Proposed Dog Control Order Consultation – by Waverley Borough Council

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On 20th July, our local councillor, Liz Townsend, posted on the Cranleigh Community Board of Facebook, a message seeking peoples views and opinions on the proposed dog control orders that Waverley Borough Council are consulting on.

Whilst the writer believes that this is yet another example of the minority spoiling it for the majority, for anyone who is interested in finding out more information regarding the following or if you wish to participate in the consultation about the following:-

a. whether dogs should be excluded from specific areas altogether;

b. whether in certain areas dogs should be required to be walked on a lead;

c. whether the number of dogs walked by any individual should not be greater than four,

d. whether in specified areas dogs should be required to be on the lead at certain times of the year etc

For more information you click here or alternatively please visit the Waverley Brought Council website and click on the Dog Control in Waverley button.

Let us know in the comments what you think about the dog control orders being proposed for the borough including Cranleigh.

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4 thoughts on “Proposed Dog Control Order Consultation – by Waverley Borough Council”

  1. Unfortunately this is too late as the consultation closed on 27th July. I would like to say that the proposals are good and I am one of the ‘minority spoiling it for the majority’. Or am I one of the silent majority?

  2. I have already completed the WBC questionnaire – But just a comment.
    When Alfold imposed Dogs on Leads only in the playing fields it broke my heart – My elderly Dog could no longer get into the car without two of us picking her up – so walks on Wildwood and Sidney wood ceased. She hated being on the lead and being of a delicate nature – did not like to do her business next to me so it made walking her there unbearable.
    We always Picked up after her as well as any other ones left by inconsiderate Dog Owners. I even offered to supply a years supply of Poop Bags if it would help others, to no avail.

    It left me feeling hugely angry and I have not returned to Alfold Sports & Social Club or the playing fields since she passed away in February. I can understand the reason they did it – But it was a Hammer to crack a nut and they did little or nothing about those Dog walkers who continued to walk multiple dogs Off lead and didn’t clear up.

  3. I think there are two key issues regarding dogs.
    1. Owners should be more aware that somepeople, particularly some children, are frightened of dogs and saying “don’t worry he/she wont hurt you, he/she is only playing” is unhelpful. All dog owners should have training, their dogs would behave better.
    2. All dog poo left by dogs should be collected in a bag brought by the owner and taken home. Humans don’t leave their poo everywhere so why should dogs be allowed to.

  4. I agree that all dog owners should be considerate of Children and keep their dogs away from Play Areas areas but this swings both ways – Parents should ensure their children do Not approach dogs unless the dog owner is asked first – it is just a courtesy.
    I think you will find that most responsible Dog owners do Pick up after their Dogs and dispose of the Bags in either Dog Poop bins or take them home. There are just some that don’t and should be fined accordingly.

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