Cranleigh 1000 Club is brand new – you can help and benefit

Cranleigh 1000 Club is brand new – you can help and benefit

Cranleigh 1000 Club – first draw June 15th at St Nicolas Church.

The event is Queen Six, and the prize money will be £100. To be in this draw, please email by 13th June to 

So – why join in? 

Those volunteers who are working to save St Nicolas church building – built around 1170 – and those working to save Cranleigh Cottage Hospital’s heritage cottage – built around 1446 – would like to involve the community –

How to join – Join Cranleigh 1000 club – buy a number (or more) for £5 per month.

How it works – half the money raised will go to the winning number!

the other half will be distributed between 1170 – charity that raises funds to conserve the building of St Nicolas Church – and Cranleigh Heritage Trust – charity that raises funds to conserve Cranleigh cottage hospital’s heritage cottage. This is fully authorised and compliant with the Fundraising Regulator.

The more you feel able to buy the better your chances of winning

The aim is to sell 1000 numbers – which means you have a one in a thousand chance of winning, significantly better than other games, can we get there?

When the draws take place – every month, at a Cranleigh event

Help Cranleigh’s historic buildings to be conserved and available to support ours and future generations. You can help restore, preserve and future proof two iconic Cranleigh Heritage buildings and have a chance to win a cash prize every month as well.

please email to complete a form – thankyou

Cranleigh High Street updates

Cranleigh High Street updates

Cranleigh Civic Society was part of the consulation team

regarding the High Street development scheme – the scheme was developed by Surrey County Council to ensure Cranleigh gains some benefits from the tax money that developers have to pay. (S106, CIL etc).

So were a group of people able to explain how enhancements can be made to help those who find walking difficult and traffic overwhelming – SMART Cranleigh.

The scheme and its consultations were advertised on this web site and Surrey’s.  Our strong opposition to several aspects of it were, at first, acknowledged and Surrey County Council declared that they would adjust the works accordingly.  Since then some people in Cranleigh have lobbied SCC to spend more time and money on investigations and consultations too.

The latest news is that SCC have sent letters to residents explaining what they will and won’t do and what they may consider – and why:

Can all the aims be met?  

make Cranleigh more attractive and inviting to enjoy – ideal for resting, socialisng and for outdoor events;

support the local economy by encouraging people to stay longer in the village centre and make full use of the shops, cafes and services;

tackle climate change;

support physical and mental wellbeing – by making it easier to walk, cycle and use public transport.

How would you suggest these 4 outcomes should and could be met? 

For a couple of hours each end of every weekday hundreds of cars make their way across Cranleigh, and it takes an extra ten to twenty minutes to drive through.   We presume this is due to the increased numbers of people living and working in Cranleigh, including increasing numbers of care workers for our aging population in their own homes.

Surrey County Council will no longer remove the mini roundabout at Village Way, or pedestrianise the Post Office slip road.

They won’t remove the bus laybys.  More surveys are being done. 

Fountain Square will be changed making it closed to traffic from Friday to Sunday and bank holidays. Access to Onslow Mews will be maintained at all times.

The will improve the Obelisk junction, including a new pedestrian crossing point.

Thye have a new working party that doesn’t include Cranleigh Society or SMART Cranleigh.

The group may include the following ideas:

flooding issues along the High Street

pavements more suitable for pedestrains

speed tables

Knowle Lane junction improvements.

So there you have it –

Matt Furniss is the person who has led the Placemaking team and you can email them at

or write to Placemaking team, Quadrant Court, 35 Guildford, Wodking, Surrey, GU22 7QQ. or call 03456 009 009.

Matt Furniss is the Cabinet Member for Highways, Transport and Economic Growth


Cranleigh Neighbourhood Plan can be voted in – on 20th June – phew!

Cranleigh Neighbourhood Plan can be voted in – on 20th June – phew!

Date released for CRANLEIGH NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN referendum – Thursday, 20th June 2024.

 Please use your vote to say yes!

Cranleigh Neighbourhood Plan has now been updated and approved by the High Court.

Please note that the Neighbourhood Plan is entirely different from the proposed changes to Cranleigh High Street.

It is understandable that residents are disappointed that the initial Neighbourhood Plan referendum had to be cancelled, but it is so important that we all use our vote in the referendum on the 20th of June 2024. If adopted, it will be used by Waverley Borough Council to help them make decisions on planning applications.

The Neighbourhood Plan will:

  • Provide 5 years protection against inappropriate speculative development in the area
  • Increase developers contributions (Community Infrastructure Levy) from 15% to 25% to be spent on local projects

The Neighbourhood Plan includes policies on:

  • Green spaces – protecting local designated green spaces which meet certain criteria from development
  • Housing and Design – promotes high quality housing design which integrates well with its surroundings – accessible to those with disabilities, energy efficient, reduction of water consumption, reasonably sized gardens/ flats that have immediate access to outdoor space or balconies.
  • Environment – protecting our natural environment by retaining the most versatile agricultural land – the natural environment should be preserved and enhanced using measures that include the use of wildlife corridors, planting and retaining hedges and trees, installing sensitive lighting schemes and safeguarding air and water quality
  • Infrastructure – ensuring that the risk of flooding is minimised and that there is adequate water and sewerage infrastructure, that developments are well connected to Cranleigh using sustainable modes of transport
  • Economy – offers protection against loss of commercial units, unless it can be proved that the current use is unviable, and supports diversification of farm buildings where appropriate.

To read the full version of the Cranleigh Neighbourhood Plan and for further information, please click here .


Cranleigh remembered – but not this week – and Old Cottage Hospital updates

Cranleigh remembered – but not this week – and Old Cottage Hospital updates

Hello -no Cranleigh Voices meeting this week – sorry. 

As you may know Cranleigh Society has been hosting Vintage Tea Parties at Cranleigh Band Room every three months or so, and recording special memories of Cranleigh long ago, but we can’t provide the one this Wednesday after all – so sorry. They have been fun and the hall was all booked but we cannot man it.  Hopefully the next one will be in July then August.

The main reasons are that several of the people who set them up are also working on applying for a very large National Lottery Heritage Fund Grant this August, and the work has taken over – what we really need is more people to join in and help with Cranleigh Society.

Cranleigh Old Cottage Hospital project update

The working title is Napper Cottage, but we in Cranleigh still call it the Cottage Hospital.  We mean just the 15th cottage that is unused nowadays, not the working day hospital and maternity suite.

National Lottery Heritage Fund

You might remember that the Heritage Fund are very keen for this project to succeed and have already forwarded a good sum of money which is being spent carefully on researchers  and advisors.  Every time people buy a lottery ticket they help with good causes – so thank you to those who buy.

Conserving, Updating and Opening Cranleigh Old Cottage Hospital

The team are also finding out about how the building can be updated without harming it, and  have looked at a possible front garden design too.

Who will benefit from Heritage Education? 

The search is on for groups and individuals who would find the cottage just right for their work and interests, different to the other places in Cranleigh.  They have discussed all this with the Arts Centre, Rowleys, the Methodist church and the Leisure centre, to name a few.  It’s all very exciting.

Once opened the heritage stories and items from the 19th century will be inspiring and the hope is to have new exhibitions often.  Schools and colleges will be encouraged to visit, taking advantage of the library at the same time where groups are quite large.  Did you know that schools and nurseries struggle to find enough volunteers for outings?  Please see if you can offer your help.

Raising enough money 

The Trustees hope that the method of raising the money to repair, conserve and open the building meets everyones needs – no coins in buckets- all named donations and appropriate grants. There will be a new exciting ‘1000 Club’ – so that people can play to win a share of any money raised, and benefit the charity that works on the building of St NIcolas Church, plus the cottage.  The Heritage fund will only provide 90% of the estimated costs.  Cranleigh and villagers must show their support too and raise the other 10%. There have been a few donations, all carefully recorded, and the team are extremely grateful.

When will the Heritage Fund let the team know if they have succeeded? 

The Trustees and team must send in the application in August, then the Heritage Fund teams will examine the plans very carefully.  There are four main outcomes that they insist upon:

Saving heritage

Protecting the environment

Inclusion, access and participation

Organisational sustainability.

 = Heritage should be valued, cared for and sustained for everyone’s future.

YOu can view the web site and follow links to Facebook, Instagram and X.  click here

thank you for reading this far – please comment below so we know you care


Stocklund Square is privately owned – a planning application is in

Stocklund Square is privately owned – a planning application is in

Planning Application number is WA/2024/00769 – On Waverley Borough Council’s website, Planning.

Stocklund Square is privately owned and managed, and the company is interested in gaining planning permission to install new glass space, maybe for seating and a cafe, plus toilets.

In principle Cranleigh Society can’t see any valid planning reasons to object as the current arrangement is certainly both jaded and lacking in character.

The design for the new buildings seems to be in keeping with the area and acknowledges the original station buildings which were there previously.

The concept allows views through the new buildings so that the existing shop premises are not hidden from view.

An improved pedestrian area with planting and new seating would create a more welcoming space rather than be just a pedestrian route between the car park and Sainsburys. The proposed canopy over the existing shops is also an improvement.

The proposals do not appear to conflict with the general upgrading of the High Street currently being discussed.

In the developer’s statement they say that the Chamber of Commerce and the Council have been consulted  but they do not mention the existing shop tenants.

Please do tell Cranleigh Society your views and also go onto Waverley’s site to make your feelings known.