Date released for CRANLEIGH NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN referendum – Thursday, 20th June 2024.

 Please use your vote to say yes!

Cranleigh Neighbourhood Plan has now been updated and approved by the High Court.

Please note that the Neighbourhood Plan is entirely different from the proposed changes to Cranleigh High Street.

It is understandable that residents are disappointed that the initial Neighbourhood Plan referendum had to be cancelled, but it is so important that we all use our vote in the referendum on the 20th of June 2024. If adopted, it will be used by Waverley Borough Council to help them make decisions on planning applications.

The Neighbourhood Plan will:

  • Provide 5 years protection against inappropriate speculative development in the area
  • Increase developers contributions (Community Infrastructure Levy) from 15% to 25% to be spent on local projects

The Neighbourhood Plan includes policies on:

  • Green spaces – protecting local designated green spaces which meet certain criteria from development
  • Housing and Design – promotes high quality housing design which integrates well with its surroundings – accessible to those with disabilities, energy efficient, reduction of water consumption, reasonably sized gardens/ flats that have immediate access to outdoor space or balconies.
  • Environment – protecting our natural environment by retaining the most versatile agricultural land – the natural environment should be preserved and enhanced using measures that include the use of wildlife corridors, planting and retaining hedges and trees, installing sensitive lighting schemes and safeguarding air and water quality
  • Infrastructure – ensuring that the risk of flooding is minimised and that there is adequate water and sewerage infrastructure, that developments are well connected to Cranleigh using sustainable modes of transport
  • Economy – offers protection against loss of commercial units, unless it can be proved that the current use is unviable, and supports diversification of farm buildings where appropriate.

To read the full version of the Cranleigh Neighbourhood Plan and for further information, please click here .