Residents and Users of Elmbridge Road, the main arterial road from the A281 into Cranleigh, need more than bush trimming to keep the road safe!

 For too long Elmbridge Road has looked as if nobody cares, to quote a Waverley Borough Councillor.    Despite it being the main arterial road off the A281 into Cranleigh, it has not been adequately maintained to keep up with the growing volume of traffic, both domestic and commercial.

Please Take Action now and sign the Petition before 25 September 2015.    It is available in Cranleigh High Street and other areas too .


Find it in the following places:

  • One Stop (Elmbridge Road
  • Redfords Barbers
  • Cranleigh Pet Supplies
  • Pedal and Spoke
  • 137 Hairdressers
  • Functional Fitness gym (above Rania)
  • Jarrads Taxis
  • Bricks Restaurant (Smithbrook Kilns)
  • Elmbridge Retirement Village (at Reception)
  • Dunsfold Village Shop

Ever since the pavement was put in along the single track road over the Wey and Arun Canal and four way traffic lights vetoed in 2008, nothing more than a few metal signs have been installed to manage traffic safely and effectively.   The Police were never consulted about the pavement prior to its installation.  They have expressed safety concerns about the single track priority road system  saying that it has failing given that it is ‘too difficult for drivers to assess whether it is clear to proceed or not….and that some other form of traffic control is required.’   This view has been consistently expressed by the Police since 2008 but they have not been listened to.

 Spot the road sign below!Elmbridge Road

At the moment, signage does not give drivers sufficient advance warning of the unusually long 120 yard single track.   This has poor visibility particularly for those drivers coming from the A281, due to a blind spot caused by the camber of the canal bridge, the awkward positioning of the pavement and a hazard sign that also obstructs drivers’ views.   In addition, current signage  also fails to give clear unambiguous instructions on who has priority and who has to give way.     Residents also complain about speeds being exceeded particularly from the allotments along Elmbridge Road heading out of Cranleigh.  Residents say they can hear cars speeding up once they reach the canopy of trees that is now so thick it is like a tunnel and it obscures the street lights.

The positive news is that new calming measures are supported formally by the Cranleigh Parish Council. 


But more help is needed.  The Help Elmbridge Road campaign has a petition that will be presented to the Local Waverley Committee on 25 September 2015.  The petition asks for new and more effective traffic calming measures for the priority road system in Elmbridge Road to help reduce the level of accidents and casualties, the number of day to day incidents of road rage, bumper to bumper stand off and general confusion over who has right of way.    New traffic calming measures would also make pedestrians, particularly the residents of Elmbridge Retirement Village,  safer when walking along the pavement.  This pavement is all too often used as an escape route by cars and lorries during a stand off.  Highways from Surrey County Council have not replaced the safety bollards.

The Help Elmbridge Road Campaign is receiving lots of comments from petitioners in support of new and more effective traffic calming measures.  Comments typically reflect concerns about the safety of the road.

“Accident waiting to happen”

“Bridge is dangerous causing near accidents often!”

“Too difficult to see on coming traffic in dip.”

“Traffic lights urgently needed”

“Over the years I have seen multiple accidents and daily misuseage of this very busy road.   The current system is not good enough”

“It is a very dangerous road”

“Many near misses”

“The problem has been ongoing for years”

“A continual cause of anxiety, aggro and unnecessary hassle”

“Stop messing around and put lights in before somebody gets killed”

“It’s a lottery trying to get across”

Take Action now and sign the Petition before 25 September 2015.

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