Waverley Leader advised of No Confidence Vote

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Cranleigh Civic Society have confirmed the vote of “No Confidence” taken by those attending the public meeting on 25 May 2017 to the Leader, Julia Potts, of Waverley Borough Council and are now investigating in full the options available to us and the next steps we will be taking.

Dear Ms Potts

As you are aware, Cranleigh Civic Society recently organised a public meeting at our village hall at which we shared our knowledge of what is happening now, and what is being planned for the future of our village. Many of the 229 people who attended passionately expressed their anger and concerns about the volume of housing your team has approved to be built on our green fields and how many more you intend to send our way.

Equal to this were the worries about how our already poor infrastructure will cope with the huge increase in the population. As promised, I relayed your message of how much you care about our village, and I must tell you it was not well received.

At the end of the meeting we offered the opportunity for them to vote by a show of hands if they wanted to send you a strong and clear message that they do not have confidence in your team’s ability to care for the quality of our lives and wellbeing  through your actions and inaction; 226 voted to support this statement, one opposed and two abstained.

I trust this message is clear.

Phill Price


Cranleigh Civic Society


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2 thoughts on “Waverley Leader advised of No Confidence Vote”

  1. Today I travelled along Wildwood Way ( from A 281 towards Cranleigh)
    I also used Amletts Lane and then across Smithwood common.
    All these routes are showing signs of use by heavy vehicles, particularly badly damaged verges sufficently deep to badly damage ordinary ;ight vehicles.
    I assume that as Waveley granted planning permission which is directly responsible for the dramatic increase in heavy vehicles, that they will be liaising closely with Surrey to ensure these routes are inspected regularly ( weekly would not be too often) and repairs carried out quickly and efficiently – The cost of course should be borne by the developers or the individuals who thought it was a good idea to grant planning but definitely not borne by the rate payers.

    1. It will probably be up to residents to keep an eye on the roads and report to Surrey Highways, or your local Councillor, or Parish Clerk.

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