Notice of Extraordinary meeting of Cranleigh Parish Council 7pm 26 July Council Chamber

Notice of Extraordinary meeting of Cranleigh Parish Council 7pm 26 July Council Chamber

Councillors are respectfully summoned to attend an extraordinary meeting of the Parish Council to be held
at 7.00pm on Wednesday 26 July 2023 at the Council Chamber.

You can read the agenda and additional documents here 

• To receive apologies and reasons for absence.
• To receive any declarations of interest from Members in respect of any item to be
considered at the meeting and notification of any changes to Members’ Interests.
• To note any comments from parishioners.
To review a draft survey and accompanying letter to be issued by CVHT
(This item may be held in private and confidential session – reason: commercial in confidence)
• To discuss the CVHT survey and accompanying letter.
Closing date: 04 August 2023
• To submit a response
Thursday 21 September 2023.

Have your Medication Reviewed!

Have your Medication Reviewed!

As we get older our bodies change and so all medication should be reviewed in a timely fashion.

Long term medication reviews needed:

If you or someone you know has been on medication long term and not had a recent review, it would be wise to request one.

We know of someone who recently almost died because their medication was no longer suitable. The person collapsed at home and was rushed to A & E where eventually the doctors realised the cause.   The current prescription, for high blood pressure, caused a significant drop in BP and the collapse. It could have been fatal. In addition the medication they had been on had been superseded by a more modern and effective drug.

All surgeries are experiencing extremely high demand, for example 800 calls on a Monday morning. Their main reason for not being able to respond to all is literally they cannot recruit and retain enough staff.  They have a statutory duty to provide enough staff for the number of people in the village but cannot get to that marque. We all understand and appreciate how hard our Medical Practice is working and the pressure they are under,  but we must also remember to care for ourselves and our loved ones.

Please request a review, it can help if you write to the practice rather than phone.

Please pass this on.

Cranleigh Heritage Cottage Hospital project moves forwards

Cranleigh Heritage Cottage Hospital project moves forwards

Please help us by telling us you support the project to take over the

Cranleigh Heritage Cottage Hospital for Cranleigh’s community –

Cranleigh Village Hospital is providing day services and the League of Friends is hoping to bring more services to the empty rooms.  In addition to these areas the very old cottage at the front of all the buildings, beside the The Three Horseshoes pub, was part of the hospital continuously from 1859 to about 10 years ago!

you can read this article in a word document and complete our questionnaire by clicking here

The community have an opportunity to save  this GRADE II listed 15th Century Cottage Hospital Building – it’s on our High Street and we could repair it and use it for our Community’s benefit.  This project does not include the Victorian and 20th Century extensions, which are in current use providing day services.  it has not been used by the NHS for the last 10 years and its not viable for clinical modern uses.  Therefore the NHS no longer require it and  will lease it to a charitable organisation for a peppercorn rent.


 The original Cranleigh Cottage Hospital building is of national and local historic interest, and as such should be preserved for community use where its architectural elements can be fully appreciated.  It is also one of the most important buildings in the village and deserves a central role in the local community, at present standing empty and disused.  I fully support this initiative to secure its long-term future.’ Charles Brooking

  • This building displays many of the features present when it was originally built using methods practised at the time.  It is unusual in Surrey in that it remains largely intact and where modifications have been made these are visible and contribute to the history of the building over the centuries.  As such it would provide an excellent learning centre for those interested in the development of building techniques over the centuries.  It is structurally sound and having stood for over 500 years there is no reason to doubt that given routine maintenance it should survive for another similar period.’ Michael Miller – leader of Cranleigh History Society and local medieval historian and writer.
  • We know from dendrochronological analysis that the cottage was built around AD 1446.  We do not who the original owners were but they were clearly of some status in the community.’ * Moir,A.K. 2008 Dendrochronological analysis of oak timbers from Cranleigh Village Hospital. Tree-Ring Services Report CVLh/11/08.

The cottage is one of Cranleigh’s oldest buildings, dating back to 1446 and was later owned by St Nicolas church.  In 1859 the Reverend Sapte agreed to donate the cottage to the village and Dr Napper and it became a cottage hospital for Cranleigh. Villagers could pay for their treatment if they could afford it, but a fund was set up for less fortunate people to pay for their treatment. In those days people who couldn’t pay their bills would become paupers, which was as bad as being a criminal. In the first year over 30 people were patients. Dr Napper travelled the country and a Cottage Hospital movement began and grew.

The Royal College of Surgeons declared it a great model for patients and doctors alike,  and it is recognised as the first cottage hospital of its type in England. Cranleigh (known as Cranley in those days) cottage hospital was successful and continued to serve the community with their fund raised money for buildings as well as equipment, continuously until recently. It is arguably the true foundation of the NHS. In 1948 it was transferred into the new NHS and was part of Cranleigh Village Hospital until 10 years ago.  People who worked there remember it fondly as it was used for meetings and a tea room.

What could it be used for? 

The cottage has a small set of rooms, both upstairs and down, and can accommodate the following ideas: A meeting room for up to 24 people; Health and Wellbeing Services; Exciting Museum style displays of local artefacts and information to include the history of the hospital, Cranleigh and areas nearby;  Information point for the Community;  Educational visits by local schools;  There is an area that would be just right for a repair shop for the community

Where is the money coming from? 

The NHS will not put any more money into repairing the building. We are looking to raise the finance for the project from local charitable grants. One grant that we are currently applying for supports the preservation of historically buildings where they are on High streets and able to help revitalise the village. The building requires careful conservation, opening up and making safe, and that will cost at least £200,000.

What has been achieved so far?

NHS Property Services have agreed that the building is a problem for them, have done a few essential repairs and undertaken a condition survey. They are keen to provide Cranleigh community with a long lease at a peppercorn rent so that the building can be conserved and used.  They are especially keen that the uses include health and wellbeing uses. They say the lease will include a clause stating that it only has to be returned to them in the condition we find it in!

How can you support the project?

For us to move to the next stage  WE NEED EXPRESSIONS OF SUPPORT please, because we must show Grant making bodies that our community wants the work done, and will benefit from the outcomes.

Why does it need to be taken on by our community?

The property is falling into disrepair and the NHS is not able to spend money on it.  It is a national treasure. Being on the High Street and attractive it would form a new, vibrant place to visit and for wonderful and special events and displays to take place. Volunteers would oversee its uses. It would be served by a website to match those of other towns with well organised information for tourists, new people to Cranleigh and locals alike. People have always said it should be a museum and there are other exciting uses we can imagine to compliment that part of its new life going forwards.

How can you support the project?

We would like to hear from you about your views on the project.

Please have a look at our questions below and  email or write to:  Secretary Civic Society 42 Horsham Road GU6 8DU or : –

Do you believe that the community should take the cottage over, and save it for community benefits? Yes / No, Comments

Potential uses for the building

Meeting Room for up to 24 people for the Community to hire out to help with overheads (we intend to provide kitchenette and toilets) – Yes / No   Comments:

Repair Shop managed by volunteers for the community to recycle equipment – Yes / No   Comments:

Display of Cranleigh’s history including celebrating the first Cottage Hospital in England – storyboards, digital displays, artefacts and medical tools – Yes / No   Comments:

Cranleigh Information hub promoting local facilities, events, local clubs and organisations. – Yes / No   Comments:

Educational visits to include the history of Cranleigh and surrounding villages, and of medicine and Cranleigh, – Yes / No   Comments:


Specialist skills to support this project – Yes / No   Comments:

We believe the project will help to keep Cranleigh a special place and provide a great place on the High Street.  Do you support the project for Cranleigh and surrounding villages? Yes / No   Comments:

Please contact the Civic Society

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact Cranleigh Civic Society secretary Sue Dale –

thank you so very much!


Let’s Celebrate Cranleigh’s Heritage!

Let’s Celebrate Cranleigh’s Heritage!

Cranleigh has the first Cottage Hospital in England!  Fact!!!  Let’s get on and celebrate….

A sensitive issue in Cranleigh

– there are various buildings that make up Cranleigh Village Cottage Hospital.  As we have posted before, various parts of the buildings are in use and others are not. There is a very active campaign to persuade and enable the NHS to provide more services for us.  (but there is no chance of beds). We hope that these extra services will happen and soon, the money collected by CVH League of Friends (see their web site here ) will really help – there are 5 empty rooms built over the last century which should be in use.

Original Cranleigh Village Cottage Hospital building – was the Rectory in 1800s

At the front, on the left, beside the pub, there is a 15th century cottage that was actually the very first  cottage hospital for the whole of England – arguably the original foundation of the NHS. This happened in 1859. See the cottage and community hospital movement here. “Cottage and community hospitals have been part of the rural landscape for health care in England for over 150 years. The first cottage hospital was opened by (Dr) Napper in 1859 in Cranleigh, Surrey. This was a simple converted cottage with space for beds and for operations. The service was established to save patients from long journeys to general hospitals in towns and cities, and to give local doctor surgeons a clean space in which to work with the support of a paid nurse.  The model was swiftly copied leading to the creation of 240 cottage hospitals within the next 30 years, all funded through donations and benefactors”.

The Cottage is no longer maintained or used

The oldest part  has been unused for 10 years and now the NHS has declared that it is surplus to their requirements.  You may have heard of NHS Property Services ltd?  They look after all the buildings that are within the NHS Estate and are in use, and are selling off or leasing out surplus buildings, which aims to make some savings for the NHS. NHSPS is offering to lease just the cottage to a charitable body on a peppercorn rent.  Currently Cranleigh Civic Society is discussing this with NHSPS with the agreement of many other community interested parties.

The cottage needs to be looked after – Heritage England and the Society for the Preservation of Ancient Buildings say its fabric should be conserved.  It is Grade II listed and was originally built as a Hall House with several later additions (including floors to create upstairs) – you can browse this document for more information here 

What does Cranleigh need?

So does Cranleigh have needs and if so can they be fulfilled if and when the cottage is useable again?  We believe it will benefit the community to have a historical focal point that can attract visitors to our shops and other amenities. The old cottage could be a valuable meeting point and house a visitors and newcomers centre or tourist information point. With modern media, historical and archive material would be available for research and perhaps career development and inspiration for the next generation of healthcare professionals.

Cranleigh Cares

There’s so much history!  You know the motto “Cranleigh Cares”?  well it is still so very true. Many residents care very much about our old buildings and the memories people have too. The village has so many historic places – the cottage could be the starting point for a guided or solo walk around the village, highlighting all the properties and places of interest.  Maybe we need a proper small museum, set up to look as it did when the first operation took place in 1859, or as it did when the NHS took it over in 1948. Or how it was when we took our children along for minor injuries in the 1970s and 1980s. and when some people were so glad to have beds locally for their elderly or sick relatives.   There could also be a history society listening project – recordings of people’s memories of the old building and its uses.

Bringing life to our heritage

Some people suggest a healthy café for the youth (bubble café), staff and patients, for small, vulnerable groups and people being helped by our local, special health teams. We think various catered events could be arranged on a pop up and also pre-booked basis.

Can it really be saved and also used by the community?

Some people say that the only way to conserve old buildings is by making them residential!  Would doctors and nurses want to pay rent to live there?  We are not keen on this approach!!!

Cranleigh Society team are looking into possibilities and logistics, for support, ways forwards, all with the help of League of Friends, Chamber of Commerce, and many others.

Please reply to this post with your ideas and thoughts.

thanks to all

Fund Raiser for Lions – Exercises in the Park – You’re Invited! 26th & 27th April

Fund Raiser for Lions – Exercises in the Park – You’re Invited! 26th & 27th April

Fund Raiser for Cranleigh Lions Club by Cranfold Physiotherapy

Snoxhall Playing Fields

Cranfold Physio are hosting a 2-day outdoor event at the 26th & 27th April to support our fabulous Cranleigh Lions! see their website here

From Pilates, HIIT, body-site specific stretch and strengthening classes, they are offering something for everyone, for all abilities.

Book Now – 01483 267 747  or – click here

CLASSES AS FOLLOWS – book and pay just £5 per class


10 – 11 PILATES with Georgina

11 – 12 HIIT with Erica

1.30 – 2.30 STRENGTH PILATES with Esther

2.30 – 3.30 STRETCH YOUR BODY with Raffaele


9.30 – 10.30 (MEMBERS ONLY) STRENGTH & BALANCE with Camilla

11 – 12 PILATES with Helen

12 – 1 PILATES with Glen


2.45 – 3.45 MINDFULNESS IN MOVEMENT with Jecy

classes Covid-19 secure and limited to 30 per class for maximum safety

Please take your own mat, towel, water bottle and enjoy something good for you in the spring sunshine.


Covid-19 testing centre in Cranleigh! at Golf club

**CRANLEIGH TESTING FACILITY*** Message from Your Waverley
 A mobile coronavirus testing facility will be at the Cranleigh Golf & Country Club car park, Barhatch Lane, Cranleigh GU6 7NG, from tomorrow, Wednesday 13 January until Tuesday 19 January. This is a new venue for mobile testing and we would like to thank the Golf & Country Club for the kind offer to allow the use of their car park.
A mobile testing facility will also be operating at The Wharf Car Park, Godalming, from Sunday 17 January to Tuesday 19 January.
Testing is available to all those with COVID-19 symptoms, but must be pre-booked online. Booking for this site is open from 5pm the evening before and on the day.

Residents should book on the national testing portal: visiting or call the NHS on 119.

Those without an appointment will be turned away.
You can walk into the testing centre, but will still need a pre-booked appointment.
click here