Cranleigh Society News

Cranleigh Society News

Annual General Meeting news 

We say a massive Thank you to Terry Stewart who has now retired from the Civic Society – he has managed and steered the group with knowledge and vigour. He made sure that our councils listen to us and, along with many others, pressed for improvements in their communications. He has been a force for good talking to our MP Anne Milton and various councillors and officers during his time with us.

We welcome in our new Chairman Trevor Dale.  Having lived in Cranleigh since 1975, Trevor’s interests include serving as a long standing member of Cranleigh Lions Club having been President  twice and is now Membership secretary. He also has been serving as a member of Cranleigh Medical Practice Patient Participation Group and is keen to help further interaction between the community and the Medical Practice. As a retired airline pilot and now a business man and member of the Chamber of Commerce, his passion is to keep Cranleigh special and support Cranleigh residents and businesses to be heard, represented and helped with practical issues. He is never afraid to pick up the phone and try to talk to the right person and get the job done!

Our treasurer, secretary and membership secretary are unchanged, joined by a medical secretary to help out. We have a new recruit  who is a retired architect to specifically examine planning applications and make suggestions about any problems and objections we can and should make, and conditions that must be met.  Our retired Solicitor continues to support us and we now have a retired Geologist joining in whose mission is to make Cranleigh welcoming again.


Cranleigh recycling centre  – It was the tip/dump – soon to be ONLY Recycling, and is up for review of proposed closure later this year-

ACTION NEEDED – since the reduction of opening days the amount of recycling has gone down! – this will not help to keep it open! Surrey CC still needs to save money on its waste services and is looking for other suggestions that will make savings.

Send your ideas and supporting evidence to us or Cllr Andrew Povey and sign the NEW  PETITION at the Handyman’s shop or on the line petition at

Interesting – Government and DEFRA are looking at ways to make manufacturers responsible for their waste; also reintroduce deposit schemes on bottles etc.

In Guildford there is a scheme where items are repaired rather than dumped. The group meets on the second Saturday of each month. More details on –

Park Barn Community Centre
Cabell Road


Cranleigh Society Public Meeting & Annual General Meeting

Cranleigh Society Public Meeting & Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 16th April, Band Room, Village Way, Cranleigh

Cranleigh Society Public Meeting & Annual General Meeting

If you Care about Cranleigh & Surroundings – and would like to help to make a difference – please come along to Cranleigh Society’s Public Meeting & AGM Tuesday 16th April Band Room, Village Way, 7.30 pm. The building is to the right of Cranleigh Leisure Centre.
We are a small group of people making a difference raising concerns about the development of Cranleigh.
We have sociable meetings, small tasks to do, and are completely separate from the political parties or any other group.

We look at planning applications, their conditions, and our infrastructure. 

We have meetings and push improvements with Anne MIlton MP’s Flood Forum, with Waverley Borough Council and with the other three Societies in Waverley.

We go to Parish Council meetings to keep up to date with what is on their agendas.

We are also involved in many local initiatives from lobbying Thames Water to replace all our mains water pipes, Riverfly search, water quality testing, and Cranleigh in Bloom – entering the Nationwide competition this year – help is needed – with all and many more topics.

by the way – there are around 400 of you reading this – but only a few carrying out the jobs.  Please dip in –

thanks for reading

See you there


Council News you may want to read

Council News you may want to read

We have checked Waverley’s Planning Lists for this week.

The one item which is of interest is related to the proposed Knowle Lane Care Home.

An amended application has been submitted showing a change to the vehicular entry, omitting the proposed roundabout and substituting a simple crossroads.

There is an accompanying study which indicates that the revised junction is safe.

We think the changes look acceptable and will be visually less urban than the previous proposal.

There is a speed table included between the new entry and the access to Sainsbury’s so this should restrict the speed of vehicles using Knowle Lane between these points. 

Please note that Cranleigh Parish Council are holding an extraordinary meeting on 11 April to discuss this revised Care Home Application as well as the Financial Times article on asbestos water pipes. We hope to attend this meeting, anyone can attend!  




“I’ve been helping a Welsh friend research her family history.  She has just discovered from the 1939 register that her father, Reginald Thomas, who was killed at Arnhem, was working before the war as one of two chauffeurs at Knowle Park.  I can find very little out about Knowle Park, apart from that it was the site of an early 19th century major house, which I believe may now have been restored and converted to a nursing home.

Has anything been published about Knowle Park that would give my friend some insight into the lifestyle at this establishment at which her father worked?  This was previously a completely unknown part of his life following a falling-out between him and his parents on his return from university.  It is unexpected too since he was from a farming background.

Any information you can give would be very much appreciated.From the 1939 register it appears that by then Knowle had either been sold or leased to an elderly stockbroker called Dermot Bendoe-Wilkinson, who lived there with his wife Vera, two daughters, and a son described as an “assistant stockbroker”, and they had a very large staff.  Presumably Knowle became available for sale or rent after the death of the last of the Onslow family, who seem to have occupied it before, but the information on the various historical sites on line is difficult to make correct sense of by someone like me who isn’t familiar with this geographical area.”

16th April 7.30pm Band Room Cranleigh Society Public Meeting & AGM

16th April 7.30pm Band Room Cranleigh Society Public Meeting & AGM

Speaking up for Cranleigh

Please come along – Tuesday 16th April 7.30pm Cranleigh Band Room, Village Way (beside the leisure centre) meeting & Annual General Meeting.

There will be a brief talk about the housing numbers and Neighbourhood plan. We will report on the year’s activities.  We will ask you to vote in new officers and agree on some working groups.

It is Vital for all members to attend  so that we can plan the future of our Society. We work towards ensuring we influence the authorities for the benefit of all of Cranleigh. 

Cranleigh Civic Society is  carrying on fighting to keep Cranleigh the special place we love – and we need your help.  Is there one topic you are particularly concerned about and perhaps knowledgeable about?  Would you work on one topic on behalf of the village with a small sociable group? 

We have reached a crunch point – so many topics – let’s continue to hold our representatives to account working hard to keep Cranleigh special.

Recent successes –

  • Highlighting Cranleigh to the Environment Agency regarding flooding,
  • Thames Water regarding burst pipes and possible problems with their old asbestos cement pipes,
  • working with Waverley to share problems,
  • working with other Civic societies in Waverley to encourage WBC to make useful changes,
  • working with Insurance companies at the top regarding new builds on flood plains,
  • visits by Anne Milton MP to hold the agencies to account
  • and much more. 

Do you keep track of the changes in and around our village?  Then help us all be aware, share and be strong. Our voices together as Cranleigh Civic Society are much stronger than individuals’. 

Come along to our meeting and AGM 16th April. Please bring your friends too. We will provide drinks and nibbles.  We look forward to seeing you.

Email to


Our Community, Our Village, Your ideas

Our Community, Our Village, Your ideas

Monday 8th April, from 6.30 -Next Cranleigh Civic Society Social and Meeting at the Three Horseshoes Pub –  formal part at 7.15 

Tuesday 16th April 7.30.  SOCIETY ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Cranleigh Band room 


  1. why are we here?!! our reports and your input
  2. review planning applications and infrastructure issues;
  3. VOTE IN  a new way of working together
  4. VOTE IN NEW LEADERSHIP & MEMBERSHIP to run the society.


Our Community news – We have been asked to share this good news – it shows that Waverley sometimes pleases our residents.  Do you have a good news story?

“The ongoing conservation work being carried out on the Summerlands estate, specifically on the pond located there and in Slip of Wood, is fantastic!

This work is being led by Waverley Borough Councils’ Countryside rangers who liaise with the Summerlands Estate Residents Association (SERA).

The rangers have been very supportive of SERA’s desire to have the estate’s green areas sympathetically managed.

During the period December 2018 to February 2019 a total of nine conservation events will have taken place, one to clear bankside growth and install a footpath around the pond and eight to clear the understory in Slip of Wood.

The dramatic difference made to the overall appearance of Slip of Wood and to the accessibility of the pond and its information board has resulted in an application being made, by Waverley Borough Council, for Green Flag recognition of the green areas on the estate (similar to the Blue Flag awards for clean beaches).

This application is supported by a Summerlands Estate management plan for the period 2018 – 2027 which was jointly produced recently by the countryside ranger and SERA and then accepted by WBC who have indicated that it will be implemented.   The outcome of the award application will be known in the summer.

By then it is hoped that a number of green areas on the estate will have been converted to wild flower meadows with the help of estate residents.

Sue Dewhurst (SERA secretary and Cranleigh Civic Society member)”

let’s cheer on all who make the effort to really improve and maintain their areas – well done!

LINKS –  and go to Neighbourhood plan and complete the form –

Cranleigh in Bloom

cranleigh village cares

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