Let’s Help Each Other

Let’s Help Each Other – how?
If you are willing and able to help others who are either “Self isolating” or staying on their own because they have an illness of any kind, please write out postcards and put them through the doors of neighbours:

Suggested wording as follows

Hello! If you are self isolating, I can help.

My name is…….

I live locally at…….

My phone number is……..

I can help with: picking up shopping (or ordering on line), a friendly phone call, posting mail, urgent supplies.

Just call or text me and I’ll do my best to help you ( of course for free).

Coronavirus-COVID19- is a contagious new virus. No one is immune. Some people who catch it are very poorly. Avoid physical contact staying about 6 feet (2 metres) away from all other people. Wash your hands often for 20 seconds, rinse and dry thoroughly too. Items should be left on your doorstep. If you become poorly the symptoms are a persistent cough and high temperature, stay in the warm, phone someone if you want help and advice- You can call me.



Petition to tell Surrey CC we don’t want Cranleigh Primary Moved

Petition to tell Surrey CC we don’t want Cranleigh Primary Moved

Surrey County Council intends to gain planning permission to build housing on the sites of Cranleigh Primary School including the Infants and Nursery. They intend to build a new school on fields to the North of Glebelands school – if you are standing beside the Curry Inn and look across the Common, past the houses that’s where it will be. It would house more children from nursery age to 11. You can view the plans on the school’s website.

Most people don’t agree that the school should be replaced on a different site but are genuinely concerned that Surrey CC won’t afford the new build unless it sells the old sites. We need to insist to SCC that this is not good enough.  Furthermore – we are not convinced that the current building is safe and think SCC really should implement some repairs and renewals as soon as possible.  We believe the schools should be newly built on the old site, as well.

For these reasons we are putting up a petition which we hope enough people will engage with and sign, to try to bring our opinions to Surrey CC asap.  Please take action when you see the petition come round  – it will say –

We, the undersigned, petition the Surrey County Council not to relocate Cranleigh Primary School to the Glebelands playing fields but to rebuild the school on the present site.

The proposed relocation is unacceptable for the following reasons:

  • The new site has been deemed unsuitable for housing therefore not suitable for a school
  • Access to the Glebelands School site will be restricted and unsafe for young children who will have to walk up a long narrow footpath to the pupil entrance at the far end.
  • Vehicular access to the main entrance of the Glebelands site will be reserved for staff vehicles only. There will be no parking provision for parents nearby nor places to wait outside the school gate at school pickup time.
  • The Glebelands site will be further from the school bus stops and further from the new housing estates.
  • The Glebelands site is prone to flooding and will have to provide artificial grass whereas the present school site has plenty of natural grassy areas for play and sport.
  • with regard to climate change, the rebuilding of Cranleigh Primary School on its present site will have less environmental impact and be more sustainable.
Be Prepared…..  What plans do our Councils have for emergencies? Virus, Flood, Catastrophe?

Be Prepared….. What plans do our Councils have for emergencies? Virus, Flood, Catastrophe?

Be Prepared….. What plans do our Councils have for emergencies? Virus, Flood, Catastrophe?

Did you know that our Councils have dozens of Policies that the Staff must devise and the Councillors must understand, agree and know how to carry out?

For Example – what is Cranleigh’s plan in the event of a Pandemic – a virus spreading quickly?

Please go to their Website and read the Policy.  The more people who think about “trouble” and have ideas about what they would do themselves and what Councils would do the better.

Go to Cranleigh Parish Council and the document is  here


Cranleigh Society update

Cranleigh Society update

1st February 2020 and all is well…….  let’s put our energies into things that really matter now rather than worrying about the National and International political landscape – it’s out of our hands for now.

Our councils are settling into their roles now, and the declaration of a climate emergency by the 3 councils that affect us means things will change.  For them to reduce their carbon footprints they have to look into all they do.  This might include not sending contractors all over the area to fix and maintain things such as our verges and commons.  They might decide to have less meetings where they need light and heat!  who knows?  They are certainly looking into the best uses for all buildings and also at the gas boilers throughout the borough.

If you are interested in keeping up to date with what Cranleigh Parish Councillors and staff are doing – the Clerk Beverley keeps a good record in the minutes of meetings and the messages on the web site.  You can access all this here – we attend some of the meetings and recently were pleased to see 2 police attend too.  The Friday Night project at the Leisure centre was discussed – they would benefit from a couple more volunteers – anyone interested in interacting with youngsters aged 11-15? Plenty of youngsters benefit from having the club and they are pretty well behaved too.  The Council are installing public toilets at Snoxhall Pavilion which should be good news for all who use the area.  Did you ever read the latest version of Cranleigh’s Neighbourhood Plan – see their web site.

Waverley Borough councillors are finding all sorts of financial problems associated with the planning applications that have been passed.  Also they seem to prefer to be cautious about giving planning permissions – great for the environment, but we do wonder where their next £s will come from if not from the builders! They have slowed down on efforts to rebuild Cranleigh leisure centre – which has had to net the cladding as it had become a danger.  The car park was cordoned off while the work was completed last week. If the activities of our Borough council interest you have a look here

As you will no doubt realise the services provided to us all are divided between the 3 councils and Surrey County Council is responsible for the major aspects of our lives such as the removal of rubbish and recycling, rebuilding and maintaining schools, and roads and so on.  Our County Councillor is Andrew Povey – andrew.f.povey@surreycc.gov.uk – and he is looking into improving Cranleigh High Street – there is a small pot of money from the developers – we don’t yet know what can be afforded and what will benefit Cranleigh the most.  The project to build Cranleigh a new Primary School has stalled at the moment – we are watching SCC meetings to try to see what they will do next. You can look up for yourselves here

Looking forwards there continue to be – very slow – moves afoot to clean and clear and reshape our local watercourses and  rivers to improve natural habitats and to ease potential flood waters. Surrey Wildlife Trust has very few people and very little money but they are great people with big ideas.   How has your winter been so far?  Any flooding?  If so please do record dates and depths and tell Cranleigh Parish Council – or us. Cranleigh cemetery certainly has problems that CPC are hoping to address soon.  We don’t have any updates about Thames Water’s management of our fresh water supplies and sewage removal.  We have yet to talk to our new MP Angela Richardson, about the Flood Forums too.   The Wey & Arun Canal trust are working very hard – there’s very few of them and little money – but the aims to reopen sections of the canals are fabulous as it all helps with wildlife as well as providing for humans to enjoy nature.  There is a special event 23-25 May we hope to support.  Do check out their web site here

We continue to meet and monitor all we can – Facebook forums and Twitter too – If you are keen to get involved in promoting Cranleigh as a great place to live, work and play, please get in touch, and also join us at our Monthly socials – these take place at The Three Horsehoes pub, by the obelisk, on the 2nd Wednesdays each month, from 6:30 pm.  Good pub food is available, some come and go early, some later – do join in and get to know us, tell us about you and how we can defend our village against problems, improve it and make it simply the best.



We also meet Monthly at one of our houses – 24th Feb, 1st April.

We hope you enjoyed reading this post – please do add your comments!  We read them.

Not all the green fields are going – yet!

Our fields are saved – so far! And even the trees ……

At the Waverley borough Council Joint Planning meeting on 27th November the councillors and all others spoke well and represented every view. On balance they voted to say no to HC-One & CVHT‘s planning application – the 60 bed Care Home Application with 20 community beds and health workers’ accommodation block – for reasons of  “over-development & traffic & against the Local Plan” – in essence we don’t want the field filled up and the traffic increased, but we do feel upset that their isn’t a viable way to bring beds back to Cranleigh now.

They also voted to say no to the housing on the 2 Cranleigh Primary School sites – 91 dwellings and the loss of many trees – reasons – “over-development, loss of trees, loss of village look and feel (we think)”.

They voted for the Knowle Country Park and its lake – this will go ahead and is nothing but an asset all the while it has a vibrant and caring management team – how the future will go remains to be seen but we are lucky – so long as we understand that a body of wild water is a dangerous place!  We will witness digging to provide the lake, then planting on a mass scale. The Ancient Woodland is to be preserved too – yippee.

All the councillors and visiting speakers did their best for Cranleigh.  If you follow this link you can read all the agenda pack and additional documents – here and the minutes will be published there as well.

As for the replacement Primary School project – this is not over at all.  Surrey County Council Cabinet has already approved building the new school with nursery on fields that are currently Glebelands school’s.  On December 18th their Planning and Scrutiny committee will look at this again.  see here for details and watch same space for the agenda items and agenda pack.

Surrey County Council –
Venue:   Ashcombe Suite, County Hall, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey KT1 2DN. 
 Wednesday, 18 December 2019 10.30 am, Planning and Regulatory Committee.

Our representative on this committee is Dr Andrew Povey – you can contact him here –

Phone:  01483 267 443  Mobile:  07881 655166         Bus. email:  andrew.f.povey@surreycc.gov.uk