Cranleigh Rivers – Are you interested in country walks, finding water courses with a friend and seeing what you can find in the bottom of the water? Then please contact us and offer your help. thank you.

Cranleigh Waters is not a river or a stream. It is a network of brooks and rivulets which merge and then drain into the River Wey at Shalford.

Most of us will cross over one or more of the many tributaries of Cranleigh Waters on our way to school or village,  and will probably have noticed that the flow can be either a trickle or turgid surge – in other words ‘flashy’

Like most watercourses, pollution from agriculture and human activities can have a devastating effect on plants and animals which live within. The big question is whether we want Cranleigh Waters to be a flourishing habitat for wildlife or just a drain.

The Environment Agency , Surrey Wildlife Trust and others have granted monies to improve our waters this year but we need your help – whether measuring river “flies” (tiny lavae – great indicators of overall water quality) or building small structures to improve flow or just general tidying up.

Fish only thrive when the water is at good quality, providing an excellent habitat for the tiny creatures the fish eat. These tend to be water shrimps and the lavae of May flies etc.

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