You are needed to respond!!!! to Cranleigh’s Neighbourhood Plan!

it’s the final draft and now it’s up to the public to agree it – our councillors have done the work as required by the Government.  Thame was first some years ago – now it’s our turn at last!

Go to Cranleigh Parish Council website, click on Neighbourhood Plan, then look right and click on 19.02.06 – Cranleigh Neighbourhood Plan – Reg 14 Version Amended. You can provide your feedback using this survey before the deadline of 26th March 2019.

****EXCITING NEWS**** Cranleigh’s Neighbourhood Plan has reached a formal stage (Regulation 14). The plan is available via link below for you to look through (right hand side of the page – The Draft Neighbourhood Plan (Reg 14) button). **WE NEED YOU** to let us know what you think about anything whatsoever in the plan. No comment too small or too large!

There is a Comments form (Word and pdf version available via the Your Comments (Reg 14) button on the website) which can be filled in and emailed to or print it off and drop the completed form into the Council offices on Village Way, Cranleigh, Surrey, GU6 8AF, or you can post it to us.

Cranleigh Parish Council  is also having a drop in session on Thursday 07 March 2019 in the Village Hall from 9.00am through to 8.00pm if you want to chat things through with us.

This is where we came in folks – 9 Oct 2014 – CCS inaugural meeting because the NP process was not helping –  But now it may be possible to stop further dramatic changes.