Cranleigh Rivers and Streams – 

Recently we were asked where Cranleigh’s rivers are – people who live here don’t necessarily realise the situation –

The Cranleigh area is drained by 4 water courses Cobblers Brook, Thornhurst Brook, Cranleigh Waters and Littlemead Brook.

These all confluence into Cranleigh Waters and drains the area.

Cranleigh waters eventually flows into the South Wey at Bramley and Shalford before joining the Thames at Weybridge.

The EA rated Cranleigh Waters’ water quality as moderate in 2019, with the chemical status rated as a failure.

The invertebrate score was also not good.

In Cranleigh there are 6 Combined Sewage Overflows that Thames Water can release overflow from, these are all regularly in use. Read here for the Government’s explanation of these.

for example as we write this blog the situation in the Cranleigh area is that their monitors show one outflow has been combining sewage with storm water for 36 hours:

Discharge recorded in the last 48 hours
Our monitor indicates this storm overflow discharged in the last 48 hours. This means there could be sewage in this section of the watercourse.

Most recent discharge Littlemead Brook – a tributary of Cranleigh Waters

Started 31/03/23 03:15       Stopped 01/04/23 15:45    Duration 36 hrs 30 mins

Thames Water now has a live map to view the status of these outflows.  Click here to see the present status’

Their website states

‘This map provides near real-time information about storm overflow activity, as indicated by event duration monitoring (EDM).

You can use the map to see if our EDM monitors indicate:

  • that overflows are currently discharging into a watercourse
  • the date and time of the last recorded discharge.

The data received from our EDM monitors isn’t always accurate. It doesn’t confirm discharges, it only indicates them. We’re being open and sharing that data exactly as we receive it, so you can make more informed decisions.