Meeting about Cranleigh’s Hospital beds & Care Home with Accommodation block

Following a request by electors, there will be a Parish Meeting on Wednesday 06 March 2019 at 7.00pm in Cranleigh Village Hall to discuss the Cranleigh Village Hospital Trust

Waverley borough council planning application number = WA/2018/1966  Land southof John Wiskar Drive on east side of Knowle Lane:

The Chairman of CVHT (Dr R Fawkner-Corbett) says he is thankful to the Parish Council for the land swap that has enabled the proposal.  There is a need for the 20 community beds for Cranleigh and Dunsfold in the coming years. He explained that the application is for a care home and not a hospital. He said the first proposal in 2003 was for a hospital and health centre, but the NHS had no money so it did not proceed. There is now a new health centre and the old village hospital is currently having a digital X-ray installed and MRI unit is due to be installed soon. This application will replace the 14 community beds lost from Cranleigh Village Hospital and be financially stable with space on site for an accommodation block for low cost rental.

Tetlow King Planning –
• It is proposed to have 66 parking spaces and 20 cycle spaces, which is inline with WBC’s Parking Guidelines.
• 3 trees will be removed – 2 level C trees and 1 B2 level
• It reflects the housing outlined in the Local Plan.
• 32% of Cranleigh residents are over 60
• Surrey County Council and NHS local CCG will make use of the affordable community accommodation – for health related staff. 
• The NPPF explains there is a need for this type of provision.
• The 20 beds will be free at point of access, to be used for local CCG – NHS, Surrey County Council social care and mainly RSCH purposes, with the maximum stay expected to be 8 weeks.
• 60 beds are for private use.

• CVHT says the CCG have not decided how the beds will be used or the budget. It is guaranteed free at the point of access, so funding will come from the state not the individual. It will depend on the need as to where the funds will come from – e.g. Adult Social Care budget
• A legal agreement prevents the care home being built until funding is in place and the NHS cannot commit until planning is in place.
• The beds will not be just for long term use, there will be a mixture of uses.
• The 20 beds will be funded by the NHS and SCC, there will be a new contract with the NHS approximately every five years.
• The CCG – NHS – will approve/allocate beds and aim to be for a cross section of requirement, prioritize local residents and be free.
• CCG’s requirements could change over time, as their contracts are regularly updated to meet need.
• Placements in the 20 community beds are expected to have a stay of 4-6 weeks.
• There are rooms in the community wings that could be used for consultations.

• The CCG  has been discussing this for 4 years and are enthusiastic about it.
• There is a statement of support from the CCG and RSCH
• “HC One” will provide the day to day care.
• A planning condition would protect the intentions for the community beds.


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