EVIDENCE NEEDED by Task Group for Dumps – sorry – CRCs

EVIDENCE NEEDED by Task Group for Dumps – sorry – CRCs

EVIDENCE REQUIRED TO SAVE OUR DUMP! – sorry – Community Recycling Centre

We must prove somehow that we need the centre more than previously measured!  We must learn to use it for just recycling! So instead of just avoiding it or being even more careful with our lives and rubbish, we must present some evidence to keep it open!  Can you?  If so please send it to us and we will go to County Hall with the evidence! Or send straight to Cllr Andrew Povey Surrey County Council

We used to call it the dump – you know that place at the end of Elmbridge Road where the kind people helped us all with any kind of stuff we needed to get rid of.

Whether we are people helping old folk, our families or just clearing out the garage – we all need to clear out sometimes.   

Surrey County Council discovered that ours is one of 4 in Surrey that isn’t used as much as all the others.  They think they should just close it and save the money. 

Petitions, letters and conversations helped to get this postponed – so what now?

Surrey County Council Councillor Andrew Povey is Chairman of a task group. It is  tasked with finding out and reporting on the issues of the Community Recycling Centres around Surrey.

He has written to many interested parties to invite evidence around the CRCs.  He can, in due course, forward some of the paperwork to Cranleigh Society. 

If Cranleigh Civic Society would like to give evidence to the task group he can ensure that we are invited to County Hall to present the evidence. 

thank you!!!