Cranleigh 1000 Club is brand new – you can help and benefit

Cranleigh 1000 Club is brand new – you can help and benefit

Cranleigh 1000 Club – first draw June 15th at St Nicolas Church.

The event is Queen Six, and the prize money will be £100. To be in this draw, please email by 13th June to 

So – why join in? 

Those volunteers who are working to save St Nicolas church building – built around 1170 – and those working to save Cranleigh Cottage Hospital’s heritage cottage – built around 1446 – would like to involve the community –

How to join – Join Cranleigh 1000 club – buy a number (or more) for £5 per month.

How it works – half the money raised will go to the winning number!

the other half will be distributed between 1170 – charity that raises funds to conserve the building of St Nicolas Church – and Cranleigh Heritage Trust – charity that raises funds to conserve Cranleigh cottage hospital’s heritage cottage. This is fully authorised and compliant with the Fundraising Regulator.

The more you feel able to buy the better your chances of winning

The aim is to sell 1000 numbers – which means you have a one in a thousand chance of winning, significantly better than other games, can we get there?

When the draws take place – every month, at a Cranleigh event

Help Cranleigh’s historic buildings to be conserved and available to support ours and future generations. You can help restore, preserve and future proof two iconic Cranleigh Heritage buildings and have a chance to win a cash prize every month as well.

please email to complete a form – thankyou

Cranleigh remembered – but not this week – and Old Cottage Hospital updates

Cranleigh remembered – but not this week – and Old Cottage Hospital updates

Hello -no Cranleigh Voices meeting this week – sorry. 

As you may know Cranleigh Society has been hosting Vintage Tea Parties at Cranleigh Band Room every three months or so, and recording special memories of Cranleigh long ago, but we can’t provide the one this Wednesday after all – so sorry. They have been fun and the hall was all booked but we cannot man it.  Hopefully the next one will be in July then August.

The main reasons are that several of the people who set them up are also working on applying for a very large National Lottery Heritage Fund Grant this August, and the work has taken over – what we really need is more people to join in and help with Cranleigh Society.

Cranleigh Old Cottage Hospital project update

The working title is Napper Cottage, but we in Cranleigh still call it the Cottage Hospital.  We mean just the 15th cottage that is unused nowadays, not the working day hospital and maternity suite.

National Lottery Heritage Fund

You might remember that the Heritage Fund are very keen for this project to succeed and have already forwarded a good sum of money which is being spent carefully on researchers  and advisors.  Every time people buy a lottery ticket they help with good causes – so thank you to those who buy.

Conserving, Updating and Opening Cranleigh Old Cottage Hospital

The team are also finding out about how the building can be updated without harming it, and  have looked at a possible front garden design too.

Who will benefit from Heritage Education? 

The search is on for groups and individuals who would find the cottage just right for their work and interests, different to the other places in Cranleigh.  They have discussed all this with the Arts Centre, Rowleys, the Methodist church and the Leisure centre, to name a few.  It’s all very exciting.

Once opened the heritage stories and items from the 19th century will be inspiring and the hope is to have new exhibitions often.  Schools and colleges will be encouraged to visit, taking advantage of the library at the same time where groups are quite large.  Did you know that schools and nurseries struggle to find enough volunteers for outings?  Please see if you can offer your help.

Raising enough money 

The Trustees hope that the method of raising the money to repair, conserve and open the building meets everyones needs – no coins in buckets- all named donations and appropriate grants. There will be a new exciting ‘1000 Club’ – so that people can play to win a share of any money raised, and benefit the charity that works on the building of St NIcolas Church, plus the cottage.  The Heritage fund will only provide 90% of the estimated costs.  Cranleigh and villagers must show their support too and raise the other 10%. There have been a few donations, all carefully recorded, and the team are extremely grateful.

When will the Heritage Fund let the team know if they have succeeded? 

The Trustees and team must send in the application in August, then the Heritage Fund teams will examine the plans very carefully.  There are four main outcomes that they insist upon:

Saving heritage

Protecting the environment

Inclusion, access and participation

Organisational sustainability.

 = Heritage should be valued, cared for and sustained for everyone’s future.

YOu can view the web site and follow links to Facebook, Instagram and X.  click here

thank you for reading this far – please comment below so we know you care


You are needed by Cranleigh Heritage Trust – Virtual tour of Old Cottage Hospital – Saturday 13th April 10am till 2pm

You are needed by Cranleigh Heritage Trust – Virtual tour of Old Cottage Hospital – Saturday 13th April 10am till 2pm

Meet the team!

You are needed by Cranleigh Heritage Trust –

Saturday 13th April at Cranleigh Hospital – the old Grade II listed cottage – 10 am till 2 pm.

2024 April 13 Questionnaire Cottage Hospital project SD – so that you can help the team apply for a National Lottery Heritage Fund Grant to save the building and bring it into uses for Cranleigh’s community.

Cranleigh Heritage Trust has received a grant from the Heritage Fund to continue developing the case to restore the old Cranleigh Cottage Hospital and create a community hub with a focus on education, heritage and health and well-being.  We would appreciate your feedback regarding ideas for this project which will help us apply for funding to fully restore and repurpose this building.

This Cottage dates back to 1446 and was the first Cottage Hospital in England, from 1859 -2010. It is Grade II listed. It was last used by the NHS in 2010 and requires considerable renovation to allow public access and use.  Cranleigh Heritage Trust was set up to save the building and transform it into a sustainable initiative for the benefit of the community. As well as opening it to the public for heritage education it will be necessary to generate income to maintain the building and we believe that hiring out the rooms will enable this to happen.

  • The main room is 4.4m x 7m and could be a Meeting Room for up to 24 people.
  • A small room downstairs for one or two people.
  • There are two linked rooms (upstairs) one of which leads to the next – suitable for up to six people at a time. 5.1m x 3.6m and 5.1m x 3.2m
  • One small room upstairs that could be used for 1 to 1 counselling, and a reading room 2.2m x 3m
1.  We believe that the building could become a community hub available for all residents.   How would you like the building to be used? (Please tick all that apply and leave your comments)
a. Room hire for Health and Wellbeing

Health and wellbeing sessions for medical practitioners to use to be a priority. (At present people often travel to Guildford to access these services.)


b. Room hire for other local organisations and community groups

E.g. History Society, Civic Society, u3a etc.


c. Educational visits to include the history of medicine and of Cranleigh.

e.g. Schools, etc



d. Cranleigh information hub promoting local facilities, events and organisations.


Other (please specify)



2.  There will be information about the heritage of the Cottage Hospital and the history of Cranleigh. How would you like the interpretation to work? (Please tick all that apply and comment)
Audience participation tour with a guide. Simple museum style display with low tech interactives. Using a soundscape tour activated by loudspeakers or a mobile phone app.
Other (please specify)



  1. Do you believe that the Heritage Trust on behalf of the community should take the Cottage over, and save it in this way?


  1. 4. Is this your first visit to this part of Cranleigh High Street?


  1. Please could you give us your postcode? (We would like to plot where people are from to see the geographical spread of those visiting today).


  1. We will need volunteers. There will be opportunities for volunteers to be involved and to learn new skills with a range of opportunities from historical research, writing and presenting historical material to engaging with the public.

Would you be interested in volunteering to support this project? 

If so please give your contact details to the volunteers or email

Thank you very much for your feedback. Please return the questionnaire to the volunteers or send or drop in to: Howard Barratt, The Copse, New Park Road, Cranleigh  GU6 7HN

Cranleigh Heritage Trust

Cranleigh Heritage Trust, Cranleigh Village Hospital, Napper Cottage, Cranleigh, Guildford,

Where is Napper Cottage Guildford?

Cranleigh Heritage Trust was formed to save the 15th century cottage at Cranleigh Village Hospital, no longer used and falling into disrepair.   

The team named it Napper Cottage to help chat about it and because the Reverend Sapte and Doctor Surgeon Mr Albert Napper adapted the cottage to be a hospital, in 1859. 

When you look at the National Lottery Heritage Fund awards pages for September 2023 you will see amazing projects across the United Kingdom.

Click here for their report. They have used the term Napper Cottage Guildford in this report.

The team will try to get this corrected!

The Lottery system means that Cranleigh Heritage Trust team must work with them and hired professionals to bring the cottage to a state where repairing it will bring long term benefits to Cranleigh Village High Street and community.  The team must prepare for the final Heritage Fund Grant application before any building work can begin. That panel will not know how much money they have or how many worthy causes have applied until the month they sit.

They need experts in several fields.  Please click here to go to the new website for Cranleigh Heritage Trust.

Please also go to the Facebook page and like and comment – this will show you know and care about this project.


Lovely intimate spaces with character, with toilets and kitchenette. 

For hire by small educational groups

For uses by health and wellbeing services.

For visits to read, view, hear about and learn about the heritage of the building, Cranleigh and its surroundings.

It was the first Cottage or Village Hospital in England. Learn how the movement spread across England and how the donations Cranleigh cottage hospital received meant people who were very ill or injured but too poor to pay the Doctor’s fees were provided with care for free. This was the start of the spread of the ideas that led to the National Health Service.

For tourists and locals to find out about the area, and all the wonderful amenities and services on offer in and around Cranleigh.




Brilliant News! Napper Cottage – National Lottery Heritage Fund has approved our application – the 2nd of 3 required.

Brilliant News! Napper Cottage – National Lottery Heritage Fund has approved our application – the 2nd of 3 required.

Cranleigh Village Hospital’s Heritage Cottage – ‘Napper Cottage’  – a new future for the first cottage hospital in England.

Cranleigh Heritage Trust has been awarded development phase funding and support from The National Lottery Heritage Fund with a £58,000 grant to continue the work needed to progress the project. The money will be used, with the Heritage fund’s guidance, to support the detailed preparation required to apply for the final bid.  You go visit the new web site here that Cranleigh Heritage Trust has set up.

The final bid, if lucky enough to succeed, with be for 90% of the full funding, which will be used to restore the building and make it usable for the community in a multitude of ways.  The National Lottery Heritage fund have listed the project on their website here (and called it Napper Cottage Guildford).

The Team’s work and the amazing public support to save the cottage started in December 2020. It is the Grade II listed Cottage at Cranleigh Village Hospital which is acknowledged as the first cottage hospital of its type in England and the inspiration for the National Health Service. The team have named the cottage Napper Cottage, to separate it from the day hospital.

The project aims to first save the Grade II listed cottage and then bring it into uses as a Community Hub and Heritage Centre.

This project is being made possible by National Lottery players, THANK YOU!

Trevor Dale   Chair of the Cranleigh Heritage Trust said:  

“All the hard work of the volunteer team and support from local community bodies and individuals has come to fruition. We are delighted to have been awarded this grant by The National Lottery Heritage Fund, made possible thanks to National Lottery players. We now have a year of seriously hard work to convince the Heritage Fund to support the project to completion. Cranleigh residents and leaders have shown their enthusiasm and support for the outcomes possible, and when the building works commence, we can see this lovely building become a vibrant part of the High Street again.”


Have your say – about CVHT


Dear supporters,

As you know, Cranleigh Society speaks up for Cranleigh residents when there is something to be concerned about. In particular when green fields are under threat.

CVHT is a charity that was formed in good faith to save our beds in Cranleigh hospital over 20 years ago.

The original plan was simply to save Cranleigh Village Hospital beds from closure.  The financial argument was excellent and put forward by Cranleigh GPs.  Step up/step down beds in local small hospitals cost less than in large acute hospitals. GPs and nurses used to care for the patients and were in contact with consultants at RSCH etc.

Once it became apparent that the beds alone could not be saved, because of NHS policy changes, the community gave money for the hospital building, and more money in bequests has been donated.  The money was firstly for the building – to buy it from the NHS so they could use the money to pay for staffing to keep the beds open.  We were told they valued the hospital site at £1million.

70 CVHT volunteers worked to bring this story to life and get the job done – save the beds.  However, it didn’t work at all.  The NHS policy changed several times. They wanted community beds, then they didn’t, then they did again and finally decided that they did not and closed the beds in Cranleigh and focused on Milford Hospital.

The revised plan was to acquire land and build a new hospital AND health centre, funded by mortgages that the GPs would help with.

The field behind Marks and Spencers – known as the Paddock – was owned by Cranleigh Parish Council and had fallen into disrepair as a sports field.  The person who owned the land on the other side of Knowle Lane suggested the Paddock could be used to build a new medical centre and hospital and that some of his land could be used to make better sports facilities.  This was legally agreed.  The sports provision has been made and is used successfully.

This got planning permission and support from the community, but then it was changed when the financial burden on the GPs became untenable and they obtained a government grant to quickly build a new medical centre only, the one we have today.

This meant the finances for a new hospital alone, without the GPs, was unviable and the alternative plan was devised –  to build a care home with hospital grade beds, along with accommodation for care workers. This, however, involved partnering with a care home business to get sufficient finance – planning permission was turned down and the community felt let down all round.

Most of the money donated and raised at the shop was used in pursuit of these ideas, professional fees cost a lot of money.

Now you can understand that CVHT state that they want to find a way to get income from the Paddock to give back to the community for health purposes. The Parish council may agree. Do let your elected representatives – Parish and Borough councillors –  know your opinions.  

Meeting of Parish Councillors tonight – you can attend and make a statement when invited to. You can write in with your views.  You can wait for the survey to be officially published.  


Your Opinion Counts: Help Us Reimagine The Knowle Lane Site!

 Dear Cranfold Resident,

The Cranleigh Village Health Trust (CVHT) needs your help! We are considering the future use of our land in Knowle Lane (known locally as ‘The Paddock’) and would like your views.

Originally, we planned to develop the field into a health facility. However, our proposal was rejected. Now, we are exploring other uses, but any changes must meet certain criteria.

We would need approval from Waverley Borough Council Planning Department, and support from Cranleigh Parish Council, with whom we are sharing this survey. Also, a third-party developer would be required to help develop the site.

The land is a potentially valuable asset, and its development could raise a significant amount of money to fund healthcare and wellbeing services in the village.

Any proposal must be in accordance with our charitable objectives, which mean that the land can only be used or sold for “the protection of public health in Cranleigh and the surrounding areas”. Proceeds from a sale would fund local healthcare and wellbeing provision.

Please share your preferences and ideas with us for its future use.

Possible Options:

 Following discussions with Cranleigh Parish Council, we would welcome your views on other possible uses of the land.

-Selling the field for commercial development.

-Selling for developing a community facility possibly connected to a new leisure centre.

-Selling for developing affordable housing, potentially for healthcare workers.

We would welcome your thoughts on other suggestions that would be consistent with the criteria set out in this letter.

Share your thoughts by:

 -Completing our online survey at

-Sending an email to

-Mailing your response to [PO Box, TBCJ Please respond by 30th September 2023

Your responses will be discussed with local stakeholders to guide our next steps. We appreciate your help.

Cranleigh Village Health Trust Company No: 04253074

Registered charity number: 1089861

Registered address: Bourne House, Queen Street, Gomshall, GUS 9LY

Cranleigh Village HEALTH TRUST