do come along! 3 Horseshoes Monday 10 December from 6.30 pm

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do come along! 3 Horseshoes Monday 10 December from 6.30 pm

Cranleigh Society Social and chats

We  invite you to join us when we  meet in The Three Horseshoes pub on the second Monday in each month from 6.30.

We will have a visitor from CVHT to chat to you all.

Last month we enjoyed meeting some members and they offered some helpful advice.  We want to chat with you and explain what we do know and talk about all the topics you would like – housing, Flood Forum, Rivers, Thames Water, further planning applications, ancient trees, wildlife habitats and so on.

Come and go as you please – this is sociable time but discussions around the issues that worry us all are more than welcome.  Discussions too about what has been done, and what can be done in the future will always be part of the point of meeting up.

If you intend to buy a meal it can be best to let the landlord Peter know in advance.

We look forward to seeing you  December 10th; January 14th and so on

with kind regards

From Sue and the committee

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2 thoughts on “do come along! 3 Horseshoes Monday 10 December from 6.30 pm”

  1. Thanks for arranging this, I am sorry that I shall not be able to come this evening.
    I would like to urge action on keeping our Cranleigh recycling centre, as without this the area is likely to be a mess which will cost a lot to tidy up.
    Philippa Thorne

  2. It was fun to meet some Cranleigh Society members! thank you for coming along. Thank you too for saying you will be more active in finding things out and going to Council meetings to report back.
    Our next social will be on Monday 10 December – always at the 3 Horseshoes – in the back room.
    There is just SO MUCH happening it is overwhelming – and it looks as if Waverley officers think the same.

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