Why is the proposal not a ‘hospital’?

The 20 community beds will be used in a similar way to the original 14 Cranleigh Hospital beds, but for regulatory reasons will be located in a dedicated wing as part of a care home. Clinical Governance for these 20 beds will be overseen by G&W CCG.

Why does CVHT need a private partner to provide a 20-bed unit?

The opportunity to partner with HC-One makes the return of free at the point of access in-patient beds a reality.

Are there financial risks for CVHT in partnering with HC-One?

The Heads of Terms agreement has addressed any anticipated risk factors.

Who will own the Knowle Lane site?

CVHT will continue to own the site in perpetuity.

What is the cost of the project?

The project cost is approximately £14M.

Who will pay for building the 20 bed community bed wing?


Who will pay for the servicing of the community beds?

The beds will be paid for by G&W CCG and SCC, according to use, in a combined block contract arrangement with HC-One.

How will the healthcare worker accommodation be funded?

HC-One will pay CVHT £1M for the lease of their part of the site and this, together with pledged donations from local benefactors, will cover the building costs, with the result that no additional capital funding will be required. The envisaged rental income from the block, in the region of £95,000 per annum, will help, where appropriate, in subsidising services in the community beds wing.

How will the healthcare worker accommodation be allocated?

CVHT will work with G&W CCG and SCC on the selection of appropriate tenants for the accommodation block. The qualification for tenancy will be linked to an individual’s existing or anticipated healthcare-related contracts with local facilities (e.g. Cranleigh Medical Practice, Cranleigh Village Hospital, and Community Nursing services), and will include care/nursing staff as well as essential ancillary staff. In close liaison with local healthcare bodies, criteria will be agreed for selecting occupants and for setting the duration of tenancies.