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Cranleigh Society News 9 Feb 2019

Firstly – Social –  join us at The Three Horseshoes pub on Monday 11th Feb, any time from 6.30pm – let’s share a drink, chat and action plans too. There is always an option to buy meals or snacks too. 

Next – Cranleigh Society asks – What would YOU say and want to know from Waverley if you were sitting in a room with their undivided attention?  Our next meeting is coming up.

Soon – What would YOU ask MP Anne Milton when she next comes to Cranleigh?  Flood forum – Friday 22nd March  10.30am Band Room – VERY Important YOU attend. We will provide information sheets and hope to sort out the lack of microphones by then for the Band Room. Let us have your worries and questions please.

Surrey County Council consultations – so here’s the thing – our democracy requires many things such as hard working officers working for the community and elected Councillors, such as consultations – when they get to points where they can see a large impact on communities – and they have to count them and take their views into account. So if we don’t write in etc. we don’t count!!! Please go onto the Website for Surrey County Council consultations and read what they have put up. BTW – if ever you can’t – please go to the library and ask for help with the computers there – it’s your right and this too could be taken away if not used enough.

Cranleigh Parish Council – all public are welcome to their meetings – and there is a moment in those meetings when the councillors are free to discuss matters more openly when the public are excluded – reasonably. Local planning applications are considered by members of the Planning Committee on a three weekly basis.  The Planning List of planning applications to be considered by the Committee is displayed at the Council Offices. Look at their web site – meetings for dates – they change!

There are twelve Parish Councillors who take an active part in village life and who are elected to represent the community. The Council has adopted a Business Plan for the period 2019 – 2023 which can be viewed here.  CPC looks after many amenities – Snoxhall fields, village Hall, Cemetery, Allotments, and also lists information about ROAD CLOSURES, REPORTING FLOODING, DEFIBRILLATOR, FIRST RESPONDERS.

Cranleigh Neighbourhood Plan is up for reading and commenting up – please see their web site – click the top tab Neighbourhood plan, then Draft, then Regulation 14 consultation!


Thank you for reading this far – please do join in

Horsham Road Application Gets the Go-ahead

Horsham Road Application Gets the Go-ahead

UPDATE 17 October 2016: Set response from Waverley Leader to multiple residents’ complaints.

Dear xx
Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns with me.
I have now had the opportunity to speak with our Monitoring Officer about this matter and he is satisfied that the meeting was properly managed. He has advised me that there is nothing unusual or improper about the chairman conveying the views of councillors who are not present at the meeting. Whilst I understand that some will be dissatisfied by the decision made by the committee and fully respect the different views held in respect of this planning application, the Council’s Monitoring Officer has confirmed that that the process by which the application was considered and the manner in which a vote was taken and recorded were both done correctly in the usual way.
Yours sincerely,

Julia Potts
Cllr.Julia Potts
Farnham Upper Hale Ward
Leader Waverley Borough Council
01483 523484
07977 443394

Original Article:

After a deferral on the 24 August, the Crest Nicholson application for 149 dwellings came before Waverley Borough Council’s Joint Planning Committee (JPC) again on 3 October 2016 at 7pm.

There was a disappointing turnout for this significant application, with only 15 councillors out of a possible 23 in attendance.

Despite numerous comments and concerns from members of the committee at the previous August meeting, Crest Nicholson had responded with very few changes to the original layout.  However, despite this Planning Officers recommendation was for approval.

Layout submitted in August:

Horsham Road site housing layout Crest Nicholson


New layout (spot the difference):


This was hugely disappointing for residents, who after the August deferral and councillors strong criticisms, particularly regarding the rear parking courts (car parks), were expecting some changes on the northern boundary.

Unfortunately the minimal layout changes and the ongoing legal dispute over ownership of the drainage ditch, into which Crest Nicholson propose to discharge surface water from the site, proved to be no constraint and the application was granted by councillors in a vote of 8 to 7.

Cranleigh’s Borough Councillors Mary Foryszewski and Patricia Ellis fought Cranleigh’s corner, highlighting the high quality of this site, which was now subject to a “poor and uncaring design” not reflective of the area, together with narrow roads that would be unable to accommodate the estimated number of cars, and most importantly the great disservice being done to existing residents. Cranleigh Parish Council also objected to the relatively unchanged plans, the prevalence of parking courts on the northern boundary, issues about sewage capacity and stressed that this was an opportunity to achieve the best possible outcome for existing residents as well as new ones.  Similarly vocal in her support was Farnham Councillor Carole Cockburn who was extremely disappointed and stressed that there had been an opportunity to “do something that works well for everybody” .

In a surprising twist, prior to the vote, the Chairman of the committee, Bramley Councillor Maurice Byham, deviated from normal protocol,  to advise council members that Cranleigh Councillors Jeanette and Stewart Stennett were “happy” with the new scheme and had informed the developers’ agents [Savills]. The couple, he went on to expand, were on holiday in Australia and therefore unable to attend the meeting, however apparently they were watching it closely. Obviously not much going on in Oz at 5am in the morning!

In all of the planning applications that we have attended we have never heard comments read out from councillors not in attendance, or comments that were not officially lodged against the application, or those, as was implied by the Chairman, were personal statements from councillors direct to a developers agent.

You can hear it for yourselves:

To say we were taken aback by this announcement prior to the vote, which might be viewed by some as an attempt to gather support for the development, would be an understatement.

If you share our concerns please ask Julia Potts the Leader of Waverley Borough Council to explain the decision to use absent councillors comments, and whether the monitoring officer’s approval was sought and given prior to the meeting. Please copy in the Cranleigh Society to your email and your MP Anne Milton.

Email addresses:

Julia Potts

Anne Milton

Cranleigh Society

Important News Update from Cranleigh Society

Important News Update from Cranleigh Society

Cranleigh Parish Council Drop-in Session

Have organised a drop-in session on Thursday 15 September 6pm – 9pm at the Village Hall.  All residents are invited to discuss Waverley’s Local Plan with your Parish Councillors.

This is a very important opportunity.  The Local Plan will have a significant impact on where you live.  You have until 3 October 2016 at 17:00 to get any you have comments to Waverley, after that the plan will be sent to a Government Planning Inspector for examination.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to find out how this will affect you.

Representatives of Waverley Borough Council were invited to the meeting but unfortunately are unable to attend.

Read more about what a Local Plan contains on the CPRE website

This should not be confused with Cranleigh’s Neighbourhood Plan which is a completely separate process and must comply with policies outlined in the Local Plan.

Crest Nicholson Site, Horsham Road

We are currently looking over a new site layout submitted by Crest Nicholson after their application for detailed planning was deferred.

Residents are very disappointed that their major concerns about the layout of the site have still not been taken on board by Crest Nicholson.

This is due to come back before the Joint Planning Committee very soon.

Cala Homes, Amlets Lane

The application for detailed planning comes before the Joint Planning Committee this Wednesday 14 September 2016, 7pm at the Council Offices in Godalming.  Public are welcome.

We have been busy looking at new information lodged against this application.

Access has not yet been agreed for this site. We carried out a traffic survey of Amlets Lane on 12 Sept to compare our figures to those of the developer’s original transport assessment.

The Gate House

We have submitted new flood evidence to the Planning Inspectorate for the Appeal to demolish the Gate House in Knowle Lane and replace it with a substantial block of flats.


Windy Way, The Common

We have submitted an objection to Waverley Borough Council against the demolition of Windy Way, a bungalow in the Conservation Area on Cranleigh Common and the building of a block of 6 flats (over 13m high) and two semi detached dwellings on the site.

This development will have a harmful impact on the new Cranleigh Conservation Area.

Existing Bungalow


Replacement Block flats and Houses

Flats Side elevation (over 13m in height):


Houses (x2) Side Elevation (over 13m in height):


Position on plot:


Please get in touch with your views and comments.

Thames Water Update

Thames Water Update

UPDATE 11:27 5 May 2016: The Environment Agency have now confirmed Oliver Roden will be attending.

We have been advised that the reason for the sewage tankers in the village is due to maintenance work being carried out at the Cranleigh sewage treatment plant on the Elmbridge Road.

We have highlighted the area on the image below (courtesy of Google Maps) to show its location behind the allotments.

Picture showing the location of Cranleigh Sewage Treatment Works

Thames Water report that the tankering (their word!) is enabling work for the planned maintenance happening on site at Cranleigh sewage treatment works. They are currently undertaking a series of improvement works which include cleaning and replacing parts of the filters they use as part of the treatment process and installing 2 additional filters. They expect the tankering to be required for 1 – 2 weeks (it’s been a week already).

Seems a lot of pumping out just to carry out routine maintenance work on filters?  We do hope that they are also fixing the collapsed sewer as well.

After much negotiation, we have now at last arranged for a meeting of stakeholders at the Cranleigh Sewage Treatment Works on 11 May at 2pm to discuss the ongoing capacity problem.  The following representatives have confirmed their attendance.  It is a great shame that we have not yet had confirmation from a representative of the Environment Agency who have responsibilities relating to the protection and enhancement of the environment, including watercourses, or a representative of Waverley Borough Council Environmental Health who previously were extremely helpful during the recent sewage spill.

  1. Mark Matthews – Thames Water Planning Manager
  2. Paul Church – Thames Water Technical Manager
  3. Clare Collard – Thames Water Local & Regional Government Liaison Manager
  4. Jim Jones – Surrey Wildlife Trust
  5. Maurice Byham – Waverley Joint Planning Committee Vice Chair
  6. Peter Cleveland – Waverley Planning Officer
  7. Mary Foryszewski – Chair of Cranleigh Parish Council
  8. Brian Freeston – Cranleigh Parish Councillor
  9. Peter Seaton – Cranleigh Neighbourhood Plan
  10. Ken Mitchell – Cranleigh Neighbourhood Plan
  11. Liz Townsend – Chair Cranleigh Civic Society
  12. Adrian Clarke – Vice Chair Cranleigh Civic Society

If you have any questions you would like us to ask Thames Water on your behalf or any of the other attendees, please email them to us at or contact us via the website.

Knowle Park Initiative Rejected

Knowle Park Initiative Rejected

Last evening the Knowle Park Initiative (West Cranleigh Nurseries) was rejected by the Joint Planning Committee at Waverley Borough Council.

(Due to the very lengthy debate of 2 ½ hours, the Little Meadow application for 75 houses, which was also due to be heard, was postponed and another date will be arranged.)

Over 100 residents attended the meeting, the public gallery in the Council Chamber was full and the overflow room was packed to the gunnels, where people watched proceedings on a big screen.

The vast majority of people were there to show their opposition against yet another huge housing estate for Cranleigh, which would’ve taken our number to over 1,000 new houses.

At the very  start of the meeting, we were somewhat stunned when Cllr Brian Ellis and Cllr Stewart Stennett declared a pecuniary interest in the Knowle Park Initiative application and left the Chamber, followed by Cllr Jeanette Stennett.

There was a lengthy presentation by the planning officers, who until almost the last minute had been publishing extensive updates to members.  This was in the main due to the continued pressure that the Cranleigh Society had applied and the serious concerns we and residents had raised.  There were many pages in the final documents issued to members that mentioned the Cranleigh Society, our comments formed the basis of several of the final conditions that were to be imposed on this application.

We had, after many hours of research, emailing, telephone calls and sheer determination, managed to get Thames Water to impose a Grampian style agreement, which meant that should permission have been granted the developers would’ve, at the very least, have had to contribute towards the upgrades to Cranleigh Sewage Treatment Works.  This in itself was a major achievement, and one that in our view planning officers should’ve been pushing for on behalf of the Cranleigh community.

There was recognition of one of our main arguments around the five five-year housing supply.   We pointed out that  it would take Thames Water a minimum of 7 years for the sewage works to be upgraded, which would mean a considerable delay to the delivery of these new houses.  One of the Councillors asked the planning officers to explain this “time warp” to the members.  The fact that the houses couldn’t be built until the sewerage was improved, finally hit home.

Also, the very valid concerns about sewerage raised at the last minute by the Environment Agency, again due to our continued pressure, was acknowledged, together with the damaging effect on the Cranleigh Waters of yet more effluent being pumped into it and the need to assess the impact of multiple developments on water quality.

We also managed at the very last minute to get DCLG involved and should the application have been approved they were going to consider our request for a ‘call in’.  This is when the Secretary of State takes the decision-making power on a planning application out of the hands of a local planning authority and he decides whether it should be granted or refused.

It was a very busy day!

Thank you for the many emails you sent, it really did make a difference.  It is so important that you add your voice to ours, we have proved how effective we are when we work together.

We would also like to extend our thanks to our MP Anne Milton and her team for replying to our many, many emails, for listening and for their support of Cranleigh residents concerns over infrastructure.

And we would like to thank members of the Joint Planning Committee who undertook an informed and measured debate. There was real empathy shown for Cranleigh’s plight and recognition that our village was about to end up as a building site.  One councillor said they wouldn’t want to live in Cranleigh at the moment! Another said Cranleigh will end up looking like Poland in 1939!

We have to reserve a special thank you for Cranleigh’s Cllr Mary Foryszewski , her passion and commitment under immense pressure was admirable.  She has on occasion be the lone voice speaking up for Cranleigh and she has our heartfelt thanks.

In addition, we would like to thank the Cranleigh Parish Council, Cllr Brian Freeston spoke on behalf of the planning committee and eloquently voiced their many objections to this application.

Finally thank you to the Cranleigh Civic Society committee whose commitment, courage, persistence, and reliability are second to none and they should stand proudly today together with all our members.

The fight is not over!  However today we will celebrate a victory for democracy, transparency, and the right to be heard.

Thank you all for speaking up for Cranleigh!

Help Elmbridge Road!  Please sign the Petition!

Help Elmbridge Road!  Please sign the Petition!

Residents and Users of Elmbridge Road, the main arterial road from the A281 into Cranleigh, need more than bush trimming to keep the road safe!

 For too long Elmbridge Road has looked as if nobody cares, to quote a Waverley Borough Councillor.    Despite it being the main arterial road off the A281 into Cranleigh, it has not been adequately maintained to keep up with the growing volume of traffic, both domestic and commercial.

Please Take Action now and sign the Petition before 25 September 2015.    It is available in Cranleigh High Street and other areas too .


Find it in the following places:

  • One Stop (Elmbridge Road
  • Redfords Barbers
  • Cranleigh Pet Supplies
  • Pedal and Spoke
  • 137 Hairdressers
  • Functional Fitness gym (above Rania)
  • Jarrads Taxis
  • Bricks Restaurant (Smithbrook Kilns)
  • Elmbridge Retirement Village (at Reception)
  • Dunsfold Village Shop

Ever since the pavement was put in along the single track road over the Wey and Arun Canal and four way traffic lights vetoed in 2008, nothing more than a few metal signs have been installed to manage traffic safely and effectively.   The Police were never consulted about the pavement prior to its installation.  They have expressed safety concerns about the single track priority road system  saying that it has failing given that it is ‘too difficult for drivers to assess whether it is clear to proceed or not….and that some other form of traffic control is required.’   This view has been consistently expressed by the Police since 2008 but they have not been listened to.

 Spot the road sign below!Elmbridge Road

At the moment, signage does not give drivers sufficient advance warning of the unusually long 120 yard single track.   This has poor visibility particularly for those drivers coming from the A281, due to a blind spot caused by the camber of the canal bridge, the awkward positioning of the pavement and a hazard sign that also obstructs drivers’ views.   In addition, current signage  also fails to give clear unambiguous instructions on who has priority and who has to give way.     Residents also complain about speeds being exceeded particularly from the allotments along Elmbridge Road heading out of Cranleigh.  Residents say they can hear cars speeding up once they reach the canopy of trees that is now so thick it is like a tunnel and it obscures the street lights.

The positive news is that new calming measures are supported formally by the Cranleigh Parish Council. 


But more help is needed.  The Help Elmbridge Road campaign has a petition that will be presented to the Local Waverley Committee on 25 September 2015.  The petition asks for new and more effective traffic calming measures for the priority road system in Elmbridge Road to help reduce the level of accidents and casualties, the number of day to day incidents of road rage, bumper to bumper stand off and general confusion over who has right of way.    New traffic calming measures would also make pedestrians, particularly the residents of Elmbridge Retirement Village,  safer when walking along the pavement.  This pavement is all too often used as an escape route by cars and lorries during a stand off.  Highways from Surrey County Council have not replaced the safety bollards.

The Help Elmbridge Road Campaign is receiving lots of comments from petitioners in support of new and more effective traffic calming measures.  Comments typically reflect concerns about the safety of the road.

“Accident waiting to happen”

“Bridge is dangerous causing near accidents often!”

“Too difficult to see on coming traffic in dip.”

“Traffic lights urgently needed”

“Over the years I have seen multiple accidents and daily misuseage of this very busy road.   The current system is not good enough”

“It is a very dangerous road”

“Many near misses”

“The problem has been ongoing for years”

“A continual cause of anxiety, aggro and unnecessary hassle”

“Stop messing around and put lights in before somebody gets killed”

“It’s a lottery trying to get across”

Take Action now and sign the Petition before 25 September 2015.