The Wey & Arun Canal near us

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A section of the Wey and Arun Canal is apparently Under Reconstruction  near us here in Cranleigh.

As you drive along Elmbridge Road between the One Stop and the A218 the narrow hump with traffic calming is a sort of bridge over it.

How would it be if that part of the road were made into a proper double width bridge travelling responsibly over the Canal? It could then be dredged and restored.

But who owns the land and will it ever happen? How could Surrey County Council ever afford such a project?  Would you support it?

You might like to join the Wey & Arun Trust and support the wonderful work they do – for wildlife corridors and fresh air lungs for our built up areas



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One thought on “The Wey & Arun Canal near us”

  1. Any council worth its salt would have made the housing developers pay for this canal bridge to be rebuilt properly for two-way traffic and to incorporate any future canal restoration. This also goes for the old railway/downs-link bridge. After all this is basic infrastructure maintenance.

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