UPDATE: The Appeal date is 2 February 2016 10am in the Waverley Borough Council Offices, The Burys, Godalming. ALL WELCOME.


The Berkeley Homes Appeal was registered with the Planning Inspectorate. The appeal starting date is 17th AUGUST 2015. Please submit your objections directly to the Planning Inspectorate


If you previously objected to this application then Waverley Borough Council would have formally notified you of the Berkeley Homes (The Maples) Appeal to build 425 houses on Land immediately South of the High Street Between Alfold Road and Knowle Lane Cranleigh.

However you now have the opportunity to make further comments or to submit a NEW objection if you haven’t written before.

You should write direct (please send 3 copies if possible) to:

The Planning Inspectorate
Room 3/26
Temple Quay House
2 The Square
Temple Quay

by 28th September 2015 – quoting the following Appeal reference details which are:
Planning Inspectorate Reference: APP/R3650/W/15/3129019
Application Reference: WA/2014/0912
Appellant’s name: Berkeley Strategic Land Limited

This is the last chance you have to stop this huge housing estate on Cranleigh’s green fields.

Below is a list of possible points to object to against this planning application (previously published on our website here).

Always include your FULL name and postal address when writing

If you want to raise any of the following comments in your objection please do put them into your own words, as otherwise the Planning Inspector may not take them into account, thank you.

Some Points to Consider

Some of the points you might like to mention are (please do not cut and paste these points as that will make your email invalid ):

  • Premature to the emerging Neighbourhood Plan.
  • It will cause considerable  harm to landscape character.
  • In line with the NPPF (National Planning Policy Framework) brown fields (previously developed land) should be built on before green fields, in Cranleigh that would include Hewitts Industrial Estate which is deliverable in 5 years and currently has a planning application in.
  • The site suffers from surface water flooding as recently as December 2013, although this was not mentioned in Berkeley Homes’  Flood Risk Assessment. Surrey County Council who is lead flood authority for surface water flood risk has not inspected the site.
  • Cranleigh’s road infrastructure should be a material constraint as it is not suitable for a development of this size.  This would also lead to additional pressure on the surrounding road network, in particular heading North towards Guildford, which is at capacity.
  • Cranleigh’s sewage works need a major upgrade and major investment from Thames Water before a development of this size can be connected to the system.
  • This proposed housing would have a negative impact on the Government’s objective to achieve a better balance between housing demand and supply and to deliver mixed and inclusive communities.
  • The development fails to deliver Waverley Borough Council’s 40% affordable housing requirement.
  • In line with paragraph 50 of the NPPF this development fails to deliver the required housing mix, as outlined in the West Surrey SHMA 2014 and does not meet local demand or need.
  • This location is not sustainable in terms of National Planning Policy.  It does not bring economic and social benefit to Cranleigh as has been recognised by Waverley Borough Council in their own Sustainability Appraisal Part One.
  • There are other sites at less risk of flooding in Cranleigh that should be considered prior to this site.
  • There are insufficient places in our schools to meet the demands from a housing estate of this size.
  • The NHS has raised concerns on this application of the ability of our current medical facilities to cope with a development of this size without significant improvements and investment.

Thank you for speaking up for Cranleigh.