Dunsfold aerodrome development is on the move:

Waverley Borough Council has engaged a consultancy firm   Allies and Morrison (click here to see their web site) to continue the previous work on the development of Dunsfold aerodrome

As you will probably remember outline planning permission was gained in the past, then owners put the site up for sale.  Our councillors are involved in this stage of the consultation in a group called Dunsfold Advisory Group – includes our very own Liz Townsend and councillors from surrounding villages.

Will this development ruin Cranleigh’s chances of keeping its shops and schools?

This question is often raised – certainly the new village will have to have a 2 form entry school, a GP practice, and a good bus service.  There are all other facilities planned except a leisure centre.  The facts are that Waverley BC have included this development in their Local Plan which runs until 2032, and if this housing is not built then Waverley BC will have to ensure it is built in and around the villages and towns.  That means us Cranleigh.

New owners on the way

We understand a buyer has been found and that the development is going ahead.  The junction with the A281 is already being made ready for the new “Village”.

Have your say  The consultation is called an SPD – which means Supplementary Planning Document.

Waverley BC would really, really like your opinions about the way the development is being designed by their consultants!  They are consulting in various ways – on-line seminars, exhibitions and through the website. Please click here to follow the link.

What we think – but we want to know your views too

Our comments on your behalf so far have been emphasising the following needs –

wild life corridors, water and sewage management issues, future proofed eco properties, making sure all legislation that is coming within the next 10 years doesn’t mean householders having to retro-fit eco items, ensuring all age groups and mobility needs are catered very well for, green spaces and places to grow vegetables and fruit, transparency about drainage, caring for the pupils and staff at Jigsaw school – who hate noise – making sure that UCOG doesn’t get a look in, ground source heat pumps before building properties, owned shop houses rather than land owners who charge big rents for shops, ensuring plenty of opportunities for self-build especially for “Passivhaus” types (little or no energy required) and we have emphasised too that it is a very windy site!!!

Levy money that will make its way to Cranleigh – eventually

Developers are required to pay some money to Councils for a variety of “infrastructure” and “new” items that the public will benefit from, such as parks.  In this case around three quarters of a million pounds (only) will eventually find its way into Waverley’s coffers to go towards Cranleigh’s £12-£30 million pound new leisure centre and other facilities development!