Cranleigh Civic Society was part of the consulation team

regarding the High Street development scheme – the scheme was developed by Surrey County Council to ensure Cranleigh gains some benefits from the tax money that developers have to pay. (S106, CIL etc).

So were a group of people able to explain how enhancements can be made to help those who find walking difficult and traffic overwhelming – SMART Cranleigh.

The scheme and its consultations were advertised on this web site and Surrey’s.  Our strong opposition to several aspects of it were, at first, acknowledged and Surrey County Council declared that they would adjust the works accordingly.  Since then some people in Cranleigh have lobbied SCC to spend more time and money on investigations and consultations too.

The latest news is that SCC have sent letters to residents explaining what they will and won’t do and what they may consider – and why:

Can all the aims be met?  

make Cranleigh more attractive and inviting to enjoy – ideal for resting, socialisng and for outdoor events;

support the local economy by encouraging people to stay longer in the village centre and make full use of the shops, cafes and services;

tackle climate change;

support physical and mental wellbeing – by making it easier to walk, cycle and use public transport.

How would you suggest these 4 outcomes should and could be met? 

For a couple of hours each end of every weekday hundreds of cars make their way across Cranleigh, and it takes an extra ten to twenty minutes to drive through.   We presume this is due to the increased numbers of people living and working in Cranleigh, including increasing numbers of care workers for our aging population in their own homes.

Surrey County Council will no longer remove the mini roundabout at Village Way, or pedestrianise the Post Office slip road.

They won’t remove the bus laybys.  More surveys are being done. 

Fountain Square will be changed making it closed to traffic from Friday to Sunday and bank holidays. Access to Onslow Mews will be maintained at all times.

The will improve the Obelisk junction, including a new pedestrian crossing point.

Thye have a new working party that doesn’t include Cranleigh Society or SMART Cranleigh.

The group may include the following ideas:

flooding issues along the High Street

pavements more suitable for pedestrains

speed tables

Knowle Lane junction improvements.

So there you have it –

Matt Furniss is the person who has led the Placemaking team and you can email them at

or write to Placemaking team, Quadrant Court, 35 Guildford, Wodking, Surrey, GU22 7QQ. or call 03456 009 009.

Matt Furniss is the Cabinet Member for Highways, Transport and Economic Growth