Cranleigh Society Meet ups

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Cranleigh Society would like to invite you to socialise with us perhaps once a month to chat comfortably over the issues that concern you.

We are now 4 years old and have morphed from working incredibly hard to fight all the planning applications when needed.

We are working to make sure Cranleigh voices are heard by the Councillors and the three Council’s Officers and Important bodies; such as Thames Water, the Environment Agency, Members of Parliament and insurance companies and their governing body.

We write, email, speak and meet up with all sorts, raising the awareness of problems where we can. BUT! It is your input that helps us make sure we’re raising the issues that matter.

In order to make a regular meet up work, we’d like to gauge an idea of when, where and what times work best for the majority.

For example: the second Monday in the month at the Three Horseshoes pub, from 6.30pm including supper?

Please give us a little feedback of what might work best by commenting on this post or emailing us directly. We’re keen to get this starting from November if possible.




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4 thoughts on “Cranleigh Society Meet ups”

  1. I would like to meet in the evenings on a monthly basis, and in a pub is fine. However, I work in the City and cannot get to Cranleigh before 7pm at the earliest. If you started earlier, I wouldn’t mind joining after the start if that was OK.

  2. Good idea in principle. Maybe set a ‘window’ for business matters (as opposed to social ones) to help those who couldn’t do a whole evening or who don’t get home until later than 6.30.

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