Hi, and thanks to all who joined in tonight at The Three Horseshoes Pub for social, information sharing (and dinner).

Planning applications

Topics covered – several  planning applications including Knowle Lane and behind Pets Pantry, the Parish council outlined problems with these at their planning meeting;  Speculation about infilling between Ewhurst Road and Seltops Close;

Using fossil fuels

UKOG nearby and under Dunsfold – drilling plans for natural gas -have you seen Councillor Follows on the BBC about this  – click here ?  and see the interview here with UKOG boss.

Thames Water

Thames Water’s plans to bring in further water supplies – but where do the pipes have to go?  for example along the top of the Showground, Bookhurst hill, Alderbrook, Amletts, Smithwood,   TW is taking ages to replace asbestos cement pipes bit by bit around the village, but we are very glad it is happening.  Sewage outflows – there are 4 measuring stations in Cranleigh – all clear at the moment but often not.

Welcome newcomers to Cranleigh

Some people have only been in Cranleigh for 3 or 4 years, and say it’s been difficult to find out what is happening, and to integrate.  They really would like more information about Cranleigh and its surroundings to be available!!!  We encourage joining Cranleigh Society.

GP surgery

Some people report very good help from the doctors’ surgery – can’t fault them, which is great.  Others get rather confused with all the changes. There is a new Patient Participation Group which has had a second meeting and seems to have some useful outcomes so far.

Cranleigh village hospital

The topic of Cranleigh Hospital was reviewed and we spoke fondly of the passing of Jill Wood. Jill actively contributed to committee meetings about the future of the cottage at Cranleigh Village Hospital. Also the possibility of Royal Surrey paying for extra services here in Cranleigh.  She was a nurse at the hospital, an active member of the league of friends and of St Nicolas Church, Cranleigh. Rest In Peace

The new Charity, Cranleigh Heritage Trust, is working with Cranleigh hospital league of friends about how the unused Grade II listed cottage might be restored and used by our community.  It will attract visitors from around the world – as it is a very special building – built around 1446 and with few structural changes. Strange to consider those ancient times – not long after the Battle of Agincourt, for example. The cottage became a vicarage for clergy assisting the Rectors, then the first Cottage Hospital of its type in England, thanks to Dr Albert Napper’s ideas. This project is known between us as Napper Cottage.  The Trustees are making progress with applying for lottery funding. It is a long and difficult journey.  It is hoped it will then be used by our whole community for 4 main reasons:

Napper Cottage – a new lease of life?

The ethos of the cottage project is around these 4 headings – all of which are about education in various forms, including courses to help people with health and wellbeing. None of the resources and information are available at present. Like all other assets in the villages it will need partners to sign up to use the lovely premises.

  • Welcome – a wider range of people will benefit:
    • tourists – Cranleigh is an attractive village, with particularly interesting history, in the Surrey Hills;
    • newcomers – Cranleigh is increasing by one third;
    • locals’ information – find what is local and accessible;
  • Celebrate and learn about Heritage –
    • Cranleigh village and environs,
    • the cottage hospital movement which started at this cottage,
    • the architecture of timber framed buildings over 1000 years, the cottage was built around 1446;
  • Improve Health and wellbeing –
    • Information about help available nearby or at the cottage especially patients of the nearby GP practice and day hospital;
    • Services new to Cranleigh will be attracted in by the cottage project, providing new services to those in need;
    • interest groups such as History society;
    • therapies such as practitioners offering one to one help and advice;
    • social groups such as u3a smaller groups;
  • Education –
    • schools,
    • colleges,
    • student careers (medicine, surgery, caring)

Thanks for reading this far – we will be chatting with the Rt Hon Anne Milton soon to see if she has some great ideas to help with Napper Cottage.

Our next meetings and socials – Wednesday 22nd March. June 28th, August 23rd – possibly, 27 September, 25th October; AND 

Our extra meetings with interesting social events will be on April 26th, 26th July and 22nd November – but in the Band room. 

Bye for now,

the team