Cranleigh Parish Council AGM last week & Leisure Centre consultation

Cranleigh Parish Council AGM last week & Leisure Centre consultation

Parish Council AGM – Thursday 7th March 2024

It was an interesting evening in Cranleigh Village Hall

Parish Council’s work

A few Parishioners turned out to listen to the report of the past year from Chairman Marc Scully. When looking at the list of projects and maintenance that the councillors considered and decided about it is no wonder they find it quite a tough job!  It includes all planning applications in the area, being consulted with about all big projects such as the Surrey County Council’s High street improvements, Waverley Borough Council’s plans for Cranleigh Leisure Centre, and continuing work on Cranleigh Neighbourhood plan,  and the LCWIP – local cycling and walking plans!

The King’s Coronation – Prince Edward and Duchess Sophie’s visit to Cranleigh

HM Lord-Lieutenant of Surrey Michael More-Molyneux

Mr More-Molyneux and his wife attended the meeting to represent the King because of the welcome Cranleigh gave royal visitors on the occasion of His Majesty the King’s coronation. Mr More-Molyneux took along a beautiful plaque to commemorate the Royal Visit of Prince Edward and his wife Duchess Sophie. The plaque is to be displayed publicly for all to see.  He presented it to a member of the audience who received it on behalf of Cranleigh Community.  It was rather a special moment. He has lived in the county of Surrey all his life. Loseley Park has been the residence of the More-Molyneux family for over five centuries.

Cranleigh Neighbourhood Plan –  it’s a good thing

Neighbourhood plans are to empower locals to have a say in where housing can be built.  Ewhurst recently voted for theirs.  Part of the Parish Council’s work this last year is to bring Cranleigh Neighbourhood plan to Referendum status – achieved – but currently suspended by a legal challenge – the reason for which is not allowed to be published – the challenger must be protected.  However it should be heard by the high court this month with any luck, then arrangements made to vote YES and adopt not long after.  It is a good plan with only a few areas of Cranleigh to be built on, and many protections and enhancements.  If and when building does occur at least the amount of CIL money (developer’s contributions) will be higher.

High Street plans are nothing to do with the Neighbourhood plan.  

The connection with High Street plans is simply that developers’ contributions must be identified at planning permission stage – so as far back as 2017 in some cases.  The Parish and Borough council asked for money to upgrade Cranleigh High Street and that money can only be spent on the agreed projects.  There are further surveys being carried out including speed surveys along the High Street. You will notice cables fixed across the road.

Cranleigh Leisure Centre presentation by Architects and Waverley officers

Another project has been to work with Waverley Borough Council to bring about plans for Cranleigh Leisure centre to be replaced by an amazing Passivhaus pool with many studios and other rooms for various uses.

It has been a long time in the planning

So that the current leisure centre doesn’t close the councillors and officers decided on the plan to build the new one in the centre of the car park, and only take down the old one when the new one is up and running.  The old one will then be taken away and car parking put in place. The sticky issue is this – parking!  firstly during the build and secondly afterwards when the business plan states that many more people will be attracted to use the centre!  Waverley urgently need sensible suggestions to answer this problem.  But also hope many people will walk and cycle whatever the weather or time of year. The plans do not include squash courts or much viewing area for swimming. There is no provision for squash courts despite squash now being an Olympic sport, and a much smaller viewing area for swimming – both of which were challenged at the meeting.

The consultation is 15th and 16th March, and on line.

Cranleigh Village Hall 2pm till 7pm Friday and Cranleigh Leisure Centre 10am till 1pm on Saturday.

Have your say by 22nd March!  web site – click here – – email –


Reminder – Band Room – from 7pm This Thursday to talk about the Neighbourhood Plan

Reminder – Band Room – from 7pm This Thursday to talk about the Neighbourhood Plan

Hello – Cranleigh Society team hopes you will join them

at the Band Room this Thursday – 22nd February  from 7pm, to talk about Cranleigh Parish Council’s Neighbourhood Plan?  If the plan is voted FOR then Waverley planners must take it into good account when looking at planning applications.

You can just pop in and ask any questions. 

We will do our best to explain what we have found out.

The Referendum is on Thursday February 29th –

and you should have received your polling card or postal vote by now.

You will need proof of identity too –

this can be drivers licence, passport, or various bus passes.

To read the whole document follow this link – click here 

The link takes you to Cranleigh Parish Council’s website and to the document that is to be voted on.


Share your opinion – new footpaths planned for Snoxhall fields

Share your opinion – new footpaths planned for Snoxhall fields

Cranleigh Parish Councillors are seeking views on new footpaths proposed for Snoxhall Fields and park.

To complete the short survey please click here 
The Parish Council has received the sum of £38,143 from developer contribution s106 funding for new footpaths at Snoxhall Fields.
The Parish Council would like your feedback on the proposed new footpaths:
  • Linking North Downs to Hitherwood
  • Linking the adult football pitch path to the Beryl Harvey Field and Knowle Park crossing point
  • A footpath around the perimeter of the western football field linking the adult football pitch, Beryl Harvey Field and Knowle Park crossing point
  • Tarmac overlay on the play park footpath and road markings for play
If all new footpaths are supported by members of the public, there will be a circular footpath around both sides of Snoxhall Fields for recreational walking all year round.  Your responses will help the Parish Council to decide on the route of the new footpaths.
Please complete this survey by Thursday 29 February 2024
The tracks include completing the perimeter of the main field, and a full perimeter around the Football field, but not across it.  Also to make up the playpark footpaths for better playtime.
Thursday 9th March 7pm Village Hall Cranleigh Parish Council AGM

Thursday 9th March 7pm Village Hall Cranleigh Parish Council AGM

Cranleigh Parish Council AGM will take place in Cranleigh Village Hall on 9th March, 7pm.

Surrey Wildlife Trust will be there – that could be interesting.

Did you know – If the public don’t attend the councillors tend to believe they are doing a marvellous job!  Seriously, councillors are unpaid volunteers trying to make a positive difference for all.

You can attend, listen and speak. You can even consider becoming a Parish Councillor and helping out?

The Parish Council is responsible for spending money locally, and for sending its and our views to Waverley and Surrey councils about a range of issues.

To understand the huge amount of topics they work on every month see their web site where the agendas and minutes of meetings are published.

Here is the link to the minutes of February’s meeting – the number of items is long and will take you some time to even read.

hope to see you there and be supportive and thankful for their efforts.



Thursday 9th March 7pm Village Hall Cranleigh Parish Council AGM

Our Council’s business plans? survey to complete by 31st Oct.

Our Council’s business plans can be viewed and commented on here

Complete the survey by 31st October.

Cranleigh Parish Council would like residents to complete a survey monkey questionnaire to help them to represent our views better.

Please do follow the link and let them know your opinions

Their responsibilities, and what they own on our behalf: –

1.Cemetery;  2.Tennis court and basketball area beside Leisure Centre; 3.Bruce McKenzie field – other side of Knowle Lane to Snoxhall fields;  4.Village Hall;  5.Snoxhall Pavilion (& old youth centre);  6.Play park at Snoxhall;

What would you like to see our money spent on – priorities required by the councillors.

We hope you all complete the survey – it includes a place for suggestion something else.

best regards

the team


Congratulations!  Elizabeth Townsend BEM!

Congratulations! Elizabeth Townsend BEM!

Cranleigh Society is delighted to read that Liz Townsend has been awarded a medal today – a British Empire Medal!

Congratulations!!!  The role of volunteering in Britain today is ever more needed and it’s great to see it applauded. Whether people join a voluntary organisation like Lions Club International or Rotary Club, or become councillors and so on, all volunteering is fantastic – thank you to all volunteers in our community and especially today – Mrs Elizabeth Townsend BEM.

When Liz and Phil were bringing up their sons Liz worked extremely hard to help Cranleigh Rugby Club, which all the other parents and their children were rightly amazed by. Phil always supports Liz.

When Cranleigh’s Green fields looked as if they would be built over Liz and others including Steve Jeacock discovered the Civic Society movement – ‘A civic society may campaign for high standards of planning of new buildings or traffic schemes, conservation of historic buildings, and may present awards for good standards. They may organise litter collections or “best kept village” cleanups.[1]   and so they encouraged the Neighbourhood Plan Housing committee to morph into Cranleigh Civic Society, Liz becoming its Chair.  The work involved in challenging Berkeley homes was enormous but planning rules at Government level held the day as you all know.  Unabashed Liz decided to run for the local Parish Council and won, became chair, and has worked really hard to help Cranleigh be as well served and as lovely a place to live as possible.

When Covid hit the idea of Street Champions appeared and many in Cranleigh were keen to get something going, including Cranleigh Society members and SMART Cranleigh too.  Liz and others made sure Cranleigh Parish Council was quickly set up to offer help to those who are most vulnerable – around 159 Street Champions were enrolled by the council, vetted, and helped to help their neighbours – this service is still in place.

Liz became a Waverley Borough Councillor and more recently is also our Surrey County Councillor.  To do these 3 jobs she reads into the night, and is up bright and early to get on with many meetings and commitments, and to talk to residents about their ideas and needs.  Where action is needed she digs to get things done if possible.  This is the role councillors take on, as volunteers, for no other reason than because they care and want to help others and their community.  When we elect our volunteers we can’t always agree with them, but Liz is certainly one to look up to.

thanks Liz, we are proud of you (and Phil)