh Society

Monday 14 October Cranleigh Society Pub meet up

Hello Cranleigh Society members and friends, please do make your voices heard here – write a message below with any of your observations or worries.

Join us too at the Three Horseshoes pub on Monday 14th October at any time from 6:30 pm. 

Our agenda includes catching up with all that is happening locally from Anne Milton MP’s Flood forum to our Clinical Commissioning Group’s plans to comply with NHS England’s latest plans for Urgent care & minor injuries units.  There are Planning Applications to watch too. And have you heard of “Slow shopping” ?  It is a lovely initiative that SMART Cranleigh has found out about and brought to Cranleigh – it helps everyone in shops and other businesses – to help those who need a bit of extra help and calm when shopping.  really good.  Training courses for shop staff have started and the shops are signing up to it.

We will post more information soon.

Also – please let us know if you would love to come to our informal pub meetings if only we changed the day?  We will be changing it soon so chip in please.

best regards and we look forward to seeing you on Monday

Help needed!

Help needed!

LOTS OF HELP NEEDED – Do you know anyone willing and able

  1. HELP NEEDED “Hello we are the local non profit sanctuary for vulnerable adults and children and we are currently struggling to save our care farm animal shelters we have loving built by hand from recycled pallets which are under water as a result of the recent weather.. We have been digging trenches by hand.. Can you help in any way man power or with either free cheap or recycled perforated drainage pipe etc or anything else we can use to help our cause many thanks and much love x The Secret Garden Sanctuary.” click here – to respond and see their FACEBOOK page
  2. HELP NEEDED – SMART CRANLEIGH -click here –  providing all sorts of ways to Connect Cranleigh People to services, clubs and events – they need help to share the information – please get in touch.  Latest news – SMART Cranleigh is working with our shops to put “SLOW Shopping” in place – this means the shops and staff will be open at special times of the week and will help those with any kind of particular needs such as slower pace, quieter, more helpful and chairs for rests, and so on.
  3. HELP NEEDED – Cranleigh Civic Society – please help us with information that is up to date and true that needs to be shared -our web pages articles go to our mail lists, on our Facebook page and on twitter.  We will soon deliver a newsletter too.   ALSO –  JOIN US at the Three Horseshoes Pub on the Second Monday each month – anytime from 6:30 – for friendly conversations about what worries us all and what we can actually do about it – from taking up planning issues with our planners to getting help with floods to information. CCS is here to help.  We also meet at other times of the month so please get in touch to join in…..  comment below
Pub Social Wednesday 13th November Cranleigh Society

Cranleigh Society – no meetings in August

Cranleigh Society usually enjoys gathering and chatting over village issues once a month – but we won’t be meeting up in August due to holidays – but of course you can!  

9th September – from 6.30.  Do join us at our next meet up – 2nd Monday in September in the Three Horseshoes pub. 

We have our other meetings on 4th Tuesdays each month but in one of our homes.  

We will be meeting with Waverley Borough Council in September hoping to progress your views and needs.

We are also finding out about Anne Milton’s Flood Forum in September and will let you know soon.

we wish you all a great August – whatever it brings!  hope it’s not too hot, cold, wet or dry!

best wishes from the team



Pub Social Wednesday 13th November Cranleigh Society

Come and chat Monday 13th May Cranleigh Society social

To prove the doubters wrong, Cranleigh Civic Society is alive and well. We have a new chair, Trevor Dale and new members and supporters keen to help Cranleigh grow in a way that builds on and enhances everything we love about it.

Trevor has been resident here since 1975 and has been an active member of the redoubtable Cranleigh & District Lions Club for 37 years, twice serving as President. The club is thriving and always welcoming people keen to help serve the local community.

So why does Trevor want to help the Civic Society? Well he’s been close to it for a while and believes it is a worthwhile group and Terry Stewart, who has served as hard-working chair recently has been forced to quit due to personal health issues.

Several of the founding members have moved on, having contributed masses of research and lost quite a bit of sleep. Some, such as Liz Townsend, have gone on to tackle the local political route to try and help keep Cranleigh what it is.

The new society members have the same aims and perhaps a slightly different direction in addition. Development, we know, is inevitable so what can we achieve? Well we think that not losing sight of what is good could help? Just focussing on negativity can damage morale and raise apathy. We applaud the liaisons that Terry put in place with  Waverley Borough Council other important bodies, because standing outside just attacking people, while it can occasionally produce benefits, all too frequently closes down communication avenues. Some improvements have been made and we will always bring our very real concerns to their attention – like a dripping tap – hoping they will eventually improve things.

So may we reassure you that the Civic Society will keep up the pressure on those who have influence and control over our lives but through dialogue and not accepting bland brush-off statements.

This week we had a meeting set up with people at Waverley but they called it off at the last moment due to the changes in the councillors.  Not surprising in the wake of the drubbing they’ve  received at the recent polls.

So, what are we focused on? We continue to keep the water pressure up (pun intended) on Thames and Waverley BC. Specifically, we want testing done on the actual pipes we have in Cranleigh under burst conditions. Waverley BC are ultimately responsible for our water safety and they must seek evidence that it is safe – not the other way around – proof that it’s dangerous. After all other parts of the World (Australia and New Zealand) won’t be spending huge sums on renewing pipes on a whim.

We will continue to fight to keep the recycling centre open but we need to have a plan B. The future looks bleak for Cranleigh’s CRC.

How can we ensure that maximum recycling takes place locally? It’s amazing  how many misconceptions we carry about what could and could not be recycled – have you watched some BBC videos recently? Maybe we all need better education. We certainly should be fully aware of what happens to our current street collection material. Where does it actually go? How much is actually recycled? Do we need to be more careful about how we recycle?

Let’s get together and if our Monthly Mondays don’t suit you – please get in touch and we get meet up for a chat and action planning too!

best regards from all of Cranleigh Civic Society team to all our members