Thames Water  and our Parish, Borough and County councillor Liz Townsend BEM  invite you to bring your real stories and questions to us now.

Cranleigh Village Hall on Monday 28th November at 7pm. All welcome.  Thames will come armed with answers to your questions we hope!!! 

Reporting flooding:- click here to see links for emergency help

To report severe flooding in your area contact the Environment Agency on 24 hour service telephone line: 0345 988 1188. You can also use Type talk on 0345 602 6340.

You can use SURREY COUNTY COUNCIL’S online reporting forms to report minor flooding or report drains that are blocked or report drains that are broken. Please see our flooding advice pages for flood warnings and practical advice on what to do before, during and after a flood.

Our worries about flooding, drought, sewage in homes, sewage in waterways, water supply, burst water mains, replacement (asbestos cement) water pipes continue

It’s hard to believe flooding has come back, what with the drought and the desiccated gardens in the summer. Can anything be done by Thames Water to process sewage more efficiently, even when rain waters enter their system?

Surrey County Council have a Community Resilience Team and one of their jobs is to find answers to residents’ questions about what to do about flooding. They inform and attend Flood Forums and try to help but there are several agencies with different jobs and responsibilities.  This makes it difficult for us residents. Recently we attended a meeting called Surrey Flood Action Groups Forum with several other Flood forums in Surrey and found out how they have managed to get improvements in their areas.  Some of their stories are hard to listen to as you might imagine, but not worse than Cranleigh’s.

Cranleigh village hall 28th November 2022 7pm agenda

  1. Welcome
  2. Introductions
  3. Report on interruptions in water supply
  4. Delays in compensation payments and underpayments
  5. Update on leaks in local network
  6. Local network replacement programme and timeline
  7. Investment in wider network and timeline
  8. Sewage discharge into local watercourses
  9. Upgrades to sewage treatment works
  10. Any Other Business

Please send in your questions as soon as you can so that Thames Water’s staff can find some answers and be forewarned of issues we have.

The Government report on our rivers January 2022 can be found here

It is shocking and much of it was researched by volunteers over years.