Always include your FULL name and postal address in any email correspondence to Councillors.

Parish Councillors’ Email Addresses

Cranleigh East:

Rosemary Burbridge    email:

Brian Freeston   email:

Rowena Tyler  email:

Richard Cole  email:

Kate Fernandes   email:

Cranleigh West:

Angela Richardson  email:

Dave Nicholas  email:

Steve Jeacock   email:

Cranleigh North:

Mary Foryszewski  email:


James Betts  email:

Cranleigh Rural:

CHAIR – Liz Townsend  email:

Check the list of Cranleigh Parish Councillors here.

Waverley Borough Councillors’ Email Addresses

Cranleigh West

Patricia Ellis

Liz Townsend

Cranleigh East

Mary Foryszewski

Stewart Stennett

Jeanette Stennett

Shamley Green and Cranleigh North – Mike Band

Cranleigh Rural, Alfold and Ellens Green – Kevin Deanus

Surrey County Councillor Email Address

Andrew Povey