MP Anne Milton came to Cranleigh with her selected representatives from Waverley Borough Council, Surrey County Council, Thames Water, and the Environment Agency. Our councillors attended and spoke up for Cranleigh too. 

Cranleigh Society representative Adrian Clark spoke about the on-going concerns about our old asbestos cement water mains pipes – the meeting heard that all avenues have been explored and everyone is powerless – but no!  Anne Milton will work with Adrian Clark personally going forwards. In the meantime the Financial Times have investigated the issue and published a comprehensive article – just google Financial Times Cranleigh Asbestos – well done Adrian. 

Thames Water say that they are definitely coping with present levels of demand and making arrangements to improve and increase capacity as the houses are built and occupied.  However they were left in no doubt about our outrage at the number of burst pipes and the issue of sewage coming up sometimes.  TW were told that we all believe the pipes should be replaced and soon. In addition they must make sure that any electric pumps are working and have relief systems in place. 

Local shop owners were represented saying they are suffering new damp never before experienced.  This will be followed up urgently. Is it caused by all the building works – Berkeley homes? or just the small project at the Methodist church – let’s hope it is sorted out soon. 

Once again Cranleigh society’s rep Richard Bryant brought up the subject of new housing needing house insurance against flooding and that the insurance companies are aware of each house’s risk of flooding.  Somehow we all need to make sure that solicitors flag up the concerns to prospective buyers.  We do not want Cranleigh to be a no go area – so we are looking for solid answers. 

Cranleigh Society is going to arrange for an expert talk about how the flood risks are managed across new housing estates in the modern age – thanks to Surrey CC – watch this space. SUDS = surface water drainage system and similar. There is an amazing project at Deepcut Barracks that welcomes visitors apparently. They are building a new 1200 dwellings village. 

Ditches – Anne Milton stressed that projects to make sure all drainage ditches are cleaned and cleared properly and regularly really make a positive difference.  If people have a ditch they should make sure the work is carried out. 

Pot holes were talked about – there is an app – you can go on line to Surrey County Council report a pothole. 

All problems – people must tell Cranleigh Parish Council so they can keep a good truthful record – not just anecdotal. 

The office is in Village Way beside the band room and leisure centre – open 9.30 to 12.30

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 Tel: 01483 272311
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