Please – Vote YES to Cranleigh Neighbourhood Plan – 20 June – You should have already received your polling cards for the Neighbourhood Plan referendum vote;

Cranleigh Civic Society is a group of caring volunteers and thoughtful followers who are passionate about where we live and its surroundings – Society members have worked with many others to help create Cranleigh Neighbourhood Plan and at last you can vote in its referendum and make it legal. 

The Neighbourhood Plan will:

  • Provide 5 years protection against inappropriate speculative development in the area.
  • Increase developers’ contributions (Community Infrastructure Levy) on applications considered viable (approved) in our area, which will be spent on local projects.

 The Neighbourhood Plan includes policies on:

  • Protection of green spaces.
  • Housing and Design – promoting high quality houses that integrate well with their surroundings, accessible to those with disabilities, energy efficient and with reasonably sized gardens and/or outdoor space/balconies.
  • The Environment – protection of our natural environment by retaining the most versatile agricultural land, preservation and enhancement including use of wildlife corridors, planting and retaining hedges and trees, installing sensitive lighting schemes and safeguarding air and water quality.
  • Infrastructure – minimising risk of flooding, ensuring adequate water and sewerage infrastructure, ensuring developments are well connected to Cranleigh using sustainable modes of transport.
  • The Economy – protection against loss of commercial units safeguarding jobs (unless it can be proved that current use is unviable), supporting diversification of farm buildings where appropriate.

 The Neighbourhood Plan will be a formal planning document which will sit alongside Waverley’s Local Plan adding a local dimension. It will be used to determine planning applications within Cranleigh Parish and this is what makes it so important for our village.




General election 4th July. 

Between those who work for Cranleigh Society, those who subscribe to news and follow posts online, there are many different approaches, voting styles, ethnic groups and those with various differences – as a group we stand for trying to get the best for our area.  Cranleigh Society is non-political – but pays plenty of attention to laws, law makers and law interpreters.  Cranleigh Society stands for trying to influence those who do make decisions on Cranleigh’s behalf, in favour of conserving what is best, providing what’s needed and only adding to the village in a considerate way. Being involved, reading up, turning up to meetings, expressing the views of the public who have shared theirs, listening to responses and caring for each other – that’s what is done in the name of Cranleigh Society.

One thing that is urged is that everyone makes their voices heard – with sound knowledge and arguments.

Let’s make sure we all vote with knowledge and understanding –

thanks for reading – please comment below