Cranleigh 1000 Club is brand new – you can help and benefit

Cranleigh 1000 Club is brand new – you can help and benefit

Cranleigh 1000 Club – first draw June 15th at St Nicolas Church.

The event is Queen Six, and the prize money will be £100. To be in this draw, please email by 13th June to 

So – why join in? 

Those volunteers who are working to save St Nicolas church building – built around 1170 – and those working to save Cranleigh Cottage Hospital’s heritage cottage – built around 1446 – would like to involve the community –

How to join – Join Cranleigh 1000 club – buy a number (or more) for £5 per month.

How it works – half the money raised will go to the winning number!

the other half will be distributed between 1170 – charity that raises funds to conserve the building of St Nicolas Church – and Cranleigh Heritage Trust – charity that raises funds to conserve Cranleigh cottage hospital’s heritage cottage. This is fully authorised and compliant with the Fundraising Regulator.

The more you feel able to buy the better your chances of winning

The aim is to sell 1000 numbers – which means you have a one in a thousand chance of winning, significantly better than other games, can we get there?

When the draws take place – every month, at a Cranleigh event

Help Cranleigh’s historic buildings to be conserved and available to support ours and future generations. You can help restore, preserve and future proof two iconic Cranleigh Heritage buildings and have a chance to win a cash prize every month as well.

please email to complete a form – thankyou

7pm, Band Room, 29th November, Cranleigh Society Meeting and AGM, including Cottage Project presentations

Cranleigh Society Meeting and AGM, including Cottage Project presentations

Wednesday 29th November, 7pm, Cranleigh Band Room

refreshments will be served

Please do join in – the agenda will include updates on all projects – High Street, Leisure Centre, planning permissions, flooding, Thames Water and more.

There will be a presentation about Cranleigh Cottage Hospital Heritage Cottage project – Napper Cottage.

RSVP – below – or email

Christmas cards for sale

Christmas cards for sale

Cranleigh Heritage Trust has some special Christmas cards for sale. Please contact Sue, or pop into the Arts Centre, to grab yours.
We are selling great products, and raising awareness about Napper Cottage Project – the 15th Century Grade II listed building at Cranleigh Village Hospital. This cottage (not the rest of the Day Hospital) is no longer in use and in dire need of investment – then the whole community will benefit.
Sue 07946 590 347. £2 each. Thank you.
Cranleigh Society meeting and AGM 7pm Band Room 29 November 2023

Cranleigh Society meeting and AGM 7pm Band Room 29 November 2023

29 November 2023  Cranleigh Society Meeting and AGM 7pm Band Room Village Way Cranleigh

Please come along to the Band Room on Wednesday 29 November at 7pm.  The team will provide refreshments (teas, coffees, softs, cakes and biscuits).

There will be reports about the topics we have all been concerned about over the last 12 months.

The major issues are Cranleigh High Street developments, Neighbourhood Plan, Dunsfold Park, Knowle Lane development judicial review, Leisure Centre speed limits, potholes, river water quality and Flood Forum.

Followed by elections of the team – Chair, membership secretary, secretary, treasurer, other team members – usually 9 people. These are the people who carry the investigations and who network on behalf of our community.  We do need to include some new members of this team so please consider standing for election.  Only paid up members can vote for the team. Please ensure your membership is up to date.

There will be a presentation showing the progress and work ahead for the Napper Cottage Project.  Most people know this as the working title we have adopted for the project to bring the 15th Century Grade II listed cottage that was the first cottage hospital in England back for uses by the whole community.  It has been closed up since 2010, having been in constant use as a cottage hospital then as a staff hub for the growing hospital, since 1859.

It is feasible to repair and conserve it, so Cranleigh Heritage Trust team are now working on setting up all the practicalities before applying for a large Heritage Fund to bring the builders.  It’s a slow process with many professionals being involved.  We will explain further on 29th.

Cranleigh Heritage Trust, Cranleigh Village Hospital, Napper Cottage, Cranleigh, Guildford,

Where is Napper Cottage Guildford?

Cranleigh Heritage Trust was formed to save the 15th century cottage at Cranleigh Village Hospital, no longer used and falling into disrepair.   

The team named it Napper Cottage to help chat about it and because the Reverend Sapte and Doctor Surgeon Mr Albert Napper adapted the cottage to be a hospital, in 1859. 

When you look at the National Lottery Heritage Fund awards pages for September 2023 you will see amazing projects across the United Kingdom.

Click here for their report. They have used the term Napper Cottage Guildford in this report.

The team will try to get this corrected!

The Lottery system means that Cranleigh Heritage Trust team must work with them and hired professionals to bring the cottage to a state where repairing it will bring long term benefits to Cranleigh Village High Street and community.  The team must prepare for the final Heritage Fund Grant application before any building work can begin. That panel will not know how much money they have or how many worthy causes have applied until the month they sit.

They need experts in several fields.  Please click here to go to the new website for Cranleigh Heritage Trust.

Please also go to the Facebook page and like and comment – this will show you know and care about this project.


Lovely intimate spaces with character, with toilets and kitchenette. 

For hire by small educational groups

For uses by health and wellbeing services.

For visits to read, view, hear about and learn about the heritage of the building, Cranleigh and its surroundings.

It was the first Cottage or Village Hospital in England. Learn how the movement spread across England and how the donations Cranleigh cottage hospital received meant people who were very ill or injured but too poor to pay the Doctor’s fees were provided with care for free. This was the start of the spread of the ideas that led to the National Health Service.

For tourists and locals to find out about the area, and all the wonderful amenities and services on offer in and around Cranleigh.




Brilliant News! Napper Cottage – National Lottery Heritage Fund has approved our application – the 2nd of 3 required.

Brilliant News! Napper Cottage – National Lottery Heritage Fund has approved our application – the 2nd of 3 required.

Cranleigh Village Hospital’s Heritage Cottage – ‘Napper Cottage’  – a new future for the first cottage hospital in England.

Cranleigh Heritage Trust has been awarded development phase funding and support from The National Lottery Heritage Fund with a £58,000 grant to continue the work needed to progress the project. The money will be used, with the Heritage fund’s guidance, to support the detailed preparation required to apply for the final bid.  You go visit the new web site here that Cranleigh Heritage Trust has set up.

The final bid, if lucky enough to succeed, with be for 90% of the full funding, which will be used to restore the building and make it usable for the community in a multitude of ways.  The National Lottery Heritage fund have listed the project on their website here (and called it Napper Cottage Guildford).

The Team’s work and the amazing public support to save the cottage started in December 2020. It is the Grade II listed Cottage at Cranleigh Village Hospital which is acknowledged as the first cottage hospital of its type in England and the inspiration for the National Health Service. The team have named the cottage Napper Cottage, to separate it from the day hospital.

The project aims to first save the Grade II listed cottage and then bring it into uses as a Community Hub and Heritage Centre.

This project is being made possible by National Lottery players, THANK YOU!

Trevor Dale   Chair of the Cranleigh Heritage Trust said:  

“All the hard work of the volunteer team and support from local community bodies and individuals has come to fruition. We are delighted to have been awarded this grant by The National Lottery Heritage Fund, made possible thanks to National Lottery players. We now have a year of seriously hard work to convince the Heritage Fund to support the project to completion. Cranleigh residents and leaders have shown their enthusiasm and support for the outcomes possible, and when the building works commence, we can see this lovely building become a vibrant part of the High Street again.”