9 am FLOOD FORUM Sept 6th BAND ROOM (with microphones and information sheets)

Anne Milton’s MEETING starts at 9:30 for one hour only.

Do get in touch in advance, join us and please tell us and the forum your flood news –

Do you have any problems you want to share – do write and reply to this post –

Perhaps you have noticed dried up rivers and brooks in Cranleigh area during the summer? Or maybe flooding and surface water pooling?

What about burst pipes,  mains replacements, and the sewage plant upgrades?

In England and Wales much of the rain water is meant to go into the sewers and be added to the sewage from households etc.  Some people have another system – see OFWAT’s link below.

Surface water drainage

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting and also to reading your comments






Cranleigh Society – no meetings in August

Cranleigh Society – no meetings in August

Cranleigh Society usually enjoys gathering and chatting over village issues once a month – but we won’t be meeting up in August due to holidays – but of course you can!  

9th September – from 6.30.  Do join us at our next meet up – 2nd Monday in September in the Three Horseshoes pub. 

We have our other meetings on 4th Tuesdays each month but in one of our homes.  

We will be meeting with Waverley Borough Council in September hoping to progress your views and needs.

We are also finding out about Anne Milton’s Flood Forum in September and will let you know soon.

we wish you all a great August – whatever it brings!  hope it’s not too hot, cold, wet or dry!

best wishes from the team



What’s happening in Cranleigh?

What’s happening in Cranleigh?

Some Cranleigh Residents enjoyed a drink and a meal at the Three Horseshoes pub and chatted over the issues worrying them at the moment.

HC One & CVHT – their planning application WA/2018/1966 has yet to be reviewed by Waverley’s Area planning committee and Joint Planning Committee.  If you have a view do go onto Waverley Borough Council’s web site and have a look.  You can express your views too in opposition or support.  80 bed care home with 20 beds to be designated as Community beds – hospital beds with “nursing staff” – “free at the point of use”  and usable by Surrey County Council and Guildford & Waverley Clinical Commissioning Group.

Oil & Gas exploration – some exploration is proposed to see if there is oil and gas in a seam deep under the area of Dunsfold.  Cranleigh Parish Council meets on 9th July 6pm at an extra meeting to discuss –  (SCC Ref 2019/0072)    WA/2019/0796  Loxley Well Site – Land South of Dunsfold Road and East of High Loxley Road, Dunsfold, Surrey.

Flooding – whilst we are now in the grip of drought with plants starting to keel over, there has been localised flooding.  It was quick to rise and quick to subside.  There was some help needed in Elmbridge road where sewage was rising up.  All fine now. Anne Milton MP’s  next Flood forum is in September.

Burst pipes – many!  Thames Water have suffered from some “rogue teams” of workers and are consequently a bit short staffed.  Some of the teams are pleasant and sensible – doing their best.

House Sales – it is being said that housing isn’t selling as it used to – big time!  Nationwide issue hitting us here too.  Uncertainty of many kinds……more social type housing is believed to be in the pipeline – it is hoped that those people who come will feel welcome and also blend in happily.

Cranleigh Primary School WA/2018/2044 

Application Type – Surrey CC Regulation 3-consultation on their proposed planning application was “objected” to – remains to be seen if Surrey County Council can answer all the queries. The access to the proposed new school and also the parking are certainly big concerns. Also the field sometimes floods!
Cranleigh Parish Youth Council – excellent work being done by young people trying to set up some fun groups for young people – for music, for table tennis and more.  Good stuff.
Friday Night Project  -it runs every week which is great! The project at the Leisure Centre has gained more adult support and the young people enjoy a safe and happy evening.
Snoxhall Park area – Mostly fabulous in the sunshine – seeing people relaxing and playing happily. Use it and enjoy.
Flood insurance for new homes – some solicitors are telling people that they should check the state of getting flood insurance before buying.
Asbestos Cement pipes – Thames Water teams have to replace chunks of pipe when there is a burst, gradually replacing the old pipes. No other news.
Crimes  – many petty crimes and vandalism isn’t reported – let’s not give the thoughtless one air time.  But it can be disheartening.  However volunteers will usually fix things that have been spoilt quickly and quietly. We won’t be made to feel we can’t enjoy a lovely village because of a few unkind thoughtless people.
Road incidents seem to be increasing – it is essential to drive slowly and carefully around Cranleigh.  https://www.police.uk/surrey/WVCE/crime/stats/
If you see a problem, record it and report it on line.  So that the police can see if a picture is building up …..
Roads – recently there was a meeting between Surrey County Councillors and Waverley Borough Councillors called the Waverley Local Committee Meeting.  People put in petitions for road and footpath improvements, and are told the problems of implementing changes! Waverley does not appear to have a “big picture” of which roads need to be built or improved – so may not have appealed to Surrey CC for the improvements, so hardly any changes are on offer.  But where new housing is going in there is money for improvements……. hoping Councillors will put on their “Prince of the Borough” hats and imagine what’s best for all…..  Surrey County Council – “The Local Committee in Waverley is one of eleven established by Surrey County Council in April 2002 to bring its decision-making and its services closer to the communities it serves. The Committee meets regularly in the Waverley Borough Council Chamber in Godalming”.
Cranleigh In Bloom  judging soon – by Britain in Bloom this year as well as South & South East – exciting!  Doesn’t the village look great?  If you can help – do please give some time – look for and remove litter and weeds every day – please…..
Recycling centre –  still open. Councillor Andrew Povey still trying to find ways to save budget and the centre.
HIgh Street – repairs to the “Fountain” are being slow – sadly they won’t be completed by the time the Britain in Bloom judges arrive it is feared.
Maybe some closed shops could be changed to housing?! What do you think?  How much do you love Cranleigh’s High Street?  or is it dangerous (paving) and expensive?  Or is it friendly, diverse and treasured? How can it be improved? What would you like to retain? Councillor Povey is holding workshops to see what people think – let us know your thoughts.
SMART CRANLEIGH – https://www.smartcranleigh.org/  they are people who want to help Cranleigh people connect with each other, to enjoy the village and keep everyone caring and thriving.
CRANLEIGH ARTS CENTRE  always a great place – fab vollies – do you go?
All for now folks.  thank you to those who subscribe to these newsletters, and a big thank you to those who also pay a membership fee – very much appreciated.  We always want your views, and also some help – to investigate what’s going on –
best regards


Worried about Oil & Gas exploration?

Worried about Oil & Gas exploration?

Fighting exploration for oil and gas within the UK seems to some to be essential and to others useless and not helpful. Cranleigh Society thinks you would like to make up your own minds – here is some information prepared by Cranleigh resident and retired geologist Chris Bulley.

UK Government says it needs UK oil and gas exploration whilst other forms of energy become reliable, available and used. 

They say that at the same time as renewable energy is being developed, and people are being urged to use less energy, oil and gas companies must continue, otherwise the lights will go out – no Government wants that to happen on its watch.

UKOG – UK Oil & Gas PLC  https://www.ukogplc.com


Surrey County Council – SCC Ref 2019/0072 (https://planning.surreycc.gov.uk/planappdisp.aspx?AppNo=SCC+Ref+2019%2f0072)

Waverley Borough Council WA/2019/0796

Loxley Well Site – Land South of Dunsfold Road and East of High Loxley Road, Dunsfold, Surrey

Submitted 30/5/19; public consultation opened 11/6/19; public consultation ends 8/7/19; withdrawn late June subject to resubmission with revised access route.

Drilling at Dunsfold – What is planned and Updates to application

UKOG (UK Oil & Gas) submitted a planning application to Surrey County Council (SCC) in May 2019 to drill a conventional gas appraisal well in the Dunsfold area. UKOG was hopeful that a decision would be made on the application before year-end.  The area is covered by Petroleum Exploration and Development Licence PEDL234 and operations are regulated by the Oil and Gas Authority (OGA), a government agency, which reports to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (DBEIS), where a company’s financial and operational competencies are checked.

In late June, UKOG confirmed that it will submit a revised application to SCC due to the need to pursue an alternative access route. The originally proposed access road might have impacted sites of reptile activity and of prehistoric activity, an Area of High Archaeological Potential. UKOG has not put a timescale on when the application will be resubmitted.

The application covers a gas appraisal well on the eastern extension of the Godley Bridge structure, which has been previously drilled by Conoco with the Godley Bridge-1, Alfold-1 and Godley Bridge-2 wells in 1982/3, 1986 and 1986/7, respectively, (without incident). The map below (from UKOG’s November 2018 corporate presentation with my annotation, https://www.ukogplc.com/ul/UKOG%20Corporate%20Presentation%20Nov%202018..pdf) shows the location of these three wells with respect to the gross reservoir structure. The potential gas-bearing reservoir is the Portland Sandstone of uppermost Jurassic age, which is at a depth of around 2,800 feet (about 850 metres) below sea-level. The Portland Sandstone is a recognised oil/gas producing reservoir elsewhere in the Weald Basin such as at the Horse Hill discovery. The drilling plan for the appraisal well includes a deeper test of the underlying Kimmeridge section (a section of rocks found at Kimmeridge Bay, Dorset, and running beneath the Weald), which UKOG considers lies within the largest untested Kimmeridge feature in the Weald Basin. The appraisal well will drill to a vertical depth of about 4,750 feet (nearly one mile) below the surface. It is planned that the appraisal pilot hole, horizontal sidetrack and testing programme can commence in late 2020 following further production drilling at Horse Hill near Gatwick.

There is no fracking planned within the proposed drilling programme and if UKOG was to consider that it was necessary then a further planning application would be mandatory. Fracking is not necessary as the targeted reservoirs do not require fracking, as demonstrated by UKOG’s operations at Horse Hill, near Gatwick, and Broadford Bridge, near Billingshurst.

The well site will be a zero-discharge site with the whole area and adjacent drainage ditches covered by an impermeable membrane, a tried and tested process. Once the operations are complete: if the wells are considered commercially viable then a further application will be submitted to retain the site for longer-term production of hydrocarbons; otherwise, the site will be restored to its original use. The site itself is located upon Weald Clay, an impermeable rock.

The new well will appraise an accumulation that could contain a significant gross gas-in-place estimated at around 60 billion cubic feet, similar in size to a small North Sea field.

UKOG plan to long-term test any hydrocarbons encountered in the well in order to assess commercial viability in as short a time as possible.

Of additional interest, following the decision by DEFRA not to renew the lease at Bury Hill Wood for Europa Oil & Gas to drill the Holmwood well to beneath Coldharbour, UKOG has become operator for the hydrocarbon licence (PEDL143) and is assessing other potential well sites for exploratory drilling. UKOG states that the locations under review fall outside the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

As of 4th July, IGas Energy PLC, the operator of the licence to the west of Dunsfold that covers the western half of the Godley Bridge structure (including wells Godley Bridge-1 and Godley Bridge-2) has announced that it plans to drill two exploration/appraisal wells on Petroleum Exploration and Development Licence PEDL235 to explore and evaluate the resource potential of both the Portland Sandstones and the Kimmeridge Micrites. It further states that it will now move to submit a planning application but will undertake community consultation to take account of feedback from local residents before submitting the full planning application. https://ir1.q4europe.com/asp/ir/IGas/NewsRead.aspx?storyid=14368302&ishtml=1

No fracking is suggested – but for interest here is the explanation –

Hydraulic Fracturing = Fracking according to Wiki

In the United Kingdom, the environmental regulator permits only chemical additives which are classed as non-hazardous to groundwater for fracturing fluids.[3][4][5] Operators are required to disclose the content of hydraulic fracturing fluids to the relevant environment agency[6] while the composition must be disclosed if the regulator demands it.[7] The permitted additives for hydraulic fracturing fluid include polycrylamidehydrochloric acid and a biocide.


Friday 14th June, 7.30pm Cranleigh Arts Centre Auction of Promises

Friday 14th June, 7.30pm Cranleigh Arts Centre Auction of Promises

Cranleigh Arts Centre – Auction of Promises – Friday 14th June, 7.30 – Free entry, 23 prizes and a fun raffle – go along to this fantastic event!

Cranleigh Arts Centre is a Jewel in Cranleigh’s Crown – continuing to keep a very high standard of wonderful live music of all types, theatre, comedy, live Screenings from the Royal Opera House, arts workshops for adults and youngsters, Films, and hosting many U3A classes too. 

Cranleigh Arts Centre is run by a Board of Directors, a few staff and many hard-working, dedicated volunteers. The Arts Centre has to make sure the building is continuously cared for and repaired in the style in which is was built, pay its staff, put on all its activities, with a very small grant from Waverley, revenue from events and a few major fund raising events. Cranleigh society supports CAC and hopes you can and do as well.


Auction of Promises Fundraiser

The Great Get Together

Sunday 23rd June 10-12 noon – The Great Get Together – carrying on the work of (murdered) MP Jo Cox – bring your community together and enjoy each other’s company – just because we can!