Let’s Help Each Other

Let’s Help Each Other – how?
If you are willing and able to help others who are either “Self isolating” or staying on their own because they have an illness of any kind, please write out postcards and put them through the doors of neighbours:

Suggested wording as follows

Hello! If you are self isolating, I can help.

My name is…….

I live locally at…….

My phone number is……..

I can help with: picking up shopping (or ordering on line), a friendly phone call, posting mail, urgent supplies.

Just call or text me and I’ll do my best to help you ( of course for free).

Coronavirus-COVID19- is a contagious new virus. No one is immune. Some people who catch it are very poorly. Avoid physical contact staying about 6 feet (2 metres) away from all other people. Wash your hands often for 20 seconds, rinse and dry thoroughly too. Items should be left on your doorstep. If you become poorly the symptoms are a persistent cough and high temperature, stay in the warm, phone someone if you want help and advice- You can call me.



Petition CRANLEIGH Primary school Repair and rebuild petition

Petition CRANLEIGH Primary school Repair and rebuild petition



Please read this petition and sign if you haven’t already

Since our Councils have all declared they are now spending money on the “Climate Emergency” can we get them to re think and re plan Cranleigh’s Primary School?  They could stop cutting down trees, repair old crumbling schools with eco wise products, and carefully design and build on the old site rather than green fields. This would be in everyone’s interests.


11 March Cranleigh society pub social

11 March Cranleigh society pub social


Do go to Three Horseshoes, Cranleigh any time from 6:30 to share concerns and action plans. Lovely people, great food and always a pleasure to meet up, and actions come from the chats!

We hope you are able to enjoy the spring weather and that your gardens dry out soon!

best regards


Cranleigh update

Cranleigh update

Several items to think about this week:-

The floods were better predicted and managed, but not without some people getting stranded on flooded roads – and some people experienced sewage coming up – again!  Thames Water need to fix this!  Thanks to our fire brigade for all their hard work.  Also Surrey CC & WBC for sending out BIFFA – Various drains and grills were cleared before and during the storms.  BIFFA are the current contractors.  People cleared their own drains outside their houses too.  Were you badly affected? Please let us know and we offer our sympathy and will make sure to let the councils know.

CRANLEIGH PRIMARY SCHOOL – there is a notice on the door of Cranleigh Village Sports & Social Club stating that the contractors have moved in and will be clearing a hedge this week, before the birds nest, and sorting out some pipe work too.  The notice said in preparation for the new school being built. click here to see the vision. 

Cranleigh Church of England Primary School including the Infants school and nursery are likely to be moved to one new site – yes a brand new building but the location and details are not good…

Surrey County Council want to sell the current excellent school sites for housing.

Approximately 90 houses in the centre of the village will be built if they get planning permission on appeal.  The current crop are not selling as well as hoped.

The application has been turned down by Waverley Borough Council planners.

But Surrey County Council planners have stated they think they can ‘get around this’.  If this succeeds Mann’s warehouse site may go for housing too.


Cranleigh Society has looked carefully at the new building plans and feels that the scheme to tuck a new school for more children from Nursery Age to 11 behind the Social Club is Fraught with problems.

But something really must be done as soon as possible. All we can do is lobby to get the current sites upgraded or a much better plan – ideas?

 The existing school building has been promised to be rebuilt or refurbished for 18 years. Because of this It has been thoroughly neglected!

The roof is leaking. Children sit with buckets collecting water pouring through the ceiling

Surrey County Council plan to move it to a site that is currently unused even for playing fields – to the side of Cranleigh Village sports & Social Club.

Apparently the stream at the top of the fields means the fields are often too soggy for sport, but this has never been dealt with and so Glebelands and Cranleigh primary don’t use them because they flood.

The Assembly hall is small: it cannot accommodate assembly for the whole school & there will have to be 3 sittings for lunch

The new site will have AstroTurf not grass play areas.

There is no area for parents to gather at drop-off and pick-up

The access is limited to school vehicles.

No parking close by for pick-up & drop-off

The school will have to pay staff extra to walk children to & from the bus parking.

If you don’t contribute – then those who have powers to make decision on your behalf won’t know what you think and want.

Write to Surrey County Council at mwcd@surreycc.gov.uk  and our Surrey County Councillor Andrew Povey   andrew.f.povey@surreycc.gov.uk

Write to our planning authority -Waverley Borough Council, in Godalming – have a look – here WA/2018/2044

Write to our Member of Parliament Angela Richardson, angela.richardson.mp@parliament.uk

Having declared a climate emergency it would be better for SCC to examine all aspects of this projects now, and rebuild on the current site, and make the school carbon neutral – a new primary just opened in Sutton says this – “The school will be Zero Carbon and Passivhaus certified”.  see more details here 

Cranleigh Society is here to help Cranleigh maintain its special feel by examining planning applications and infrastructure, and letting our Councils know how the public feel about proposed changes.  Please contribute by contacting us and also your councillors.. and the links we send you.  You can join the mailing list on our website for free. You can also complete the membership request found on our web page.

CVHT – Cranleigh village hospital trust has changed its name – legally – to Cranleigh village health trust.  They have had their AGM and 2 directors left.  They have pledged to continue their project to get beds back to Cranleigh.  You can see their story on their web site here and also the Parish Council’s minutes of a meeting – here . Cranleigh Society has no opinion.

DID YOU KNOW – that we are lucky enough to have several places to go with friends and family – or to make new friends – here in Cranleigh ?

Cranleigh village Sports & Social Club has many activities to suit all tastes and ages – have a look here – they are open mostly in the evenings.

Rowleys is not just a day centre for the very old – far from it – it is a very nice place to go for coffee, lunch and activities, and to have ones hair and nails done, between 9 and 3 daily. They also sell beautiful flowers donated by M&S at reduced prices! have a look here

Not forgetting our wonderful Cranleigh Arts Centre and U3A and so many other clubs too.

And also SMART Cranleigh – on the High street, manned by volunteers, connecting people – opening hours are during shopping times – opposite M&S. 

Cranleigh Leisure Centre is meant to be being upgraded or rebuilt or something – but we just don’t have news at the moment – however plenty of people really enjoy the classes and facilities there.

Please do leave a comment and follow up with actions too.

We hope to see you at The Three Horseshoes pub sometimes.  Usually the second Wednesday in each month from 6:30 pm (good food)

best regards to all.