section of brook in Cranleigh with raw sewage

Sewage cover-up

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After months of research and pressure by the Cranleigh Society, the Environment Agency has admitted in writing to us that Cranleigh Waters, where Thames Water currently discharge Cranleigh’s sewage effluent, is exceeding legal safety limits and it is “technically infeasible” to address.

The volume of sewage is overwhelming Thames Water’s ability to deal with it, and for some time it has been damaging the biodiversity of the stream.

The Stream has become so polluted that the Environment Agency can not permit any more effluent to flow into it from new housing estates.

If you want to read more about our research into the problem with Cranleigh Waters take a look at our article “WHERE IS BERKELEY HOMES GOING TO SEND THEIR SEWAGE?

We have requested meetings with the Environment Agency and Waverley Borough Council to discuss our findings and will keep you updated.

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4 thoughts on “Sewage cover-up”

  1. Thank you for all you are doing for the sake of our village environment.
    As you suggested, we have written to our MP who we know respects all being done by Cranleigh Civic Society

  2. I sent photos identical to this to the environment agency when it first started happenning and stinking after the new houses eitherside of m&s car park were built ten years ago.

  3. Anywhere else in the uk the builders that dug the ditch to let pollution flow into the stream for ten years would be prosecuted as would the EA for allowing it so long.

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