As members of the Society you will be aware that 29.6% of our drinking water pipes are made of asbestos cement, that they are coming to the end of their “lifespan” and that bursts are becoming more frequent.

You are also aware that when bursts occur, asbestos fibres are released into the drinking water pipes.

We continue to put pressure on Waverley Borough Council (who are the body responsible for the delivery of safe drinking water) and Thames Water to replace ALL these pipes.

Some residents have asked what they can do in the meantime to ensure that the water they drink is free of asbestos fibres.

The water filter jug market leader is Brita but they confirmed to us that their products do not filter out asbestos so we looked elsewhere and you may like to consider a ZeroWater product.

We have had lengthy discussions with ZeroWater in the UK and USA and you may wish to visit – and possibly their US site

They have have advised us that independent testing confirms that their products filter out virtually all asbestos fibres.

Also, their products are inexpensive with current prices being £24.99 for a 7 cup capacity and £44.99 for a 23 cup capacity – and you also receive an electronic testing device so you know when to change the filter.

So, while we continue to fight the good fight with the powers that be, you may wish to invest in a ZeroWater filter jug!

Oh, we must not forget the “legal bit”! We are suggesting, in good faith, that you look at the merits of a ZeroWater filter jug but the Society does not accept any responsibility and/or liability for this product.