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Major Planning Applications since 2014

Berkeley Homes – The Maples WA/2014/0912 – 425 dwellings – Was DEFERRED until beginning 5 Jan 2015. REJECTED but went to appeal and they won. Fields lost.

West Cranleigh Nurseries – Knowle Park Initiative WA/2014/2127- 265 dwellings – success, more fields lost.

Crest Nicholson – Horsham Road WA/2014/1754 – 149 dwellings – decision GRANTED – more fields lost.

Little Meadow, Alfold Road – 75 dwellings – another field gone.

Cranleigh Brickworks Knowle Lane – WA/2013/1947 – 19 dwellings in open countryside – decision: FULL PERMISSION GRANTED 22 JUNE 2015.