Cranleigh Civic Society News

Cranleigh Civic Society News

Pub meeting this week decided the following – publish without delay  that Waverley has received planning application for 10 more houses in Amlets Lane! and ask people to look into it and write in their feelings about it. Planning Application WA/2019/1552 – Valid From 18/09/2019.  Outline application for erection of 10 dwellings with access.The developers are proposing an infill between the Carla Homes site and the existing properties facing Amlets Lane near the entrance to St Josephs School. Although not a large scheme it sets several precedents if approved.

  1. They are making a case for additional housing outside the settlement boundary indicated on the Neighbourhood Plan which still has to be given final approval.
  2. They suggest that the new Primary School may not be built on the Glebelands site – fields, therefore this will inhibit the building of housing on the existing Upper School site and free up housing allocation within the village on other sites.
  3. They also state that as Waverley has not yet taken up its full allocation of housing other sites around Cranleigh should be considered such as this one in Amlets Lane. If this principle is accepted it opens the gate for yet more applications in our area beyond those already approved.
  4. The proposed scheme further urbanizes an existing rural lane which is carrying more traffic than is appropriate for its width.                                                                                           Over to you
what is SMART Cranleigh?

what is SMART Cranleigh?

“SMART Cranleigh works with partners and groups to improve quality of life and well-being by supporting and enabling community initiatives. SMART Cranleigh produces resources and materials including the Community Calendar and Directory. They are passionate about building a resilient community that is fit for the future and inclusive for all.Together we have a greater voice!

Click here to find out more about SMART villages initiatives both in England and across Europe and the World.

So What is SMART Cranleigh? click here for their web site. It is a Community Interest Company – click here for more information on CIC – manned by volunteers who are available to talk to in Oliver House – next to Cromwell’s tea rooms.  We all know that people in Cranleigh want to live well, be healthy and help each other. The name SMART comes from the intentions to Share their Mission to help people have Active Relationships Together.

SMART also stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timed goals.  This is relevant too. SMART Cranleigh is providing networks of people and online resources and a Village Calendar – click here – for all groups to advertise on.  The online calendar is for all groups and activities to join in and advertise their clubs, services and events – such as Charities, Schools, Parish Council, Churches, Arts Centre, Lions & Rotary clubs, GP surgery’s patient group, Food Bank, Knitters’ group and so on.   SMART Cranleigh is also making small important projects possible – joining with other groups to provide what people need -such as more places to sit in Cranleigh streets!  By creating opportunities for the younger generation and seniors to connect for an enhanced mutual understanding of needs; by finding out about the NHS Strategy and working to get the best for the people of Cranleigh, and more….

What’s it like to live in Cranleigh and what problems do people have?  Do you know people who are struggling with finding interesting things to do and people to meet, with remembering the names of things when in shops, with long term ill-health problems, with children, teenagers or elderly relatives, people with special needs such as autism, dementia, hearing loss, loneliness, isolation, lack of technology knowledge, issues around money or practical concerns, problems with self esteem, issues around weight, alcohol, smoking, exercise, transport problems, anxiety around getting to see a Doctor or hospitals, fragility in town because of unsafe pavements, access problems due to needing ramps or grab rails and so on. You probably can think of many other problems people have that are difficult to help with. But with community spirit and the CRANLEIGH CARES motto maybe we can be SMART and get people together for the better – anything is possible.


Care Home & Accommodation Block

Care Home & Accommodation Block

CVHT & HC-One information and update – Did you know?

Cranleigh Village Hospital Trust (CVHT) has a Covenant on the land- formally known as The Paddock– with Cranleigh Parish Council.  The wording of the Covenant was changed legally from “Not at any time to use the Property for any purpose other than for the benefit of the local community including recreation use” in 2010 to the following in 2013:

“Not at any time to use the Property for any purpose other than:

  1. Use as a care or nursing home
  2. Any medical or healthcare use
  3. Any Community use
  4. Any other use which Cranleigh Parish Council approves (such approval not to be unreasonably withheld or delayed).

The solicitor states that this Covenant is legally binding and the land exchange cannot be reversed without the consent of both parties.

see links: Cranleigh Parish Council’s website has all the history of the meetings and agreements on its website –

News/Cranleigh village Hospital Trust/8 March 2019

then 5 September 

News/Cranleigh Village Hospital Trust/  5 Sept 2019.

You might also like to read the websites for yourself: Cranleigh Hospital League of Friends

And Here Cranleigh Village Hospital Trust

In addition – in 2010 the Parish Council’s solicitor and CVHT’s solicitor organised an informal exchange of letters – not a legally binding agreement – about the future of the land if not built on within 5 years of the land transfer (15 Dec 2010): “discussions will take place between the parties regarding the site and its future use”

Cranleigh Parish Council agreed to CVHT and the land owner of a nearby field creating a replacement and better sports field that has full sized football pitches on it at their  cost (circa £90k). The field is bounded by land which is being turned into a public park which has been approved by Waverley Borough Council. The access for the Park is being shared by Bruce Mackenzie Field and that work was recently completed. Bruce Mackenzie Field has full right of access to Knowle Lane.

A care home provider named HC One has applied for planning permission with the Charity Cranleigh Village Hospital Trust in 2018  to build a Care home which includes 20 Community Beds. They believe that the  NHS and Surrey County Council will take out contracts with HC-One to use the beds – meaning if people need a Community bed they can be offered a bed in Cranleigh – free at the point of use.The occupancy of the BEDS will be decided by the National Health Service and Surrey County Council – e.g. anyone who needs hospital care but not acute attention and who lives in and around the area.  The NHS and SCC state that this will usually be people who live in and nearby to Cranleigh.

Medical staff and Social Care staff state there is a great need for community beds that provide care for respite care, continuing care, convalescence, rehabilitation, and end of life care.  CVHT & its supporters state that there is a shortage of community beds (to relieve acute hospitals), care home places and accommodation that lowest paid staff can afford.

There is also a lot of work going on to promote this site as an excellent Care Home and Community Beds – better than most – helped by the villagers to ensure very high standards.

Did you know that the planning application includes a separate building – an Accommodation Block comprising 26 bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, and 2 kitchens – one on each of two floors?

CVHT will have control over occupancy of the rooms and are not bound by “Key workers” definitions as this is a private, discrete development. It will be to provide low cost housing for any health workers in the area.

For more information please see Waverley’s web site. click here – WBC Planning

Don’t forget that people can always get help to look at the internet by going to our excellent Library staff who have computers and time to help. 

Waverley Borough council website – planning applications  code WA/2018/1966 Valid From 05/11/2018


Erection of a building to provide an 80 bed care home including 20 community beds together with a building to provide health workers accommodation with access from knowle lane associated parking and ancillary works.

WBC Meetings

Joint Planning Committee
Wednesday, 25th September, 2019 6.30 pm

The agenda does not include this planning application – we will look out for a meeting that does. 

Venue: Council Chamber, Council Offices, The Burys, Godalming



Burst Pipes? please share

Burst Pipes? please share

Burst Pipes over recent months and years?  Please share –

message from Councillor Liz Townsend Those residents that came to the Flood Forum with Anne Milton MP will know that for some time I have been involved in an ongoing dialogue with Thames Water about the increasing number of burst water pipes in the village. Am attempting to create a map of the burst pipe areas to present to the next meeting. If over the past 2 years you have had a burst pipe near to your home, or place of work, or have had an interruption in your water supply, can you please post details here including the road name and if possible a rough idea when the issue occurred, or if you prefer you can email details to me on Please don’t post your full address on here. Thank you for your help.”


Mains replacement Thames Water are putting in a bid – waiting  for more information.

SERA – Summerlands Residents Association – Thames Water have done some repairs, sections of pipe are being replaced – they are monitoring to see if it is stable or deteriorating – Thames Water needs to meet with Summerlands residents association including to improve relations.

OTHER BURST PIPES ISSUES – people said they really struggle to get sensible and uniform responses from on line, on the phone and the burst pipes teams, plus the burst pipe teams’ skills truly vary widely…

SURREY HIGHWAYS – SURREY COUNTY COUNCIL’S POTHOLES MANAGEMENT – their website is good – but Thames Water’s is very difficult to use, especially to pinpoint leaks!

AMLETS LANE and Cala Homes –  connected to mains supply and sewers. Thames Water carried out research – no need for improvements. Neighbouring residents are not satisfied. A trees officer is being consulted –regarding completing some tree work soon.    Water runs down the lane – but ground water control not needed says CALA – there are 6 balancing ponds – including on the western boundary ditch but the rate of the run off is the same as before. Surrey County Council agrees  that there is a leak which is not of CALA’s making, but there is a problem – local Highways officer – get in touch if it is a problem again. Slightly better on Barhatch Lane – there was leaking TW plate – still leaking further up, fields’ run off has stopped, water has stopped flowing down AMLETS lane.

RIPARIAN RIGHTS & DUTIES – DITCHES AND CULVERTS – it is the legal duty of every land owner to ensure all ditches, culverts, and streams that are on their land are kept free flowing and free of plants and rubbish.  If a property floods because of someone else’s failure to keep their waterways clean and clear then the land owner is liable for heavy fines. (Riparian duty of householders and land owners – “Any landowner or developer whose property adjoins or contains a natural watercourse should be aware of the system of rights and obligations along the length of the watercourse known as riparian rights. Developing or using land without giving due consideration to riparian rights can lead to problems”)

WHAT DOES GROUND LEVEL MEAN?  Is the Amlets’ Lane development higher than seemed on the planning permission?  When plans are presented for planning applications it is made clear how tall the overall buildings will be from ground level but never notes if the ground level is to be raised!

 ASBESTOS CEMENT WATER MAINS PIPES UPDATE – Anne Milton MP has followed up with Public Health England are reliant on W.H.O. research.  Research is on-going. Not much we can do from here and keeping up to date with the organisations is important – Environment Agency as well.  If 10s of 1000s of areas push for change more research will be done!   No studies have been carried out on ingested blue asbestos fibres – so no evidence has been looked for yet. A proper replacement programme of water pipes is needed to stop the constant problems with bursts and the constant health fear.

KERBS, GULLEYS, DRAINS AND VERGES  where water is unable to soak away and instead floods easily across roads people need to report and get the kerbs, drains and verges cleaned and cleared. Surrey County Council Highways!

COMPLETED HOUSES –  completed and signed off – 8 at Knowle lane Berkeleys, and Amlets 48 and 21 and 6 nearly ready, Little meadow 6,  Horsham road 52. Impact on the water system is considerable already – number of leaks – even though around 150 only completed.  A house had a flooded drive for 6 months.  All these leaks need to be recorded and reported in a meaningful way over at least 3 years to see clusters. Cranleigh Parish Council and Thames Water to action this. residents need to report.

HIGH STREET   Why has the High st been dug up 3 times recently?

Utilities dig up roads and they should be repaired as per the previous state – this is a big problem across the County.

WATER PRESSURE CHANGES – if water pressure changes people must report it straight away to Thames Water so that they can find out why and put it right.

WATER SUPPLY TANKERS  – these have been noticed across the summer – is Thames Water having to top up the reservoirs

ELMBRIDGE ROAD developments – the building seems to have slowed down and this is probably due to slow sales.

FISH PASS (passage)  project – WEY forward – trying to open up the river WEY for improved fish passage, also flood alleviation project. Low water flow is affecting water quality. The Environment Agency  is working alongside flood management projects.

SURREY WILDLIFE TRUST working to restore the rivers and streams, and to work with all other areas to join up the waterways and wildlife corridors. There is a sum of money allocated to a small stretch of this work to take place in Cranleigh.

SEWAGE WORKS – Upgrade discharge permits in line to comply with water framework.

THAKEHAM HOMES  They need to put in a pump – surcharge – protecting properties with a pump system rather than a gravity system because they are the lowest point in the catchment area/settlement. Storm tank capacity – Environment Agency agreed that there is sufficient storm tank capacity.

 Anne Milton MP charged all present to take the actions spoken of and report back at the next Flood Forum


Urgent Care Review Friday 6th Sept 10 till 12:30 Village Hall

Urgent Care Review Friday 6th Sept 10 till 12:30 Village Hall

Consultation: Urgent Care Review in Guildford and Waverley

NHS England are requiring all areas to provide the same standards of access to treatments – minor injuries units are to be abolished – Urgent Care Centres will be developed, and more must be provided for less……  have your say – see list of meetings below – 

Guildford and Waverley Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) are planning to review the urgent care services across Guildford and Waverley to identify what changes need to be made to ensure they meet the changing needs of the population.

Local health and care services, like most places in the country are under pressure and people sometimes struggle to access the care they need when they need it. Nationally the over-reliance on emergency and urgent care services is at risk of becoming unmanageable and most areas are now looking at ways to change and improve their urgent care services.

We know from the NHS England guidance on Urgent Treatment Centres that Minor Injury Units and Walk-in Centres cannot continue to operate in their current form. When developing their new urgent care model, Guildford and Waverley CCG will consider what is already working well and how any changes they propose complement the new ways of working, that have been, or are about to be, introduced.

The ‘Better Care Together‘ document provides further details on the programme – what urgent care is, current urgent care services, why these services need to change, next steps and how to get involved.

In September 2019, Guildford and Waverley CCG are running a series of drop-in engagement workshops:

  • Godalming Masonic Hall – Thursday 5th September, 6pm-8.30pm
  • Cranleigh Village Hall – Friday 6th September, 10am-12.30pm
  • Emmanuel Church, Stoughton – Tuesday 10th September, 10am-12.30pm
  • G Live, Guildford – Thursday 12th September, 6pm-8.30pm
  • Haslewey Community Centre, Haslemere – Monday 16th September, 6pm-8.30pm
  • Liphook Millennium Centre – Tuesday 17th September, 6pm-8.30pm

They are also conducting an online survey which can be accessed here