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Want to do something about houses being dumped by Waverley Borough Council on Cranleigh’s Green Fields?

Time is running out. You need to ACT TODAY!

Join the Cranleigh Society, for an annual subscription of £10, or £5 if your are under 18, through PayPal or download the form below. Please read through our constitution. We are run entirely by volunteers who give up their time for FREE.

JOIN CRANLEIGH’S CIVIC SOCIETY – Follow this link and download the Membership form

Submit your Objections to the Following Major Planning Applications NOW!

Berkeley Homes – The Maples WA/2014/0912 – 425 dwellings – Was DEFERRED until beginning 5 Jan 2015. Now REJECTED but doesn’t end there may go to appeal.
If you want to object to this application click here.

West Cranleigh Nurseries – Knowle Park Initiative WA/2014/2127- 265 dwellings – WITHDRAWN AT THIS STAGE – comments and objections can still be submitted. Click here.

Crest Nicholson – Horsham Road WA/2014/1754 – 149 dwellings – decision GRANTED – more details about the decision here.

Crownhall Estates – Little Meadow, Alfold Road – 75 dwellings – decision target date 5 June 2015.  If you want to object to this application go on to the Waverley Borough Council Planning Portal.

Cranleigh Brickworks Knowle Lane – WA/2013/1947 – 19 dwellings in open countryside – decision: FULL PERMISSION GRANTED 22 JUNE 2015.
Copy in to your Objections:

1. ALL Members of the Waverley Joint Planning Committee members list here. ALWAYS provide your FULL name and postal address.

2. Your MP Anne Milton ALWAYS provide your FULL name and postal address.

3. Your Surrey County Councillor Alan Young ALWAYS provide your FULL name and postal address.

(If you notice any errors on this page please contact us and let us know.)

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4 thoughts on “JOIN US”

  1. I have been in email contact with Waverley Borough Council and Anne Milton and this weekend I will contact David Hodge, the leader of Surrey County Council.

    Do you wish to have copies of this correspondence?

    I’m afraid I don’t do social media.

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