Republished article: objections can still be submitted as the planning application decision was deferred by Waverley Borough Council. It will now go before the Joint Planning Committee on 5 January 2015 at 7pm at Waverley Borough Council Offices, The Burys, Godalming.WE NEED AS MANY OF YOU AS POSSIBLE TO ATTEND

Submit your objection to this application on Waverley Borough Council’s before 5 January 2015 online planning portal ref WA/2014/0912

Please also email a copy of your objections to the members of the Waverley Joint Planning Committee to let them know exactly what you feel. They will have the FINAL SAY on this application.
Click here for a list of the members’ email addresses

Or email the case officer Mr Barry Lomax direct on please quote ref WA/2014/2127 and give your FULL name and Postal Address.

Or write to Waverley Borough Council at (please quote ref WA/2014/2127 and give your FULL name and Postal Address):
Mrs B Lomax
Planning Officer
Waverley Borough Council,
The Burys,

Always include your FULL name and postal address when writing or emailing.

If you want to raise any of the following comments in your objection please do put them into your own words, as otherwise Waverley may not take them into account, thank you.

Points to Consider

Some of the points you might like to mention are (please do not cut and paste these points as that will make your email invalid ):

  • Premature to the emerging Neighbourhood Plan.
  • It will cause considerable  harm to landscape character.
  • In line with the NPPF (National Planning Policy Framework) brown fields (previously developed land) should be built on before green fields, in Cranleigh that would include Hewitts Industrial Estate which is deliverable in 5 years and from their exhibitions this summer will be coming forward imminently.
  • Parts of the site are in flood zones 2 and 3 and at high risk of flooding.
  • The EA is only responsible for flooding from rivers and seas. Surrey County Council is lead flood authority for surface water flood risk. Cranleigh’s flooding is caused by Surface Water. Until Surrey County Council has performed a full surface water flood risk for Cranleigh in conjunction with the Emergency Services the Berkeley Home’s application should be deferred or refused.
  • Berkeley Homes talk about improving road junctions, however it is the roads themselves that need major improvements before a development of this size should go ahead.
  • Cranleigh’s sewage works need a major upgrade and major investment from Thames Water before a development of this size can be connected to the system.
  • Berkeley Homes need to commit in a contract to a minimum of 30% affordable housing on this site, it is ridiculous that this large commercial and wealthy corporation will not commit to a binding contract on affordable housing
  • The topography of Cranleigh has led to it developing in the way that it has; with housing on higher ground to the north and east of the village. This is because water runs down from the Surrey Hills and settles on the Weald Clay which makes the absorption of rainfall slow. This standing surface water will, and does, flood peoples’ homes and that is why these fields have remained undeveloped for generations. These fields should remain undeveloped for that reason.
  • Although there are still spaces in our secondary schools our primary schools are full NOW. From where we stand today as these schools feed our secondary school this will also be full of these very same children shortly.
  • The NHS has raised concerns on this application of the ability of our current medical facilities to cope with a development of this size without significant improvements and investment.

Thank you for speaking up for Cranleigh.