Downs Link – does it need upgrading?

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Downs Link – does it need upgrading?

Some people think that other countries are much better at encouraging outdoor activities; even for those who can only go for walks, bike rides and push-chairs or wheelchairs travel.

Have you ever visited French, German, American or other areas where it’s just normal to find well maintained paths in and around towns, villages and the countryside?  Are those places popular with good quality tourists?

So how would it be if money from all the building works was spent of making sure we have a great footpath all along the Downs Link?

Wouldn’t it be great to no longer fear the railway line after rain for all the black mud created up one’s back when cycling, all over the dogs and unable to use push chairs and wheelchairs?

Our Waverley would have to be made very aware of this public desire.  Let us know – by contacting us directly!

Further reading: Guildford to Cranleigh route.



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6 thoughts on “Downs Link – does it need upgrading?”

  1. Yes the DownsLink desperately needs upgrading. I only use it in the summer as it is too dangerous in the winter months. It is long overdue. But do get your facts right. The Thurlow Arms was closed down years ago. It is no longer available for a food stop. It makes me wonder how serious you are in looking into upgrading. Take a leaf out of our continental neighbours books I have been cycling from Belgium through to The Netherlands and into Germany on hard surfaced cycling paths without having to go on roads and deal with Traffic.

  2. This would be the best possible outcome for the Downslink.

    Like many other people, I regularly cycle to and from from Cranleigh to Guildford, but it gets hard to do that in winter months due to soft muddy areas. At times particularly over the last two summers, it’s been really busy with cyclists and walkers on dry days.

    Clearly a rail link is financially a non-starter, and a busway is not practical due to landowner restrictions at some pinch points. In any case, a busway would only be able to go as far as the A281 from Cranleigh.

    A tarmaced path, to the standard already along the Bramley length would, I believe, be used much more by cyclists and walkers year-round.

    Also it would be much cheaper and quicker for Waverley (or is it Surrey County Council who do the maintenance) to do the hedge cutting along the downslink if it was tarmaced because they could get a tractor with a rear-mounted hedge cutter to zip along twice per year.

  3. Hi Re: North Downs Link
    Please leave it exactly as it is, there is a lot more bikes using the link now and many riders fly along dangerously giving little or no warning as they approach behind you.
    If the link is given a facelift this will only encourage more bikers and the speed will increase.
    Walking the dog is becoming hazardous.
    Yours hopefully

  4. Yes it would be nice to have an all weather surface on the Downs Link. However there are greater needs on which to spend the money from the developers – if there is any!! Reduce parking along Cranleigh High Street, mend the plethora of potholes, increase public transport to reduce the number of cars on the road.

  5. Surfacing to make an all-weather path is a great idea.Much has to be avoided in winter. Parts done are used much more than those not done. Other parts of the country are much better at it than Surrey.

  6. The Downs Link is very useful to walkers, cyclists and horse riders. My garden backs on to this path. Surrey County Council do not maintain the path. Brambles and nettles are encroaching on to the path. It is very shaded and needs trees taken down in places to let in sunlight and give views of the surrounding countryside. The path is muddy at times. About cyclists getting muddy, I would say that a rear mud guard would give them some protection. Steps off the path are very steep in places and there are no hand rails. Will the Horsham Road development have proper access to the Downs Link? During meetings before the development, the developers said they would improve the area around the access to the path.

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