Three Horseshoes Pub, Wednesday 6pm 22nd March

Join in and make yourself heard –

Hi there – more people are joining us in the pub each month which is great.  We get to know each other and discuss what is happening in the village and surroundings.

Actions –

Planning – the team take away ideas and try to find out and comment about what is important – and now is the time for you all to please consider joining our team?


We have attended and contributed to several meetings this last month hearing what various officials and volunteers are up to – Civic Societies are taken seriously and included in discussions – the more of you who contribute the better!

High Street

– first survey feedback has resulted in more actions being carried out by Surrey CC to come up with better plans – another survey soon.

Leisure Centre

– this project is moving forwards and the siting of it has been decided – it will be somewhere in the current car park.

Bridge and Roads maintenance

You may have seen on social media that the bridge over the railway has had some remedial work and is being monitored further.  Surrey County Council have an enormous list of pot holes etc that they have shared with Councillor Liz Townsend – see Cranleigh Community Conversations FACEBOOK page

Rivers, phosphate levels, wild life

Surrey Wildlife trust attended and spoke at Cranleigh Parish Council’s annual Parish meeting – and reported on the work that Cranleigh Society members are doing to monitor our rivers and waterways – yes we have rivers – call them streams – that lead out to the main rivers. The work is recorded and acted on.

Please join us

– we usually have a meal at the pub too. from 6pm at the Three Horseshoes pub next to the garage Cranleigh High Street

we look forward to seeing you

the team