What is concerning you here in Cranleigh? come and chat?

What is concerning you here in Cranleigh? come and chat?

Come along! Wednesday 25th January from 6pm

Cranleigh Society invites you to The Three Horseshoes pub – Wednesday 25 January – for a meet up to talk through concerns and actions we can take to improve lives in Cranleigh.

Do come along.  The pub food is good too so we have our evening meal there.

Issues we are following and trying to influence for the better –

Planning applications, High Street, Thames Water, Cycling routes, GP surgery, further medical services, conservation of our Heritage – Cranleigh Cottage Hospital, water quality in our streams,


Surrey CC High Street consultation update

Surrey CC High Street consultation update

2022 Nov SCC HIgh Street Proposals Cranleigh A4 poster

Surrey County Council is proposing to make improvements to Cranleigh High Street to improve road safety and enhance public spaces.

Come along to Cranleigh Library from Tuesday 1 November to Tuesday 8 November to view the proposals.  The library is open 9.30am  to 5pm Tuesday to Saturday. n.b. the display will be removed between 10 and 11 on Tuesday 8th!

The Surrey County Council project team will be present to answer your questions and listen to your feedback on the following dates:  Tuesday 1 November – 11am to 4pm
Thursday 3 November – 3pm to 6.45pm
Saturday 5 November – 10am to 12.30pm
Follow the QR code or visit  here to view the proposals and answer the survey online
Cranleigh Village

Surrey County Council & Cranleigh High Street Works Consultation

Cranleigh High Street Works public consultation 1st till 8th November in library

  1st & 3rd & 5th November at Cranleigh Library face to face and display remains till 8th November (10am). 

  • Tuesday 1st November – Face to face event with Surrey colleagues and residents – 11:00– 16:00
  • Thursday 3rd November – Face to face event with Surrey colleagues and residents – 15:00 – 18:45
  • Saturday 5th NOvember – Face to face event with Surrey colleagues and residents – 10:00 – 12:00

The display boards with the Cranleigh plans will remain on display until Tuesday 8th November (AM) for anyone who is unable to attend our face to face events.

Please note,  SCC will be collecting the boards on Tuesday 8th November around 10 / 11 am.

They will also create a QR code so that people can go online, see the proposals and submit their comments.  Also look out for flyers around the village soon.

Thanks to those who have responded so far – please encourage others to join in as soon as they can and to go along having had a good think about it all and respond to the consultation.

SCC has engaged a company to work with our councillors and paid officers and have come up with the plans. It has taken a long time and we need to really make them understand what we need and support. When the last tranche of dosh was spent on the High Street we ended up with lovely Fountain Square but less width opposite Knowle Lane.


MONDAY closed;   TUESDAY 9.30 – 5;  WEDNESDAY 9.30-5;  THURSDAY 9.30-5; FRIDAY 9.30-5; SATURDAY 9.S0-5; SUNDAY closed.

Get involved to plan Waverley’s cycle tracks, walkways and mobility access routes upgrades


Surrey County Council is preparing to develop a Local Cycle and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) for Waverley Borough.  This plan would allow Surrey to bid to the Department for Transport for Active Travel Funding  to create and improve the infrastructure for cycling, walking and mobility access across our borough.   The Plan would also be used by Waverley Borough Council when assessing planning applications.

Before Surrey commissions the development of this Local Cycle and Walking Infrastructure Plan, they are  reaching out to local communities to tap into the local knowledge and expertise of organisations like the Cranleigh Civic Society.

What is your opinion? How strongly do you feel?  Waverley Officers really need help with their work to put the case for Waverley, and therefore Cranleigh.

Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce propose that the Downs Link should be made up to a standard that makes it safe for wheelchairs as well as making it more likely that cyclists will use it instead of their cars.

The Downs Link – the old railway line – is an adopted right of way for pedestrians, cyclists and horses.  Surrey County Council have previously stated that there aren’t enough people who would want to commute from Cranleigh to Guildford to warrant paying for the railway to come back, and even if that changes, the right of way must be maintained for pedestrians, cyclists and horses.

We look forward to hearing from you – comment below, email in reply, or  write to Cranleigh

Flood Forum News, request for waterways task force

Flood Forum News, request for waterways task force


We are pleased to tell you that our MP for Guildford, which includes Cranleigh, Ewhurst, Alfold and Dunsfold,  Angela Richardson,  held a meeting held via ZOOM 18th June 2021.  Councillors and Officers from Cranleigh Parish Council, Waverley Borough Council and Surrey County Council were joined by Thames Water, Environment Agency and Surrey Wildlife Trust, plus Cranleigh Civic Society.


Cranleigh Society called for immediate replacement programme 5 years ago – what has happened? Thames Water say that when there are bursts the section is replaced, any type of pipes, and 14km are being replaced in and around Cranleigh soon.  No further tests have been done for safety of drinking water.  New map of asbestos cement pipes requested.

WATERCOURSES CLEARANCE – keeping rivers flowing

Cranleigh Waters joinsthe  River Wey at Bramley & Shalford. A section runs down the Ewhurst Road.  The river carries huge amounts of rubbish, both natural and man made, and the grilles get blocked up. Local residents watch and report this often.  The Environment Agency engage Biffa to clear the mess and take the rubbish away, sometimes during a storm. They use CCTV to monitor.  Incident phone line 0800 80 70 60, Floodline 0345 988 1188

Riparian duties – owners of housing must ensure the ditches and waterways are kept clear on their land. see here 


Holdhurst Brook,  Avenue road, Longpoles Pole, Orchard Gardens, Bax Close, Horsham Road, Nightingales, Waverleigh Road, Brookside, Fortune Drive;      

Littlemead Brook, Littlemead Industrial Estate;

Nuthurst Stream, Wyphurst Road, Peregrine Close, East view Cottages, St James Place;

Alderbrook Stream, Guildford Road, Rowly


Surrey Wildlife Trust urge local land owners and farmers to work together towards obtaining government grants to “go wild” – Environmental Land Management Scheme -ELMS, for well designed Natural Flood Management Schemes -NFMS.  Councillors to contact locals and encourage them to build wetlands up stream to reduce flood risk and drying up of  waterways in summer.

New housing estates have been and are being built – Surrey CC do not consider the accumulative effects of this on flood risks from surface water runoff during planning applications. Nuthurst Culvert and Glebelands playing fields get inundated these days probably due to the housing estate along Amletts Lane. . 

Nothing has changed in terms of planning permissions. 

Actions – All public to tell all councils every time there are flooded areas. 


In the last 5 years nothing has changed to improve Cranleigh’s water quality and flow! Environment Agency provides permit to Thames Water for the outflow, to ensure treated water is safe to pump into Cranleigh Waters and beyond.  It was permitted to treat the sewage from 15,000 people since 1964, this has been renewed.  TW has recently built further treatment capacity because of extra housing. Nothing else has changed.  The river sometimes dries up and other times floods.  The outflow has high levels of phosphates. Phosphates come from human urine, waste and from farm run off and washing powders. Too much harms life in rivers and streams. The river plants and creatures are not in a healthy condition.

What is being done? Thames Water will upgrade the facilities as the need arises, never before housing is built and occupied. Treatment of outflow for excess phosphates is now scientifically possible and will soon come to Cranleigh – 2024.

Surrey Wildlife Trust and Cranleigh Civic Society working together to create a Waterways task force to monitor the health of the waterways, and report any particular problems and get them resolved. We need a team of volunteers…… this project was paused last time it started but this time we are definitely going ahead in June and July.  



Cranleigh High Street Improvements & Surrey CC tree planting project

Cranleigh High Street Improvements & Surrey CC tree planting project


Surrey CC has some  money to spend on our High Street so which improvements appeal to you most?

It’s what they call Community Infrastructure Levy money – some may be also Section 106 money – click here to understand this tax on building developers –

Our Surrey County Councillor Andrew Povey holds meetings about Cranleigh High Street Improvements project and this article is taken from his notes. He has the job of asking the public for their ideas about all these questions, and a priority list, as the money available at this time will not cover all of them. Every project must be genuinely costed out before it can be bid for.

Can Cranleigh High Street be improved? can changes encourage people to shop and relax in and around it?
Do you agree that the High Street has real purpose going into the future –

1) to enable traffic to flow freely through;

2) to provide a vibrant shopping and eating experience.

3) to enable people to socialize and access help and support.;

4) to enjoy a safe and attractive environment

5) to access footpaths, cycleways, which are well signed;

6) Do you have any other concerns and suggestions for improvements?


In addition Surrey CC is looking for public places where trees can be planted as part of its tree planting project to tackle climate change.

Cranleigh Civic Society is urging Surrey CC  to stop trees being cut down!  But we also think a few trees could be added to the High Street.

One suggestion is re-wilding areas, such as wild flowers under the trees all along the common? (the part from the pond to the war memorial).


  • traffic to be kept moving but slowly;. maintaining safety for cyclists, pedestrians and users of public transport. These help with our high priority of  tackling the Climate Emergency as adopted by Surrey County Council and Waverley Borough Council.
  • The number and position of cycle parking stands could  be reviewed,  some are not suitable for small bikes or bikes with trailers.
  • Some covered cycle parking might be really helpful
  • Is there an attractive consistent design style that we all prefer that could be included in the palette of materials.
  • Charging points for electric bicycles maybe required.
  • It should be safe to cycle or use a mobility buggy to go from one end of the High Street to the other.
  • Road Safety – Making it Safer; Council Officers have suggested that rumble strips/tables could be placed at the two sets of bollards in the centre of the village where people often cross the road. In addition, raised road tables would stop the slopes getting clogged with leaves and puddles; (table = like the one at the top of Knowle Lane)
  • Making it better for pedestrians- the pavements need improving to reduce trip hazards –  they need to be made safer for pedestrians and for making it easier for those with mobility issues and other issues such as poor sight. Footfall can be increased by encouraging all groups to use the High Street. The slow shopping project is a good example. This provides dedicated shopping times for those that find going shopping a challenge.
  • Some of the central pedestrian areas need resurfacing – for example in a paving block rather than tarmac  – this would enhance the feel and look of the principal shopping area.  The landlords who own the shops are responsible for around 50% of their frontage whilst Surrey CC is only responsible for the part from the road inwards.  Might the property owners contribute to the cost of improvement?
  • The number of seats could be increased (Cranleigh in Bloom already adding some).
  • Enhancing the Visual Appeal –  A design statement or palette of approved material should be agreed for the road/pavement surfaces, bollards, signage etc.
  • Litterbins and recycling bins need to look very different to each other
  • The bollards need repainting; an ongoing maintenance plan would be beneficial.
  • Cranleigh in Bloom has done a fantastic job with the existing greenery/flowers, can more trees and flowers be added?
  • The Downs Link surface would benefit from improvement to make it better for walking, cycling and other wheels, because of the extra homes all along it. Several of the new developments around Cranleigh have cycle routes into the village centre.
  • There needs to be a coherent plan to encourage the use of these, some  additional signage may be useful.
  • Some cyclists prefer to park and shop, others prefer to take their bicycle from shop to shop.
  • A WiFI hotspot be useful in the centre because the different networks have intermittent coverage;
  • What is the current air quality – are there enough monitoring points?
  • Is there a need for more public toilets in the centre of the village ?
  • Should the village aim to be free of single use plastic?
  • Would we benefit from Bus stops with WiFi notices of when the next bus is due?

Over to you folks – please contribute and share

best regards and we wish you very well and send virtual hugs and smiles
team at Cranleigh Society