Parish Council AGM – Thursday 7th March 2024

It was an interesting evening in Cranleigh Village Hall

Parish Council’s work

A few Parishioners turned out to listen to the report of the past year from Chairman Marc Scully. When looking at the list of projects and maintenance that the councillors considered and decided about it is no wonder they find it quite a tough job!  It includes all planning applications in the area, being consulted with about all big projects such as the Surrey County Council’s High street improvements, Waverley Borough Council’s plans for Cranleigh Leisure Centre, and continuing work on Cranleigh Neighbourhood plan,  and the LCWIP – local cycling and walking plans!

The King’s Coronation – Prince Edward and Duchess Sophie’s visit to Cranleigh

HM Lord-Lieutenant of Surrey Michael More-Molyneux

Mr More-Molyneux and his wife attended the meeting to represent the King because of the welcome Cranleigh gave royal visitors on the occasion of His Majesty the King’s coronation. Mr More-Molyneux took along a beautiful plaque to commemorate the Royal Visit of Prince Edward and his wife Duchess Sophie. The plaque is to be displayed publicly for all to see.  He presented it to a member of the audience who received it on behalf of Cranleigh Community.  It was rather a special moment. He has lived in the county of Surrey all his life. Loseley Park has been the residence of the More-Molyneux family for over five centuries.

Cranleigh Neighbourhood Plan –  it’s a good thing

Neighbourhood plans are to empower locals to have a say in where housing can be built.  Ewhurst recently voted for theirs.  Part of the Parish Council’s work this last year is to bring Cranleigh Neighbourhood plan to Referendum status – achieved – but currently suspended by a legal challenge – the reason for which is not allowed to be published – the challenger must be protected.  However it should be heard by the high court this month with any luck, then arrangements made to vote YES and adopt not long after.  It is a good plan with only a few areas of Cranleigh to be built on, and many protections and enhancements.  If and when building does occur at least the amount of CIL money (developer’s contributions) will be higher.

High Street plans are nothing to do with the Neighbourhood plan.  

The connection with High Street plans is simply that developers’ contributions must be identified at planning permission stage – so as far back as 2017 in some cases.  The Parish and Borough council asked for money to upgrade Cranleigh High Street and that money can only be spent on the agreed projects.  There are further surveys being carried out including speed surveys along the High Street. You will notice cables fixed across the road.

Cranleigh Leisure Centre presentation by Architects and Waverley officers

Another project has been to work with Waverley Borough Council to bring about plans for Cranleigh Leisure centre to be replaced by an amazing Passivhaus pool with many studios and other rooms for various uses.

It has been a long time in the planning

So that the current leisure centre doesn’t close the councillors and officers decided on the plan to build the new one in the centre of the car park, and only take down the old one when the new one is up and running.  The old one will then be taken away and car parking put in place. The sticky issue is this – parking!  firstly during the build and secondly afterwards when the business plan states that many more people will be attracted to use the centre!  Waverley urgently need sensible suggestions to answer this problem.  But also hope many people will walk and cycle whatever the weather or time of year. The plans do not include squash courts or much viewing area for swimming. There is no provision for squash courts despite squash now being an Olympic sport, and a much smaller viewing area for swimming – both of which were challenged at the meeting.

The consultation is 15th and 16th March, and on line.

Cranleigh Village Hall 2pm till 7pm Friday and Cranleigh Leisure Centre 10am till 1pm on Saturday.

Have your say by 22nd March!  web site – click here – – email –