You are needed to respond!!! to CRANLEIGH’s NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN!

You are needed to respond!!! to CRANLEIGH’s NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN!

You are needed to respond!!!! to Cranleigh’s Neighbourhood Plan!

it’s the final draft and now it’s up to the public to agree it – our councillors have done the work as required by the Government.  Thame was first some years ago – now it’s our turn at last!

Go to Cranleigh Parish Council website, click on Neighbourhood Plan, then look right and click on 19.02.06 – Cranleigh Neighbourhood Plan – Reg 14 Version Amended

****EXCITING NEWS**** Cranleigh’s Neighbourhood Plan has reached a formal stage (Regulation 14). The plan is available via link below for you to look through (right hand side of the page – The Draft Neighbourhood Plan (Reg 14) button). **WE NEED YOU** to let us know what you think about anything whatsoever in the plan. No comment too small or too large!

There is a Comments form (Word and pdf version available via the Your Comments (Reg 14) button on the website) which can be filled in and emailed to or print it off and drop the completed form into the Council offices on Village Way, Cranleigh, Surrey, GU6 8AF, or you can post it to us.

Cranleigh Parish Council  is also having a drop in session on Thursday 07 March 2019 in the Village Hall from 9.00am through to 8.00pm if you want to chat things through with us.

This is where we came in folks – 9 Oct 2014 – CCS inaugural meeting because the NP process was not helping –  But now it may be possible to stop further dramatic changes.

Cranleigh Society News

Cranleigh Society News

Cranleigh Society News 9 Feb 2019

Firstly – Social –  join us at The Three Horseshoes pub on Monday 11th Feb, any time from 6.30pm – let’s share a drink, chat and action plans too. There is always an option to buy meals or snacks too. 

Next – Cranleigh Society asks – What would YOU say and want to know from Waverley if you were sitting in a room with their undivided attention?  Our next meeting is coming up.

Soon – What would YOU ask MP Anne Milton when she next comes to Cranleigh?  Flood forum – Friday 22nd March  10.30am Band Room – VERY Important YOU attend. We will provide information sheets and hope to sort out the lack of microphones by then for the Band Room. Let us have your worries and questions please.

Surrey County Council consultations – so here’s the thing – our democracy requires many things such as hard working officers working for the community and elected Councillors, such as consultations – when they get to points where they can see a large impact on communities – and they have to count them and take their views into account. So if we don’t write in etc. we don’t count!!! Please go onto the Website for Surrey County Council consultations and read what they have put up. BTW – if ever you can’t – please go to the library and ask for help with the computers there – it’s your right and this too could be taken away if not used enough.

Cranleigh Parish Council – all public are welcome to their meetings – and there is a moment in those meetings when the councillors are free to discuss matters more openly when the public are excluded – reasonably. Local planning applications are considered by members of the Planning Committee on a three weekly basis.  The Planning List of planning applications to be considered by the Committee is displayed at the Council Offices. Look at their web site – meetings for dates – they change!

There are twelve Parish Councillors who take an active part in village life and who are elected to represent the community. The Council has adopted a Business Plan for the period 2019 – 2023 which can be viewed here.  CPC looks after many amenities – Snoxhall fields, village Hall, Cemetery, Allotments, and also lists information about ROAD CLOSURES, REPORTING FLOODING, DEFIBRILLATOR, FIRST RESPONDERS.

Cranleigh Neighbourhood Plan is up for reading and commenting up – please see their web site – click the top tab Neighbourhood plan, then Draft, then Regulation 14 consultation!


Thank you for reading this far – please do join in

News! January 2019

News! January 2019

News! January 2019

NEXT CRANLEIGH SOCIETY SOCIAL – 11TH FEB from 6.30, Three Horseshoes. do join in any time –

Cranleigh Parish Council – have agreed some aspects of the planning application by Cranleigh School (Private) – we thought the land opposite Nottcuts was protected by the Neighbourhood Plan? Comments Please. They are not agreeing with the housing opposite Nottcuts apparently.  phew!

Surrey County Council have allowed Farnham to keep their Recycling centre (tip).  Cranleigh’s Recycling centre will remain open for recycling for now –  They will no longer accept ‘black bag’ waste, the waste that goes to landfill. This is how they intend to make enough savings to continue to keep Cranleigh recycling centre open. This will be monitored over the next 6 months but they were confident that enough saving could be made to keep our centre open.

Waverley and Cranleigh society – meetings to continue – what are you most concerned about at the moment?

FLOOD FORUM with Anne Milton MP – next one is soon – so please tell us if you have knowledge of sewerage coming up where it shouldn’t or flooding or other water issues.

RIVER FLY Lavae counts  – we have had some training so help is always welcome.  Thank you for offering, we will be in touch soon.

RIVER TIDYING – we need to find out more about this – we have been told that fallen branches etc. may be good in certain areas and NOT to remove them please.

RIVER QUALITY – our team will contact those who have shown interest soon, thank you


Cranleigh “Rivers”

Cranleigh “Rivers”

Cranleigh Rivers – Are you interested in country walks, finding water courses with a friend and seeing what you can find in the bottom of the water? Then please contact us and offer your help. thank you.

Cranleigh Waters is not a river or a stream. It is a network of brooks and rivulets which merge and then drain into the River Wey at Shalford.

Most of us will cross over one or more of the many tributaries of Cranleigh Waters on our way to school or village,  and will probably have noticed that the flow can be either a trickle or turgid surge – in other words ‘flashy’

Like most watercourses, pollution from agriculture and human activities can have a devastating effect on plants and animals which live within. The big question is whether we want Cranleigh Waters to be a flourishing habitat for wildlife or just a drain.

The Environment Agency , Surrey Wildlife Trust and others have granted monies to improve our waters this year but we need your help – whether measuring river “flies” (tiny lavae – great indicators of overall water quality) or building small structures to improve flow or just general tidying up.

Fish only thrive when the water is at good quality, providing an excellent habitat for the tiny creatures the fish eat. These tend to be water shrimps and the lavae of May flies etc.

County Needs You!

County Needs You!

Subject: Surrey Waste Local Plan: Publication of Submission Plan for representations

Visit and complete the questionnaire. Views need to be submitted by 24 February 2019.

Last month, Surrey County Council’s Cabinet approved Surrey’s new Waste Local Plan for publication. We are required to produce the plan which contains planning policies and potential sites for new facilities to manage the county’s waste.

Before it can be adopted by the county council, it now has to be submitted to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government and examined in public by an independent planning inspector.

Residents and businesses together with all other stakeholders, including districts and boroughs, now have a final opportunity to comment on our Submission Plan, and have their views considered by the inspector. To do this they can visit and complete the questionnaire. Views need to be submitted by 24 February 2019.

We are running a communications campaign on digital channels to reach residents and encourage them to share their views on the proposed plan. Please do encourage residents, businesses and stakeholders to feed in their views.

We are encouraging representations to be made online where at all possible. Nevertheless there is the opportunity to submit representations by email or in writing. Hard copies of documents will be available at district and borough offices and by calling 03456 009 009 or texting 07860 053 456.

For more information, please visit the Minerals and Waste Planning Policy webpage for the new waste plan: Or if you wish to contact an officer in the Minerals & Waste Policy Team please email and they will get back to you.

Surrey County Councillor