Vote – 29 Feb 2024 – referendum – Cranleigh Neighbourhood Plan

At last there is a moment in time when the community can vote for the Neighbourhood Plan in a referendum!  It is a good thing because it should help with being clear about the boundaries of our built up area and where housing can and shouldn’t go.  To read all about the process please click here 

To understand the process and about the actual vote please click here

To read the latest version of the Neighbourhood Plan please click here

The Waverley Borough Council website states the following

‘A formal application was made by Cranleigh Parish Council to designate the Neighbourhood Area and was publicised in accordance with the relevant Regulations. No adverse comments were received. On 16 July 2013 we designated Cranleigh Parish as a Neighbourhood Area.

Decision Statement

On 17 January 2024 we issued a decision statement which confirmed that we accept all of the independent examiner’s recommendations and that the Cranleigh Neighbourhood Plan can proceed to referendum.


A Neighbourhood Planning Referendum relating to the adoption of the Cranleigh Neighbourhood Development Plan 2021-2032 will be held on Thursday 29 February 2024.