Another 54 houses for Cranleigh – **Decision Deferred!**

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As an update on this post from last week, the JPC voted 9-5 to defer the decision on this application, on grounds of flooding and odour from the nearby sewage works.


Thakeham Homes application (Planning Ref : WA/2016/1921) for 54 houses off Elmbridge Road goes to Joint Planning Committee this Weds 28 June 2017 6:30pm at Waverley Offices in Godalming. Officers are recommending this for APPROVAL.


This entire site was underwater in Dec 2013/Jan 2014 – the road, which was higher than the site, was impassable.

In January 2015 about 30%  of the site was flooded.

The site also enjoys sewage odour during the summer months – this has got to be a low point even for Waverley! Under 2.3 Odour Complaints of the Odour Assessment it is alleged that odour is only a problem to residents living NE and SE of the site and that only one property to the south complained.

Is that, perhaps, because the main area to the south is the green field where development is being proposed?

Thakeham Homes have stated that “odour is not considered to be a constraint to residential development at the site”.

Would you like your children to buy a house here with no guarantee of flood insurance and likely to have unpleasant odours?  Doesn’t sound like idyllic village life to us.

What you can do:

Attend the JPC meeting:

6.30pm 28 June 2017 Waverley Borough Council offices, The Bury’s, Godalming.

Object online: Click on  and enter your details and comments.

Write to Waverley Borough Council:

Write to Anne Milton:

Ask her to call in this outrageous application. Email her on the reference is WA/2016/1921 Land South Of Elmbridge Road, Cranleigh perhaps notice will be taken if lots of people request it.


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2 thoughts on “Another 54 houses for Cranleigh – **Decision Deferred!**”

  1. I’m really sorry that family business will stop my attending the meeting on Wednesday, but I have formally objected. This application represents new heights (or is that depths) of cynicism from the developers and idiocy from Waverley’s ‘planning’ officers.

  2. Even more new houses being planned for the besieged village of Cranleigh, with fifty four more to be built on our beautiful green fields off Elmbridge Road. These fields are enjoyed by all the local residents, with abundant wild life, wild flowers and trees, and they are being replaced by concrete, more people, more noise and even more cars. This road can’t cope with the morning and evening traffic at the moment, with a back-up of cars and lorries from the traffic lights stretching back for half a mile, every day. The Victorian bridge is already damaged because of the extra traffic into the village, and the high street, and roads near any of the schools are already impossible to get through. The land off Elmbridge Road regularly floods, as the residents by the bridge will confirm, and the water-works there already can’t cope with any extra use. The council is being very irresponsible by backing this proposal, and is going against the wishes of the people who voted for them.

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