UPDATE: Residents Liaison Group Established 22 November 2016

UPDATE: Amlets Lane Detailed Permission Granted 8 November 2016

UPDATE: Amlets Lane deferred 14 September 2016

UPDATE: Full application will be heard by Waverley’s Joint Planning Committee on 14 September 2016

Original Article:

The Full Application by Cala Homes ref WA/2016/0517 for 125 dwellings on Land South of Amlets Land and North of Roberts Way is available on the Waverley Borough Council Planning Portal website.

Confirmed Lack of Sewage Capacity!

Thames Water finally confirmed on 14 April that they have identified an inability of the existing waste water infrastructure to accommodate the needs of this application.

The reason quoted is ” The development may lead to sewage flooding; to ensure that sufficient capacity is made available to cope with the new development; and in order to avoid adverse environmental impact upon the community.”

This is the first time we believe that the impact on the existing community has ever been mentioned!

This means that development cannot commence until a drainage strategy detailing on and/or off site drainage works, has been submitted and approved by Waverley Borough Council in consultation with Thames Water.

It also states that the existing water supply infrastructure has insufficient capacity to meet the additional demands for the proposed development and requests that impact studies of the existing water supply infrastructure must be carried out and approved by Waverley Borough Council in consultation with Thames Water.

You can read the full Thames Water objection to Amlets Lane.

This does not mean that the application will be refused, however it does at least mean that at long last Thames Water are publicly recognising the lack of capacity in Cranleigh’s sewage system to cope with all of this development.

You can read more about this application on our website article Amlets lane workers to use Cranleigh Train Station. You can still add comments and objections against the Full Planning Application.

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