Can you help with local rivers and streams?

Can you help with local rivers and streams?

Can you help with Cranleigh’s local rivers and streams?  

The next training meeting is at Snoxhall, 10am Monday 20 November.  Please join in and find out how you can get involved.  Best to take wellies and be prepared to get into the water.  Also make sure you can see small creatures.


Surrey Wildlife Trust staff member Joshua Bowes and colleagues have been working for some years to have the time and money to re-wild a section of waterway in Cranleigh.  It is near the canal off the Elmbridge Road.  In Cranleigh recently they have completed this river restoration project located here

They have reprofiled some of the bank, allowed more light in, introduced over 30 tonnes of gravel, narrowed the channel and re-wiggled.  These actions will enable many beneficial things to happen, such as slowing the water when it is deep and creating habitats for creatures that have been lost.

There will be some balsam removal sessions there next year for which help will be needed.

There has been some interest from local land owners too so watch this space for further restorations! Hopefully we can get volunteers involved too.

We have received a grant from local councillor to buy some new water test equipment for everyone.   You can view the kit here.

As well as some refill packs. These kits will allow you to test a wider ranger of parameters and feed into a wider group.

Our local Surrey Wildlife Trust Wetland Officer Joshua Bowes will be organising training day as well to test out these kits. The next date is 10 am Monday 20th November at Snoxhall fields.  please reply if you hope to join in – it will great to see you.


What is concerning you here in Cranleigh? come and chat?

What is concerning you here in Cranleigh? come and chat?

Come along! Wednesday 25th January from 6pm

Cranleigh Society invites you to The Three Horseshoes pub – Wednesday 25 January – for a meet up to talk through concerns and actions we can take to improve lives in Cranleigh.

Do come along.  The pub food is good too so we have our evening meal there.

Issues we are following and trying to influence for the better –

Planning applications, High Street, Thames Water, Cycling routes, GP surgery, further medical services, conservation of our Heritage – Cranleigh Cottage Hospital, water quality in our streams,


reminder – your Flood Forum questions please

Cranleigh Society would like your questions for MP Angela Richardson and Thames Water please –

and you are welcome to Cranleigh Band room on Friday 4th Feb, 10.30 – 12 for the Flood forum.

There will be refreshments served and opportunities to ask questions.

Please reply to this message or elsewhere if you intend to go along so we can gauge numbers. thanks


Cranleigh FLOOD FORUM Friday 4th February 10.30 am

Cranleigh FLOOD FORUM Friday 4th February 10.30 am

Cranleigh FLOOD FORUM Friday 4th February 10.30 am

Cranleigh Society and MP Angela Richardson invite your comments and queries

Cranleigh Society has organised the venue, the Band Room, for the next Cranleigh Flood Forum.

We will be asking questions of the panel on your behalf.

The meeting will be chaired by local MP Angela Richardson and include representatives from local county, borough and parish councils, the environment agency, Surrey Wildlife Trust and Thames Water.

Unfortunately, due to Covid carefulness, the venue will preclude attendance by all of those who would like to attend.

If you have a particular reason to be present, will you please let us know and we will try to make it possible.

Please let us have any comments and queries as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, the venue does not have internet access so ‘virtual’ sharing of the meeting will not be possible on this occasion.

We look forward to your comments as soon as possible please, so that we can ask the panel in advance – that way they come with their answers and we can progress from there. 

thank you

please email


Freshwater Watch annual Water Blitz

Freshwater Watch annual Water Blitz

Freshwater Watch are carrying out their annual Water Blitz in the Thames Region which involves volunteers taking samples of their local watercourses.  For those of you that are interested in taking part please see the details below:


We would like to invite you and your fellow members of Surrey Wildlife Trust again to join us on the 19th and 20th October for the autumn’s Thames Water Blitz as part of a great number of efforts to understand the water quality in river Thames catchment. This year, we are running a two day Water Blitz which coincides with the start of half-term for the majority of schools. We hope this will be a good opportunity for schools and families to join in with freshwater research.

The Thames Water Blitz is a two-day event held in spring and autumn where volunteers in the Thames Valley collect as many water quality samples as possible. The purpose is to get an overview of the water quality in lakes, ponds and streams throughout the Thames Valley.

This Water Blitz will be the seventh such event and it is timed to coincide with the regular Thames sample run undertaken by the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) as part of a long-term monitoring programme of the Thames and its tributaries. Along with data collected by CEH and data held by the Environment Agency continued Thames Water Blitz efforts complement monitoring by providing information from areas and water body types that would otherwise not be monitored. This could be a particularly interesting Water Blitz given the UK heatwave this summer.

Click here to read what Dr Steven Loiselle has to say about the UK water crisis and the importance of water monitoring. Water Blitz is also a fun learning experience for any volunteer that is interested in their local environment, and would like to learn more about water quality.

By following this link:, you will be able to find further information and results from previous Thames Water Blitz events where we have partnered with Wild Oxfordshire and the Freshwater Habitats trust (amongst others).

Please feel free to email if you have any further questions.


Glen Skelton – Wetland Landscapes Officer

Surrey Wildlife Trust