Comments Now! Cranleigh’s Neighbourhood Plan

  1. Notification of the publication of the Cranleigh Neighbourhood Development Plan under Regulation 16 of The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended)

As you have been consulted by Cranleigh Parish Council on previous versions of the Cranleigh Neighbourhood Plan, we are now writing to formally notify you of the publication of the above plan and invite you to make representations.

Details of the Plan Proposal

Cranleigh Parish Council as the qualifying body has prepared a neighbourhood development plan for its parish, entitled the Cranleigh Neighbourhood Plan, with the help of the local community. The plan covers the period from 2018 to 2032 and sets out a vision for the future of the parish, housing allocations and planning policies that will be used to determine planning applications locally.

Where and when the Plan can be inspected

Copies of the Cranleigh Neighbourhood Development Plan and supporting documentation are available to view on the Waverley Borough Council website at

Hard copies of the plan and submission documents are available for inspection at

  • Planning Reception, Waverley Borough Council, The Burys, Godalming, Surrey GU7 1HR between 9am to 5pm Monday to Thursday, 9am to 4pm Friday.
  • Cranleigh Parish Council, Village Way, Cranleigh, Surrey, GU6 8AF between 9:30am to 12:30pm, Monday to Friday.
  • Cranleigh Library. For opening times, see to make representations
  • visit
  • Email
  • Write to Planning Policy, Planning Services, Waverley Borough Council, The Burys, GU7 1HR

Please view our privacy notice before making a representation.

This consultation period runs for 6 weeks from 18th October to 29th November, 11.59p.m.


Any representations may include a request to be notified of Waverley Borough Council’s decision under Regulation 19 to make the neighbourhood development plan.

The regulations require that any representations made during the consultation period must be submitted to the Independent Examiner appointed to examine the Neighbourhood Plan. Therefore, comments cannot be treated as confidential and will be made publicly available, attributed to your name and/or organisation, however personal details will not be published

It’s YOUR Cranleigh Plan – ACT NOW!

It’s YOUR Cranleigh Plan – ACT NOW!

Cranleigh Neighbourhood Plan has been published in draft form by Cranleigh Parish Council. 

It’s time to comment – this weekend!  – make your views felt.  On line at Cranleigh Parish Council or in their office (mornings) in Village Way. see below

What does it say?  It shows the new outline of the Village, and the places where housing is being built and can be built in the future.  There are comments about design and infrastructure.  Have a read and examine the pictures.

This is the Response of the Cranleigh Civic Society to the Cranleigh Neighbourhood Plan.

  1. Overview of Plan

The Plan is a very detailed, thorough and professional document that has benefited from the multiple consultations with the Cranleigh Community.

There are 21 POLICIES IN BLUE PANELS to agree to. There are many maps and photos to support the descriptions that lead to the policies.

Cranleigh Society – Specific Comments

  1. Dates

The Plan should state the formal start date of the Plan, since the allocation and monitoring of 1,700 houses in the Waverley Local Plan is central to the strategy. Is the year Fiscal or Calendar for accuracy ?

  1. Planning Approvals

The Plan should include a table of all the major Planning Approvals since the start date, stating the number of Affordable houses and number of Houses and Flats  included for each development, with Windfall Approvals shown separately. The table should show the number of houses completed for each site at a given date.  Any desired reductions in numbers of affordable homes on a development should be supported by a report from the developer and be audited as being accurately prepared by an independent quantity surveying firm acceptable to Cranleigh Parish Council.

  1. Incremental Houses

The Plan should include a policy on how applications should be treated for houses that are incremental to the required 1,700, with the priority policy for these incremental houses.

  1. House Size

The Plan should have a policy on the proportion of different house sizes : 1, 2,3 or 4 bed sizes and the proportion of affordable houses plus reasonably low rents and purchase prices.

5. Make Cranleigh SMART

The plan should include requirements to ensure support for those people with additional needs, the elderly, those who depend on wheels – wheelchairs, pushchairs, cycles, and provide for young people – for example on skateboards etc. too

So – what would YOU add ?  here are the links to make your voice heard


12 February 2019

After a lot of hard work our plan is now at a crucial stage and we need you to let us know what you think.

The plan has been developed from all the comments we have received so far and is now at the official Regulation 14 stage. You can read more about the stages of a Neighbourhood Plan here.

We are now consulting on this version of the plan, and its associated evidence base, to make sure that it reflects the aspirations of the local community whilst meeting its legal requirements and constraints before it is then submitted to Waverley Borough Council.

We are seeking views and comments from everyone that has an interest in the parish. Views and comments may relate to the proposed policies, the content/wording of the plan, whether the evidence base is appropriate/correct or whether anything is missing from the plan. If your comments do not fit into one of these categories please don’t worry – send us your comments anyway as we value your thoughts.

The deadline for submissions is 5.00pm on Tuesday 26 March 2019.

How do I comment?

You can submit your comments online clicking here or by using the forms here/Your_comments_25220.aspx PDF and Word versions of the form are available. If you have any problems filling in this form please get in touch.

Email your completed form to or post it to Cranleigh Parish Council, Council Office, Village Way, Cranleigh, Surrey GU6 8AF. It is really important that you tell us what you think.

What is this Consultation?

This consultation which you are invited to take part in is a formal public consultation in accordance with Regulation 14 Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012. It is a six-week consultation which runs from Tuesday 12 February 2019 until 5.00pm on Tuesday 26 March 2019.”

You are needed to respond!!! to CRANLEIGH’s NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN!

You are needed to respond!!! to CRANLEIGH’s NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN!

You are needed to respond!!!! to Cranleigh’s Neighbourhood Plan!

it’s the final draft and now it’s up to the public to agree it – our councillors have done the work as required by the Government.  Thame was first some years ago – now it’s our turn at last!

Go to Cranleigh Parish Council website, click on Neighbourhood Plan, then look right and click on 19.02.06 – Cranleigh Neighbourhood Plan – Reg 14 Version Amended. You can provide your feedback using this survey before the deadline of 26th March 2019.

****EXCITING NEWS**** Cranleigh’s Neighbourhood Plan has reached a formal stage (Regulation 14). The plan is available via link below for you to look through (right hand side of the page – The Draft Neighbourhood Plan (Reg 14) button). **WE NEED YOU** to let us know what you think about anything whatsoever in the plan. No comment too small or too large!

There is a Comments form (Word and pdf version available via the Your Comments (Reg 14) button on the website) which can be filled in and emailed to or print it off and drop the completed form into the Council offices on Village Way, Cranleigh, Surrey, GU6 8AF, or you can post it to us.

Cranleigh Parish Council  is also having a drop in session on Thursday 07 March 2019 in the Village Hall from 9.00am through to 8.00pm if you want to chat things through with us.

This is where we came in folks – 9 Oct 2014 – CCS inaugural meeting because the NP process was not helping –  But now it may be possible to stop further dramatic changes.

Cranleigh Society News

Cranleigh Society News

Cranleigh Society News 9 Feb 2019

Firstly – Social –  join us at The Three Horseshoes pub on Monday 11th Feb, any time from 6.30pm – let’s share a drink, chat and action plans too. There is always an option to buy meals or snacks too. 

Next – Cranleigh Society asks – What would YOU say and want to know from Waverley if you were sitting in a room with their undivided attention?  Our next meeting is coming up.

Soon – What would YOU ask MP Anne Milton when she next comes to Cranleigh?  Flood forum – Friday 22nd March  10.30am Band Room – VERY Important YOU attend. We will provide information sheets and hope to sort out the lack of microphones by then for the Band Room. Let us have your worries and questions please.

Surrey County Council consultations – so here’s the thing – our democracy requires many things such as hard working officers working for the community and elected Councillors, such as consultations – when they get to points where they can see a large impact on communities – and they have to count them and take their views into account. So if we don’t write in etc. we don’t count!!! Please go onto the Website for Surrey County Council consultations and read what they have put up. BTW – if ever you can’t – please go to the library and ask for help with the computers there – it’s your right and this too could be taken away if not used enough.

Cranleigh Parish Council – all public are welcome to their meetings – and there is a moment in those meetings when the councillors are free to discuss matters more openly when the public are excluded – reasonably. Local planning applications are considered by members of the Planning Committee on a three weekly basis.  The Planning List of planning applications to be considered by the Committee is displayed at the Council Offices. Look at their web site – meetings for dates – they change!

There are twelve Parish Councillors who take an active part in village life and who are elected to represent the community. The Council has adopted a Business Plan for the period 2019 – 2023 which can be viewed here.  CPC looks after many amenities – Snoxhall fields, village Hall, Cemetery, Allotments, and also lists information about ROAD CLOSURES, REPORTING FLOODING, DEFIBRILLATOR, FIRST RESPONDERS.

Cranleigh Neighbourhood Plan is up for reading and commenting up – please see their web site – click the top tab Neighbourhood plan, then Draft, then Regulation 14 consultation!


Thank you for reading this far – please do join in

Thames Water Update

Thames Water Update

UPDATE 11:27 5 May 2016: The Environment Agency have now confirmed Oliver Roden will be attending.

We have been advised that the reason for the sewage tankers in the village is due to maintenance work being carried out at the Cranleigh sewage treatment plant on the Elmbridge Road.

We have highlighted the area on the image below (courtesy of Google Maps) to show its location behind the allotments.

Picture showing the location of Cranleigh Sewage Treatment Works

Thames Water report that the tankering (their word!) is enabling work for the planned maintenance happening on site at Cranleigh sewage treatment works. They are currently undertaking a series of improvement works which include cleaning and replacing parts of the filters they use as part of the treatment process and installing 2 additional filters. They expect the tankering to be required for 1 – 2 weeks (it’s been a week already).

Seems a lot of pumping out just to carry out routine maintenance work on filters?  We do hope that they are also fixing the collapsed sewer as well.

After much negotiation, we have now at last arranged for a meeting of stakeholders at the Cranleigh Sewage Treatment Works on 11 May at 2pm to discuss the ongoing capacity problem.  The following representatives have confirmed their attendance.  It is a great shame that we have not yet had confirmation from a representative of the Environment Agency who have responsibilities relating to the protection and enhancement of the environment, including watercourses, or a representative of Waverley Borough Council Environmental Health who previously were extremely helpful during the recent sewage spill.

  1. Mark Matthews – Thames Water Planning Manager
  2. Paul Church – Thames Water Technical Manager
  3. Clare Collard – Thames Water Local & Regional Government Liaison Manager
  4. Jim Jones – Surrey Wildlife Trust
  5. Maurice Byham – Waverley Joint Planning Committee Vice Chair
  6. Peter Cleveland – Waverley Planning Officer
  7. Mary Foryszewski – Chair of Cranleigh Parish Council
  8. Brian Freeston – Cranleigh Parish Councillor
  9. Peter Seaton – Cranleigh Neighbourhood Plan
  10. Ken Mitchell – Cranleigh Neighbourhood Plan
  11. Liz Townsend – Chair Cranleigh Civic Society
  12. Adrian Clarke – Vice Chair Cranleigh Civic Society

If you have any questions you would like us to ask Thames Water on your behalf or any of the other attendees, please email them to us at or contact us via the website.

Architect of Neighbourhood Planning comes to Cranleigh

Architect of Neighbourhood Planning comes to Cranleigh

**PRESS RELEASE** 21 July 2015

Since setting up in October 2014 life for the Cranleigh Civic Society has been a bit of a whirlwind.

Alongside other communities across the country, Cranleigh has developers queuing up to build on its green fields.

Cranleigh is located in countryside beyond the green belt, is situated on narrow winding B roads, with no train station and a rural bus service unlike the other main settlements (Farnham, Godalming and Haslemere) identified by Waverley for development. With no green belt protection and in the absence of a local plan, we are hugely at risk from speculative development.

Neighbourhood Planning

At the Civic Society meeting on 16 July, John Howell MP, one of the principal architects of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), enthusiastically stressed the importance and ability of neighbourhood planning to deliver the housing that is both needed in Cranleigh and supported by the community. However the reality on the ground feels very different.

Band Room Cranleigh Civic Society Meeting

Our neighbourhood planning group are fighting a David and Goliath battle on two fronts. On the one side there is pressure from Waverley, who do not have a local plan, and on the other side there are a growing number of planning applications for large housing estates on green fields, for which decisions will be made long before any neighbourhood plan is completed. The Localism Act seems a very distant memory.

Strategic Housing Market Assessment

The NPPF states that local planning authorities should use their evidence base to ensure that they meet the full, objectively assessed needs for market and affordable housing in their “housing market area”. This housing need is assessed through a Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA).

Waverley undertook a joint SHMA with Woking and Guildford and the draft report was published in December 2014. This provisionally identified a need for housing within Waverley of 512 to 649 dwellings. These figures were subject to the Government’s 2012 based Household Projections being published. Figures from this report now project a decrease in household numbers of approximately 20,000 per year.

The SHMA also identified the housing mix required between market and affordable housing as outlined in Table 75 of the report:

West Surrey SHMA Table 75 housing mix

In addition to targets in terms of house size, the SHMA also sets a preferred mix for affordable housing of 30% intermediate and 70% social or affordable rented homes.

However housing is not being delivered in the borough in line with this key piece of evidence. In the officer’s report which accompanied the recently approved Crest Nicholson application for 149 houses on a pristine green field site off of the Horsham Road in Cranleigh.

Chantreys Horsham Road Crest Nicholson site

Waverley’s Officers noted that the provision of housing on this site did not comply with the evidence outlined in the SHMA and if this approach was repeated across the borough, they would fail to deliver the identified housing needs. They also confirmed that the affordable housing was not to meet local demand in Cranleigh, as shown in the following excerpt:

Crest Nicholson Cranleigh Waverley Officers Report

You can read the full Crest Nicholson ref WA/2014/1754 – Joint Planning Committee agenda 1 July 2015 and Officers’ Report.

Sustainability and the NPPF

In addition officers state in the Crest Nicholson site report that; ”Cranleigh is one of the more sustainable parts of the Borough”. However this is not supported by Waverley’s own evidence base.

The NPPF splits the concept of sustainability into three pillars; social, economic and environment. In Waverley Borough Council’s own Sustainability Appraisal of the Waverley Local Plan Part 1 Interim SA Report (September 2014) it states that housing need is not focused in this part of the borough and that a significant amount of housing will not provide socio-economic benefits to the Cranleigh community, it also raises concerns about infrastructure. However Cranleigh is still considered as appropriate for high growth as it is ‘relatively unconstrained environmentally’. This lack of constraint refers to green belt and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

However there is no weight given within the NPPF to environmental constraints alone when assessing suitability of an area or site, and Waverley in applying such significance to this one pillar seemingly contradicts the golden thread of sustainability that runs throughout the NPPF.

Read the full Waverley Sustainability Appraisal Part 1 – Interim SA Report September 2014 FINAL

Waverley Sustainability Appraisal part one

Protecting Cranleigh

So far approval has been granted for nearly 300 dwellings on green field sites despite hundreds of local objections (Amlets Lane, Horsham Road and Cranleigh Brickworks). We will undoubtedly be faced with more applications for unsustainable development over the next few months. Promises of minor improvements to our immediate roads (signs and traffic lights) do not deal with the bigger issue of traffic congestion on the A281. We have spoken to Surrey Highways who have confirmed that there are no planned major improvements to the wider road network.

Waverley recognises that Cranleigh is different to the other 3 main settlements in that we still have a ‘village feel’ and that this will be threatened by significant development. We think that the character and spirit of Cranleigh is worth protecting. This is what has attracted people to live here in the first place and continues to attract people to Cranleigh. This would undoubtedly be threatened by the approval, in quick succession, for vast housing estates, adding a minimum of 1,300 houses, another 3,120 residents (27% increase in population) and a minimum of 2,100 cars to our road network.

This is NOT sustainable. If you would like to help to protect Cranleigh against urban sprawl then please add your voice to ours and join us. Together we really can make a difference.

Also write to our Waverley Councillors asking them to speak up and protect Cranleigh. The NPPF and Waverley’s saved policies can provide protection to Cranleigh if used consistently.

When emailing please do include your FULL NAME and ADDRESS. Thank you.

Brian Ellis:

Patricia Ellis:

Mary Foryszewski:

Jeanette Stennett:

Stewart Stennett: