Narrow Lanes blocked by Cala Homes lorries

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One of our members has contacted us to express extreme concern over the size of the lorries travelling up and down Amlets Lane to deliver building materials to Cala Homes.

It seems that these drivers are not following the agreed route to and from the building site, and this is causing dangerous conditions for other road users.

Following our recommendation, the lady involved sent a letter to Waverley Borough Council, as below:

Dear Waverley Borough Council

I would like to draw your attention to massive disruption for locals, a potential driving hazard and a danger to cyclists, horse riders, pedestrians etc.

I was driving along Amlets Lane in Cranleigh towards Barhatch Lane last Thursday, 1st June at about 8am. I had just passed the new entrance for the Cala Homes development when I met a huge lorry coming round the bend towards me across the white line. I hooted as he was in my lane and I had to slow down to less than 5mph to be able to pass it.

Having only just managed to get through, I was then met by an even larger articulated lorry (carrying massive concrete pipe sections) parked by the grass triangle where Amlets Lane joins Barhatch Lane. I complained to the three men on foot waiting there in high vis jackets, about the huge lorries using tiny lanes (with a bend) and one of them said that he was the driver for the parked HGV lorry! He said the lane was too narrow for him to get through, although I presume he later did so.

About an hour later on the same day, I was travelling back along Amlets Lane but in an easterly direction towards Smithwood Common Road/Horseshoe Lane, when I met yet another large lorry. The photos below clearly demonstrate that it was well over the centre line. It was simply impossible to pass it. The lorry had a tail back of traffic behind it so I (and three cars behind me) had no option but to reverse back along a windy narrow lane until we got to a driveway to get out of the lorry’s way.<

Three massive lorries in only a few minutes on one day. All hindering traffic and causing obstructions and /or dangers for other road users. The lane is very narrow and has no pavement. I believe the ‘one way system’ for lorries should be used (as demonstrated by the red Cala Home signs along the road) but clearly this is already being breached as I saw lorries coming from both directions!

Cala Homes and/or Waverley Borough Council must do something about this. Building has only just started. Such massive lorries are bound to have a huge impact on our local lanes (which are already full of pot holes) and/or be a danger to other road users, cyclists and pedestrians. It would be useful to ask all local residents to take photos of offending vehicles. I’m sure you would be inundated.

Please ensure I receive a reply to this email, in the absence of which I will take the matter to my local MP, the Police, Surrey Highways and other interested parties. Please include a correspondence address so I can contact Cala Homes about the issue.

I understand that there was very recently a fatality on Amlets Lane. It would a terrible tragedy if lorries arriving/leaving the Cala Homes development were involved.

Kind regards

This is the reply:

Thank you for your email of 9th June in which you raise concerns about large vehicles travelling along Amlets Lane to the CALA Homes development in Cranleigh. I have now had the opportunity to gain further information from Officers and I would respond to your email as follows.

The routing of traffic accessing the CALA Homes development is controlled by a Construction Management Plan (CTMP), required by a planning condition attached to the permission to develop the site. The CTMP was agreed by the Council following consultation with Surrey County Council (SCC) as Highway Authority.

The CTMP sets out the preferred route traffic accessing the CALA Homes development should take. The agreed route is along Amlets Lane from the direction of Smithwood Common Road. On leaving the site, traffic should again head along Amlets Lane back towards Smithwood Common Road. However, traffic leaving the site may also turn right out of the site and head towards Barhatch Road.

Taking into account your concern, our Planning Enforcement Team will investigate whether or not there has been a breach of the CTMP with regards to your comment about a large articulated lorry being parked on the grass verge at the junction of Amlets Lane and Barhatch Lane. Following investigation, Officers shall respond to you directly on their findings.

I am also aware that Officers from our Enforcement Team previously investigated a complaint relating to the construction of the access and sightlines formed at the entrance to the CALA Homes development. Surrey County Council as Highway Authority was asked to confirm whether or not the works carried out to form the access and sightlines were acceptable in highway safety terms. Subsequently, an Officer from SCC visited the site and confirmed that the access and visibility splays have been constructed in general accordance with the planning permission. As such, the Highway Authority is satisfied with the construction of the access and sightlines.

Although Waverley Borough Council, in terms of the CTMP, may have an element of control over vehicles travelling to and from the site, it does not have the authority to carry out works to the highway or investigate any potential road safety issues. Therefore, should you have any additional concerns about Amlets Lane and, in particular, road safety concerns, may I suggest that you raise your concerns with Surrey County Council as Highway Authority. The Highway Authority is contactable on 0300 200 1003are via email to:

I trust my response answers the points raised. However, should you require any additional information, then please contact Mr William Gibb, Planning Enforcement Officer. Mr Gibb is contactable on 01483 523 581.


Finally,you asked for contact detail for CALA Homes and these are as follows;

Cala Homes (South Homes Counties) Limited
Tilford House
Farnham Business Park
Weydon Lane

Telephone number 01252 736750

I am copying in for information your M.P Anne Milton, the Cranleigh ward councillors and in addition your Surrey County Councillor, Dr Andrew Povey so that he is aware from a SCC highways perspective of your concerns. His contact details are;

Kind regards

Julia Potts

Cllr.Julia Potts

Farnham Upper Hale Ward

Leader Waverley Borough Council

01483 523484

So, there you have it!

If you are not happy with this response, and have encountered these large lorries going in the wrong direction, had any incidents or are just concerned, please write to Julia Potts at Waverley Borough Council, Cala Homes, and Andrew Povey at Surrey County Council.



Post: Cala Homes (South Home Counties) Ltd, Tilford House, Farnham Business Park, Weydon Lane, Farnham, Surrey. GU9 8QT

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2 thoughts on “Narrow Lanes blocked by Cala Homes lorries”

  1. Is the whole building already going on not in breach of the Grampian condition imposed r.e. the improvements to Cranleigh Sewage works???

    1. Unfortunately the wording in the Grampian agreement was not explicit enough and they have been able to continue working. We find this very frustrating and we need residents to complain about this. Please write to Julie Potts, leader of Waverley Borough Council.

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