Thankyou to all our supporters and readers. We must keep the pressure on the authorities to remember our causes and do right by the village and its needs.


Cranleigh Society team hopes you are well and able to enjoy the summer – we feel very fortunate that our climate has a been typical English weather and not the awful extremes suffered elsewhere. But the ground is hard and the aquifers have not been refilled so care with all water is essential.  Knowle Park Trust, country park (not the Nursing  home) is thriving so thanks to all the volunteers for incredibly hard work, no money goes to it from public funds.

Thames Water

Work on replacing bits of water mains goes on, causing disruption but helping the infrastructure…. A new main is being brought in across the Showground. Keep up complaints about bursts and leaks, and the state the roads are left in after repairs.


The Parliamentary boundaries have been redrawn so we will be Godalming and Ash – these are the two largest communities in our new area and there are about 21 villages.

The Surrey County Council boundaries also need to be re-drawn so if you care do go onto their website and make your feelings known.


Cranleigh Neighbourhood plan has reached another milestone so go onto Cranleigh parish council website and have your say, The N.P. Was designed to give locals the chance to pre-approve where housing can go…..

Knowle Lane is not included….. as a community we are concerned that there is enough use of that road and enough fields and trees have been lost….  the new scheme has gone to appeal and public comments by letter submitted until 8 September will be considered.
CVHT – no further action there, although they as a team do want to fund a way to serve Cranleigh best….

Dunsfold Park – Waverley planning department believe it’s going ahead including a school, but there doesn’t seem to be any action so far.

Leisure centre

Waverley BC is …pressing ahead, they have appointed architects. We don’t know of any consultations planned. The position in the current car park and the provision within the complex may be presented for comments?

High Street

Cranleigh Society will attend the latest briefing about changes to the first designs to improve the High Street and report back.   The 3 little shops that have been closed for years, near Manns, are very old and were never built to housing or shops standards, meaning they are in a very sad state. The ownership may change soon we are told so that some actions can be taken.

Doctors appointments

We have only heard good news since 1st July about the improvements for getting spoken to and seen by a doctor, this is great.  The GPs want us to share their provisions and concerns. We have a representative on the Patient Participation Group so do get in touch.

UK Oil and Gas (UKOG)

This company is exploring the possibility of extracting gas, near Dunsfold. Whilst burning fossil fuels has to go down dramatically so do imports.

Artisan markets

These are usually on the first Saturday each month but there is no market on September 2nd. Next one will be October 7th.

Cranleigh Voices

We have enjoyed 2 great sessions at the band room and recorded some vintage moments. Thankyou to all who helped and also spoke. We hope to set up a way to share them soon. We plan the next one in October, date to follow.
Please let us know of people born and who grew up in Cranleigh a long time ago so we can record those special memories of their lives in the ‘40s and ‘50s and ‘60s especially memories of the hospital, railway, schools, shops and GPS, cars, planes and other travel methods!

Cranleigh Society Meetings and social meet ups

As a team we meet on the 4th Wednesday each month to review what is going on and agree to actions.  If you’d like to join the team please let us know. We can’t assemble at a pub officially…… when and where would you like socials?

Mini roundabout at the Obelisk

Recently a person driving down the Ewhurst Road banged into a car on the mini roundabout which had right of way. Easily done it seems, take care!

Cranleigh and District Lions Club

Aren’t they great? It’s hard to know what they’ve got, but we all need some! They are 50 or so chaps (and their wives) who plan, do and review amazing events such as the Classic Car show recently on the Showground,  well done and Thankyou! All profits go into an account to be distributed to worthy causes and individuals in and around Cranleigh. No administration costs are taken out, the members pay for those.

And finally, did you know that one small act of kindness can cause a person to change their minds for the better? But those moments take preparing for… how we speak and act really can help if we know how. Let’s all make ourselves more aware of mental health needs and how we can make every contact count.