By a Cranleigh Resident

Work commenced at the Cranleigh Brick & Tile Works (CB&TW) at the end of 2015; it soon became very apparent that both Wildwood Lane and Knowle Lane were not suitable to take the size of vehicles that are currently bringing in waste soil to the site.  The question is, did Surrey Highways carry out a comprehensive survey of both lanes prior to giving consent?

Surrey Highways seem to be very reluctant to engage with local residents to discuss the state of both lanes. Do Surrey Highways have any future plans to enhance Wildwood and Knowle Lane to a standard that can take this size and weight and vehicle?  The roads are being torn apart with vehicle movements and they are not yet working at full capacity.

In the coming weeks CB&TW will be ramping up to seventy movements per day (140 in and out) for a minimum of five years. After asking Surrey Highways on many occasions for an understanding of how road repairs should be highlighted, as of yet I have had no response from them.

The current potholes along Wildwood Lane are very dangerous and are putting public safety at risk; have they been highlighted with bright orange paint like the minor potholes you see along the A281?      NO!

As Surrey Highways are aware of the condition of the road, you have to question their motive. Could it possibly be that if Surrey Highways do highlight the potholes then they become responsible for vehicle damage and or a possible road traffic accident?  Clarity on this point would be appreciated but probably not forthcoming!!

If you think more should be done to maintain the safety and condition of Wildwood Lane email your Cranleigh Surrey County Councillor Alan Young and copy in your MP Anne Milton and as always copy in the Cranleigh Civic Society