UPDATE 24 November 2016: After an invalid application under reference number WA/2016/2077 the new application number for KPI (now under the name of A2Dominion Developments Ltd) is WA/2016/2207.  If you submitted a comment against this application under a previous number you will have to submit it yet again.

UPDATE 27 APRIL 2016: Knowle Park Initiative refused by Joint Planning Committee.

UPDATE 18 April 2016: Knowle Park Initiative application for 265 dwellings (West Cranleigh Nurseries) goes before the Joint Planning Committee on 27 April 2016 7pm, Waverley Borough Council Offices, The Burys, Godalming, public welcome.

UPDATE 26 August 2015: Knowle Park Initiative have submitted a NEW application almost identical to the last! This means that all our objections will have to be resubmitted. This is the Waverley Planning Portal link http://planning.waverley.gov.uk/live/wbc/pwl.nsf/(RefNoLU)/WA20151569?OpenDocument

UPDATE 9 July 2015: It is reported that The Knowle Park Initiative will be resubmitting their application! Date not yet available.

UPDATE 8 July 2015: The Knowle Park Initiative withdraw their current application!

UPDATE 22 January 2015: Objections to this application are still being accepted!

UPDATE 20 May 2015: Environment Agency Object to Knowle Park Initiative site

Please submit your objection to this application on Waverley Borough Council’s website, closing date was 5 January 2015 but still taking objections NOW!  online planning portal ref WA/2014/2127

Please email a copy of your objections to the members of the Waverley Joint Planning Committee to let them know exactly what you feel. They will have the FINAL SAY on this application.
Click here for a list of the members’ email addresses

Or email the case officer Mrs H Hobbs direct on planconsult@waverley.gov.uk quoting ref WA/2014/2127 and give your FULL name and Postal Address.

Or write to Waverley Borough Council at (please quote ref WA/2014/2127 and give your FULL name and Postal Address):
Mrs H Hobbs
Planning Officer
Waverley Borough Council,
The Burys,

Always include your FULL name and postal address when writing or emailing.

If you want to raise any of the following points please do put them into your own words, as otherwise Waverley may not take them into account, thank you.

Points to consider:

Some of the points you might like to mention are (please do not cut and paste these points, please do put them into your own words, as otherwise Waverley Planning Officers may deem them to be invalid):

  • This application is premature to the emerging Neighbourhood Plan.
  • It will cause considerable harm to landscape character.
  • In line with the NPPF (National Planning Policy Framework) brown fields (previously developed land) should be built on before green fields, in Cranleigh that would include Hewitts Industrial Estate which is deliverable within 5 years and the planning application has been submitted to Waverley.
  • The site has very good quality Grade 2 Agricultural Land of which Waverley has precious little.
  • Parts of the site are in flood zones 2 and 3 and at high risk of flooding.
  • Engineers, WSP (On behalf of Berkeley Homes) say in their report on the Knowle Park Initiative site. After inspecting the Environment Agency maps and their own flood remodelling work they consider this site to be a river flood plain.
  • New residents may find it difficult or impossible to get insurance cover for flooding. The Association of British Insurers has stated that New Houses built after 1 January 2009 will not be covered by Flood Re; this is to avoid incentivising unwise building in flood risk areas.
  • The EA is only responsible for flooding from rivers and seas. Surrey County Council is lead flood authority for surface water flood risk. A major part of Cranleigh’s flooding is caused by Surface Water. Until Surrey County Council has performed a full surface water flood risk for Cranleigh in conjunction with the Emergency Services the Knowle Park Initiative application should be deferred or refused.  This is still outstanding from the Berkeley Homes, The Maples application.
  • Cranleigh’s road infrastructure and in particular the Alfold Road is a serious constraint to a development of this size. Surrey County Council’s Highways and Transport Infrastructure Requirements Report according to Waverley Borough Council is not based on any independent transport modelling but on the developers’ own transport assessments.
  • Cranleigh’s sewage works need a major upgrade and major investment from Thames Water before a development of this size can be connected to the system.

Thames Water objection to Knowle Park Intiative

  • The topography of Cranleigh has led to it developing in the way that it has; with housing on higher ground to the north and east of the village. This is because water runs down from the Surrey Hills and settles on the Weald Clay which makes the absorption of rainfall slow. This standing surface water will, and does, flood peoples’ homes and that is why these fields have remained undeveloped for generations. These fields should remain undeveloped for that reason.
  • Cranleigh Parish Council Planning Committee has raised serious concerns about the financial viability of the parkland and the implications that this would have on council tax bills should the Trustees been unable to fulfil their obligations.
  • Waverley’s Countryside Manager has also raised considerable concerns about the viability of the business plan for the parkland

Waverley Countryside manger objection

  • The site is not within walking distance of the high street. The footpath leading out from the site on to Knowle Lane does not have any pavement and poses a serious risk to pedestrians.
  • The formation and expansion of lakes to provide sustainable drainage systems (SuDs) for this site will require a costly and rigorous maintenance programme for which the Trustees will be liable for after 5 years. There could be serious implications for the Trustees and residents if this is not carried out.

Thank you for speaking up for Cranleigh.