Wednesday 11th 6:30 pm pub meet up & Cranleigh Society News

PUB MEETINGS GOING FORWARDS – anyone and everyone welcome to join us at Cranleigh’s  The Three Horseshoes – second Wednesday each month – December 11th, January 8th etc. Some of us go from about 6:30 pm and there is good pub food available too.  It is meant to be social and fun as well as a chance to share ideas and discuss action plans.


PRIMARY SCHOOL & NURSERY REBUILD – In the wake of the JPC refusing planning permission for housing to replace the 2 schools sites – and putting multiple conditions that would make an appeal somewhat challenging for SCC,  are you keen to keep the pressure on SCC to achieve a better outcome?

The pressure would be aimed at rebuilding both schools and nursery on the existing Junior School site and to look at how this could be achieved. We agree with the JPC that the plan to put 91 dwellings on the 2 sites – opposite Glebelands school and at the end of Dewlands Lane (leads to the cemetery) – is significant over-development of the centre of the village.

The idea of building a new Junior & infants school and nursery on the area of sodden playing fields beside the Cranleigh sports & social club and bowling green feels unrealistic for multiple reasons: Access for parents and children is more difficult due to the narrow roadway to the buildings; where will people park for drop-off and pick-up and what routes will they walk?  Once the housing is all erected there looks as if there would be nowhere to park.  .  The  WBC Joint Planning Committee overruled their Officers’ advice and refused. We do appreciate that SCC has no money set aside for building a new school and nursery but even a superficial examination of the existing school demonstrates years of neglect – where has the money gone that could and should have been spent on it?  Is it in a pot somewhere and if not why not?

CRANLEIGH LEISURE CENTRE – Waverley don’t seem to have the money after all – at least not at the moment – to rebuild the Leisure Centre – so they have postponed talking about it till February – maybe then they will engage with their public – we don’t know!

HIGH STREET INITIATIVE – Cllr Andrew Povey held another meeting about the High Street and what it needs to be improved – money is available.  Write to Cllr Povey on all topics related to Surrey County Council

SMART CRANLEIGH – coffee mornings are being attended by new residents and some people have discovered a few activities via their on-line calendar – they aim to be the point where anyone and everyone can “connect”  – see their web site here and enjoy all the services and clubs Cranleigh has to offer.

ROWLEYS CENTRE FOR THE COMMUNITY – OPEN 9:30AM TO 3PM Monday to Friday – Did you know that Rowleys is a facility for many age groups and needs with rooms to book and lots of helpful things to do?

CARE HOME SPACES IN CRANLEIGH?  Since many Care Homes were closed across the Country and by our Surrey County Council -including Longfields of Cranleigh – that site sits idle.   We are assured that when locals need care home nursing spaces there are plenty nearby – really?  Since the HC One & CVHT Care Home application has been refused on various planning grounds – what next?  We need Surrey County Council to get on with sorting this out.

CVHT – “Name change  – 9th December 2019 – The Cranleigh Village Hospital Trust’s proposals to bring back Community Beds to the village, and to support the provision of additional village health services, have evolved significantly over almost 20 years in the light of changing public health policy, and so we are now considering a change of Trust name to Cranleigh Village Health Trust.”

CRANLEIGH VILLAGE HOSPITAL The original building is in desperate need of loving care and attention – one can see holes in the fabric where creatures can enter – NHS Properties Ltd – have not responded to CCS’s enquiries – we want the old building looked after. We will continue chasing this.

The services the hospital provide are growing – which is great – both the NHS and the League of Friends are working on this and we can use the site for all sorts of needs that our GPs refer us for.  The burning question is can the Hospital site become an Urgent Care Centre or equivalent?  Read what NHS England tells our GPs and CCGs (links below)

URGENT CARE CENTRE FOR CRANLEIGH?  NHS England are insisting on change

The first cohort of UTCs are now operational in over 100 sites across the country.

Currently, local commissioners, supported by NHS England regions, continue to redesign urgent care services outside of A&E aiming to designate all remaining type 3&4 services as UTCs or to change their function to become other primary health care services by December 2019.  As stated in the LTP, by autumn 2020 the UTC model will be fully implemented.  This means UTCs will be embedded as part of a consistent ‘out-of-hospital urgent care’ offer in all localities with the option of appointments booked through a call to NHS 111.

ROAD SIGNS LEFT OUT BY SURREY CC – report here   SCC / do it online / A to Z of Forms / roadworks signs left on highway



Cranleigh Leisure Centre – not much news

On 30 Sept we asked Waverley BC what about Cranleigh Leisure Centre rebuild?  Waverley BC committed to investing in Cranleigh’s Leisure centre – in July 2018 – using money raised by taxing new developments as they are built (across the borough) 

They paid a consultancy company to produce a report. We don’t have the report but this is the company that produced it here

We asked what role can the public play in the future plans for Cranleigh Leisure centre; approval of the siting of the Cranleigh LC was again made a “published plan” item in September by the Executive…. but what consultation has there actually been apart from the presentation to Cranleigh Parish Councillors in the spring? We see no reference to the potential sites. What are the options for where it might be built? What consultations have taken place?

 Waverley had little to say – Any future plans regarding the leisure centre will be shared with the public when the project progresses.  Siting is largely led by land ownership and planning restrictions and the desire to keep the centre centrally located.  At present potential options have been viewed through these restrictions in consultation with Cranleigh Parish Council leisure working group. You can see the documents and latest statement here 

We went on to say – CCS would like to see  consultation with the community – WBC replied that something will be published very soon – the executive will decide by Jan 2020.

CCS has however been advised that the sites being reviewed are

  1. remodel of current site
  2. redevelop and enlarge current site
  3. new build in the adjacent car park

By the way – At a meeting of WBC on 5 November they agreed to a new The Communications and Engagement Strategy  – this “seeks to improve and modernise the Communications and Engagement service at the Council. It will require a significant shift in terms of operations, expectations, prioritisation and culture. When executed, it will not only provide better value for money for the Council, but will also help to improve relations with stakeholders by ensuring their views are heard and it will be vital in supporting the delivery and success of important council initiatives and priorities”.

Great to see that the current administration knows the Communications and Engagement isn’t good enough – but is deciding to ensure our views are heard enough?  We really need to have ways to show that local knowledge and views are genuinely understood, taken into account and explained back to the public – especially to show where our views have a positive impact on decision making that meets with the public’s approval.  If the aims include cutting the expensive delays and problems caused by people not understanding the council’s ways – there is a lot of work to be done!!